10+ Best WordPress Theme Club Memberships

#1 StudioPress (Genesis)

With a brief tour complete, it is a good idea to understand the pros and cons about StudioPress. I would like to list few things about Genesis that you should know. The bullet points list both pros and cons.

Things To Know Before Choosing StudioPress

  • Theme customization can be a tricky problem. Genesis doesn’t come with over the board theme settings panel, nor it does come with a drag and drop builder. So, if you are a beginner or an advanced user who hate coding, it is a good idea not to choose StudioPress. If you still want to choose StudioPress, then get ready to hire a developer who can customize the theme for you. If you are comfortable with editing theme files, a simple Google search can also do the job.
  • You need to get hold of the 99 $ Genesis Framework requirement before you use any of its child themes. It is a one-time purchase.
  • Genesis Framework is super SEO friendly. Almost every WordPress Theme Club claims to be the best SEO friendly theme/framework, but in reality, Genesis is the most SEO friendly theme ever.
  • The design is professional, good-looking and to the point. Most of the theme design are simplistic and is more focused on readability and typography.
  • Pricing is a bit stiff compared to other WordPress club members on the market.
  • Genesis Framework is only for those who love simplicity. The theme option as mentioned earlier is simple and don’t even offer a CSS edit box. Use it only if you require pure SEO awesomeness and fast loading time.

Almost everyone in the market will recommend StudioPress. If you are okay with the cons, go forward and buy the theme membership package.

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#2. MyThemeShop

As mentioned earlier about my familiarities about MyThemeShop, let’s look in brief the cons and pros of using MyThemeShop. I currently own two of their themes and have a good idea of what they have to offer. Without wasting much time, let’s get started with the MyThemeShop.

Things To Know Before Choosing MyThemeShop

  • MyThemShop biggest advantage is their design department. With colorful, vibrant and unique theme design, they offer excellent themes — fit for almost every niche you can think off. Some of the themes are inspired by popular website layout including Flipkart, CNN, etc.
  • Theme customization is great, but it does lack some drag and drop functionality. Few themes come with the option of homepage drag and drop feature, but that’s it. In comparison with StudioPress, the theme options panel is sturdy and do offer some customization required to run the website successfully.
  • Most of the MyThemeShop themes are AdSense optimized, making it an excellent choice for bloggers who want to make the most out of their content.
  • New themes are released on a regular basis which adds value to the club membership as you get access to them instantly without paying a single extra dime.
  • Few themes are excellent regarding quality. They load fast and offers good SEO compatibility. One theme that I have already mentioned is Schema. Another theme that needs a special mention is NewsPaper theme.
  • As mentioned earlier, MyThemeShop support is good.
  • It is also a good idea to subscribe to their newsletter and get the subscription when any new offer comes. They also send discounted themes at a great price!

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#3. ElegantThemes [Editor’s Pick!]

Let’s point out some of the pros and cons related to ElegantThemes. They are the leader regarding the WordPress themes and plugins and offers a very affordable yearly package for their customers. But, does it come with any flaws? Let’s find out.

Things To Know Before Choosing ElegantThemes

  • Excellent package with a great collection of themes and plugins. To take full advantage of the all the themes and plugins collection, you need to get the Developer package for only $89/year. If you are feeling lucky and want to become a lifetime member, you can get access by just paying $249, and it is entirely worth each penny. ElegantThemes offers excellent packages for their consumers.
  • If you are looking for the best club that offers extensive customization, ElegantThemes is for you. Divi is an example of extreme customization. Divi has made news in the WordPress community, and many reviews do describe the customization features offered by Divi’s drag and drop feature.
  • Theme options are above par and provides good control over the different section of the website.
  • There is one drawback that I want to everyone to know before they buy ElegantThemes membership. The incredible customization of Divi theme comes with bloated code problem. The code might not be the prettiest of all and can cause issues during custom development or customization.
  • Loading speed of some themes is not up to standards. Any theme that takes more than 3 sec has not done its homework in loading time optimization. Divi does fail in this section. Other themes come out clean in this respect and are considered fast loading according to current standards.
  • In many reviews on the internet, one concern has let down ElegantThemes a lot. Their support is below standards, and they might take up to few days before responding to your problems. On the brighter side, you can always participate in the community where other community members solve problems at a much faster speed. If support is one of the top priorities in deciding for a club membership, it is a good idea to give a good chance before considering ElegantThemes.
  • Even though the next feature doesn’t come under ElegantTheme club membership, they do offer an excellent blog on WordPress and other related topics. Don’t forget to check it out.

