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7 Major WordPress Trends to Look for in 2021

Undoubtedly, when it comes to coming up with a new website for any online business then WordPress is the first word which strikes in every developer’s mind. Isn’t it? Yes! You can say it is ‘The Most Popular’ platform for designing any type of website successfully. Moreover, if you are planning to create a website in 2021 then make sure of experiencing some of the even more fantastic features of WordPress.

It is expected that 2021 is going to be a great year for WordPress! Here are some of the finest WordPress trends that you should look for:

1.WordPress 5.0

WordPress Trends

As Matt Mullenweg and the WordPress development team of Automattic had been working hard for developing a CMS software for last 16 years now. And, they have been successfully working on improving WordPress 4.0 for at least 4 years. So, it is being anticipated that WordPress 5.0 is going to take its progression further in 2019. We can expect more grand changes with new updates which included the new editor, Gutenburg.

2. Videos

We have certainly received a revamped editor for writing blog posts and managing pages with the updated version of WordPress 5.0. This includes the ability to easily add videos with its block-based editor. 2018 trends indicate that video consumption has increased compared to previous years, which means businesses will want to utilize more video marketing strategies in 2019.

3. A ton of heavy-duty themes

Although initially, WordPress was nothing but a simple platform for building blogs but soon it has become one of the premium websites which can deal more than just blogging and making websites. WordPress can now handle everything starting from eCommerce stores with shopping carts to hundreds of product pages of course.

Moreover, it is expected that the year 2019 will increase the demand for various versatile themes which will help in building more advanced websites. So, it is quite sure that WordPress themes are going to be somewhat tougher!

The experts are predicting that we will see more themes will many page builders such as Visual Composer which would give users a chance to build enriched websites with stunning customized features.

4. Improved UX with Microinteractions

Well, it is an unquestionable fact that micro interactions are one of the newest trends which circles around the world of web design. It is quite sure that you might have already experienced them on various popular websites and apps. But, this trend will definitely make a long way in the coming 2019. So, these simple interactive elements will not only encourage users to interact more with a website but also will help the users to remain engaged while providing far better feedback for their actions.

5. Dual tone theme designs

No doubt, Duotone has been one of the buzzing web design trends of 2018 as people were able to see more and more websites adopting this new colorful style. So, it is expected that in the coming year the scenario is going to be even better. It is expected that will see some more themes which will be developed with the same design style.

The main reason why it is expected that designers will immensely opt for this feature of WordPress in the further advanced form is that it would help them to highlight the typography of the websites in a much more clear way.

6. Photogenic Websites


A picture is certainly worth a thousand words! Web-designers have been considering this fact for years and it has already started to affect the WordPress themes as well but of course in a better way. Moreover, there are now many Photography WordPress themes used by websites that actually feature designs with images to entice the users. And, it is further expected that the whole episode is going to be even bigger in 2021!

However, specifically, there is a speculation that showcasing huge and visually appealing photographs which will take a major part of the website layouts would be one of the foremost mantras of WordPress.

7.Websites based on VR

Virtual Reality is obviously becoming something quite mainstream. There has been a huge release of VR gadgets and devices over time. And, now it is expected that websites will also start to feature anything related to Virtual Reality due to its popularity. One of the potential reasons behind such an event is that WordPress is already supporting VR devices such as Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift etc. and as a result, it won’t be surprising for Virtual Reality focused websites to continue trending on the internet.

Lastly, the year 2020 was, of course, a big year for WordPress. So, we can really expect for some of the most splendid trends and design changes in the coming 2021. Till then, just wait and hope for the best.

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