View ElegantThemes Themes

#4. ThemeFuse

ThemeFuse is a small player in the WordPress marketplace, but that doesn’t make them worthless or not considerable. Their theme packages are good enough to be considered, and that’s why It has made it to the list. Are you thinking of getting ThemeFuse membership? Let’s go through things that you should before choosing ThemeFuse.

Things To Know Before Choosing ThemeFuse

  • ThemeFuse does offer excellent themes, but all theme package can be a costly compared to other club membership themes.
  • The number of themes is less compared to other theme club membership. Currently, they offer only 16 premium themes. The low number of themes can be an issue for those who are looking to get themes for different niche and verticals. The lack of variety is hurting ThemeFuse, and if they are reading this, it would be great if they introduce new themes to meet market demand and competitor standards.
  • All the theme are responsive, SEO optimized and had a sense of design attached to them. In short, all the themes meets the current market standard.
  • Themes also load faster, and you will not have any issues regarding high bounce rate and poor ROI.
  • ThemeFuse comes with Test-Labs feature. The features enable the buyer to test drive any feature of the theme before buying.
  • Customer support is considerably good compared to other WordPress theme clubs. They respond quickly and always stays on the point.

View ThemeFuse Themes

#5. CSS Igniter

CSSIgniter is darkhorse of the WordPress theme club. They are rarely being spoken off, but they do hold a lot of promise and substance. And, when you think of 68 themes at a price of $49 per year, it is hard to beat the deal.

Let’s discuss some pros and cons of CSSIgniter.

Things To Know Before Choosing CSSIgniter

  • Probably the cheapest club membership available on the internet. With only $49 per year, you get access to all their themes. All their themes are of high quality and can be used for any of your next projects.
  • With excellent support, you get tons of knowledge base documents to work with. Starting your project becomes easier with right documentation, proper support, and a great community.
  • Theme options are good for handling the website features and functionality. You can also add custom CSS using the theme options. Demo content is also provided for a head start.
  • CSSIgniter themes are offered at a wide range of niche and sub-niche, including Bloggers, business website, mobile app showcases, etc.
  • Some of the notable themes for CSSIgniter are Coastline, Corner, Santorini Resort, etc.

View CSSIgniter

6. Themelsle

Themelsle is a unique club for WordPress. You can see pirates all over the website, but does it stands up in the current WordPress marketplace? Let’s find out.

Things To Know Before Choosing ThemeIsle

  • The packages start from Treasure Chest Lite to Treasure Chest and finally Pirate Club. If you are looking for good support, you might want to choose Treasure Chest for $149. Many user reviews are pointing the lack of good support by ThemeIsle. The community, on the other hand, provides a good starting point for any support. Overall, the theme packages are costly, and you might want to look for alternatives if you are concerned about support.
  • Theme functionality is above par, but few themes can give you headaches. User reviews tend to showcase the lack of customization on theme homepages.
  • Zerif Pro is one of the most competent theme available on ThemeIsle. It offers excellent theme features and functionality, and also good design to start with.
  • Almost all niche themes are offered at ThemeIsle including landing pages, photography, e-Commerce, etc.
  • They offer a 100% satisfaction and guaranteed the refund. So, if you are not satisfied with their themes, you can easily get a refund. Even though it is not explicitly mentioned on the website about the duration in which you need to reclaim the refund — a scrutiny revealed 30 days refund time. Many users have complained about not being clear on the refund time from them.

View ThemeIsle Themes

7. WooThemes

WooThemes is a prominent name in the WooCommerce community and who doesn’t likes themes that are customized to WooCommerce? Everyone does. So, where does WooThemes stands now? Let’s find it out.

Things To Know Before Choosing WooThemes

  • WooThemes has an excellent collection of eCommerce themes, ready to be deployed on a moments notice. But does that makes the attractable? The answer is not what you expect. The quality of the theme may be great, but their support is lacking. Also, the pricing can be a bit stiff for anyone who wants to start their online shop. The theme support was not bad at starting, but it is being degraded with time.
  • WooThemes offers a refund time of 30 days, and if you are not satisfied by their service, you can ask for the refund, no question asked.
  • There are currently 30 themes available with the club membership. But the rate at which the themes are retired is a concern for the members. Once the theme is retired, it is no longer updated. They also stop providing support for themes that are retired. So, if you are looking for a club membership with longevity as an asset, this might not be your best bet.
  • WooThemes design is great. You can choose from tons of themes and customize them according to your preference.
  • A wide range of themes is available, including free, business, portfolio, responsive, WooCommerce, etc.
  • You can also take advantage of the free theme from the store. Try them out before deciding to get their club membership.

8. Themify

Themify holds tons of potential. Not only they offer a unique design for their themes. They are also responsive regarding new market standards and embrace them as quickly as possible. But, before you think of getting Themify, let’s list some of the pros and cons.

Things To Know Before Choosing Themify

  • Themify utilizes their framework names “Themify framework” to create and manage their themes. Themify framework is a state of the art WordPress framework and offers tons of features to work with. The ability to drag and drop, change theme colors and capacity to write code or edit templates make the theme an excellent choice.
  • Themeify builder makes customization a breeze. It has options for doing both back-end and front-end customization. Clearly, this is a great way to work on your requirement. It also supports multiple columns and rows layout.
  • To make things easy, the Themify themes comes with an excellent video and written tutorials. The knowledge base is excellent and offers enough resources to start without waiting for any kind of support.
  • You can get access to all the themes for just $79 per year. They also offer developer club for $99, Master club for $139 and Lifetime master for $399. Each package has its own purpose. You can check them out here.
  • Many user reviews also hint at issues in customer service.
  • Themeify comes with an excellent subscription offer. If you buy a theme(not the club membership), you get the second theme without paying anything extra. The offer is too good to ignore and if you opt to not buy the membership, you can get two themes of your choice. But, it is better to go for the membership as it has better ROI.
  • All the themes are crafted to perfection. With high stakes on the design front and excellent theme functionality and customization using Themify framework, the club membership is highly recommended.

View Themify Themes

9. WPZoom

WPZoom utilizes its own framework and offere decent features and funtionality. Being said that, WPZoom is not for everyone. Let’s find out if it fits your requirement or not.

Things To Know Before Choosing WPZoom

  • WPZoom utilizes its own framework known as WPZoom. It comes with decent feature set and offers enough to stand in the competition of WordPress themes.
  • Pricing of WPZoom can be a bit stiff for anyone liking, but considering that fact that getting the membership for $138 means $3 per theme is one of best deals out there.
  • Zoom framework offers excellent theme customization options. It is completely responsive and can be viewed from any modern device.
  • Single Theme pricing can be too stiff for anyone liking. Also, if you buy the membership, you need to pay $19 per month until your subscription ends. $19 is justifiable for the fact that they release one theme per month. But, if you cancel the monthly payment, you will not get any updates or support.
  • There is no money back guarantee associated with the club membership. According to the CEO of WPZoom, they do offer the money back if the buyer can present himself with a good enough reason. It is hard to define a good enough reason and this can lead to trust issues for new buyers.
  • You can check new thems by going to their test portal, http://test.wpzoom.com and learn more about their themes before purchasing the theme package. The sandbox is a great place to understand what WPZoom has to offer.

10. Magazine3

Magazine3 is a unique place for all your magazine needs. Albert of the uniqueness, it can be confusing on wether to choose it or not. Let’s find out!

Things To Know Before Choosing Magazine3

  • The one-year subscription costs $249. With better club membership around, it is hard to consider the Magazine3 subscription, but if you are purely are looking for magazine based themes, the deal looks lucrative. There are 43 themes available, which is more than 2.5k+ worth value in dollars.
  • Most of the themes are targetted at magazine layout, hence the name behind the WordPress development firm.
  • If you are especially looking for tech news themes, Magazine3 is a gold mine. They offer excellent themes relating to tech news. There also offer excellent blogging themes.
  • Magazine3 is strictly for magazine and blogging themes. If your requirement is different, stay clear of Magazine3 subscription.
  • Theme design is mediocre when compared with other theme providers. The only thing that shines in the design is the simplicity. The themes are more content centric.

View Magazine3 Themes

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