8+ Reliable and Best Managed WordPress Hosting Options

“WordPress is easy!” One usually goes that far and call this statement, but boy oh boy, WordPress is not that EASY to Manage. Blogging chaos is heavy, particularly when it comes to hosting related stuff. 

You must have experienced the nightmare when your beloved WordPress driven blog wasn’t up, either due to the technical issue at host or may be because of some hacking related activity. Getting something wrong with the WordPress script at your end can also be the case.

I guess this is what many hosting providers targeted and launched a new scheme of their plan named as ‘WordPress Managed Hosting.’

This term isn’t that brand new now, but there are still a lot of fellows out there who are yet to be introduced. Well, it’s simply a hosting plan which keeps you away from the usual management chores which come in a bag with WordPress installation.

Now, let me clarify what I just said.

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What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

You might be expecting a straight answer but that can confuse you. So, I’m going to explain this new term with a practical example. Ready?

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

In a normal hosting account, you get access to hardware and software parts of that server, with support from the team behind. The price you’ve paid for is for the services I’ve mentioned, and you might get few freebies too. But, you won’t get any technical help from the server provider in setting up the WordPress for you, and making your website live.

Some hosting providers like DreamHost do provide WordPress installation feature but you still have to take care of rest of the stuff. By Installation, I mean simply installing the WordPress script on a new domain and by Setup I mean putting plugins, theme, setting up the options to meet the final requirements.

Now, WordPress is dead simple to use, but with growing number of features and flexibility it comes with, leaves us with a lot of options to tweak or set. Everyone isn’t that experienced in doing that, as it takes years of experience.

So, finally after setting up things you know best, you’ll be ready to share and focus on the content.

This was the first scenario. In the second one, yes in the case of Managed WordPress hosting, you pay a slightly higher price than the normal plan, but in return, you get a team of WordPress engineers behind who will hear your requirements and will setup the website for you.

Now, all you need to do is to focus on the content and rest of the strategies to make this blog or website work. Every technical aspect related to WordPress, server, domain or whatever comes onboard is handled by a dedicated team behind.

So, in other words, you’re paying for server and that team ready at your arsenal.

The key benefit of buying a Managed WordPress hosting is that nothing can go wrong on the WordPress side, and even if it does (which is quite rare), it won’t be your headache and will be sorted out quickly.

Now since we both are on the same page, let me share rest of the features which comes onboard with this special hosting package. But before we begin with that, you need to understand that a Managed WordPress hosting plan is different from a Dedicated Server or a VPS one. They are not the same term, and to get best technical help for WordPress, the best plan to pick is Managed one.

Key benefits of Managed WordPress hosting

The first feature is ‘Peace of Mind’ which is rare these days for an Internet marketer who has to manage a lot of blogs driven over WordPress. You don’t need to do a single thing, besides focusing on the content and social strategy. Now, this feature is very rare, agree?

Usually, the server used in these packages are of top-notch standard, delivering superb speed and performance. In the current situation, speed or page load time of a website is a clear ranking factor. Also, the configuration of WordPress will be done in the perfect way, so nothing can go wrong which can affect the speed.

Best WordPress Managed Hosting Provider

One more thing, most of the plans comes with CDN package included. So, you don’t need to pay additional charges to implement CDN, which literally increases the page load speed.

Moving next, WordPress is an open-source platform and has been used by over 60% of total websites developed. This also brings a security concern to every WordPress website and not everyone is an expert at hard bricking the setup. Trust me, learning and understanding the security aspects of a website, even of WordPress, is not that easy and comes at a cost of a trial, efforts, money, and time.

But in the case of buying a Managed WordPress hosting, the security tab is kept firmly closed. This is primary because the best class engineers are always working behind to keep every black hole closed.

Managed WordPress Hosting Features

The websites using these plans are never reported for getting down. So, you can expect over 99% uptime for the website, and even if things go wrong at the server side, the team behind your site already takes care of that in the best possible way, without bringing the site down.

When it comes to uptime and security, the hosting provider also keeps regular backups of the complete data, and that happens on automation. You no longer need to worry about initialising a manual backup and saving it in multiple places.

Finally, you’re paying for getting a dedicated support team which is always available at your command. All you need to do is to ping them once, and they will be ready for your service.

When exactly you need to opt for Managed hosting?

If any of the following criteria or multiples of them qualifies, then you need to top for managed WordPress hosting.

  • You’re running multiple websites and have limited resource or team to manage them all.
  • Your website (s) is getting loads of traffic and current server isn’t handling it well.
  • You lack knowledge of code behind WordPress and not sure how technical thing works.
  • You’re planning to concentrate more on content and marketing strategy.

Well, now you’re aware of the answer, don’t you?

Best Managed WordPress Hosting

Finally, you’re clear with the whole ABCD behind it. So, its time for you to get introduced to the best options available over the Internet. I’ve compiled this list based on my experience with individual hosting providers, reviews I found during my research and the features they offer for the price.

Still, you need to do a little research on your own and opt the one which fits best in your budget meeting the list of requirements you demand.

#1 Flywheel


I’m not putting Flywheel without any reason at a first position because I’m fully aware of the fact that they are lead by highly trained, motivated, and professional team members behind and offer top-notch quality when it comes to WordPress managed to host. The hosting service they offer is built straight for designers and creative agencies, as they clarify it right at their homepage itself.

Moreover, they offer dedicated tools to help you manage multiple WordPress driven website and have even published an ebook on how to manage 50+ sites. The company allows a virtual tour and even offer a chance to create a free website using their products. Now, you can’t hope for any better way to try and test their service without buying it.

Their plan starts at $15 per month and reaches up to $75 per month, depending on the visitors per month and disk storage required. Go ahead and have a word with their live chat to know more.

Full Details & Description

#2 SiteGround


The second recommendation is SiteGround, and their low pricing is the primary reason behind it. At this time, their dedicated WordPress hosting plan starts at $3.95 per month (usually $9.95) supporting up to 10,000 monthly visits with 10GB of web space. They offer three different plans and each of them comes with essential WordPress features, including the installation, setup and top-notch security. You can opt for higher standard features, speed, and hassle free management by opting for high-end plans.

Now, the company is known for offering top-notch hosting service since years and this is not the only plan they sell. I’ve personally used their services last year and was really happy and eager to recommend to my network.

Full Details & Description

#3 WPEngine



WPEngine is among the highly rated and recommended hosting provider especially when it comes to this special need for WordPress websites. Their plans have been used by thousands of users globally and they start their service at $29 per month, including one installation, 25k monthly visits, 10GB of local storage, and unlimited data transfer.

All their plans are backed up with hassle free 60 days money back guarantee and they also help out in the transfer and migration process. Most importantly, the team handling their support system is highly qualified in sorting out every possible WordPress issue.

Full Details & Description

#4 WebSynthesis


Do you know StudioPress? Yes, the same professional team behind Genesis framework and industrial standard child themes. Well, WebSynthesis is a product of the same company which comes with all needed security, performance, and installation features of a managed WordPress hosting including a lot of SEO, marketing and copywriting tools. The server they use offers 99.9% uptime and I guess you don’t need any introduction on whether or not they can keep up to this promise.

Comparing the cost, their service doesn’t come cheap, as it starts at $47 per month, but you’re getting a lot for the price to justify. First, all their hosting plan includes VPS level of the server, along with a bunch of marketing and copywriting tools, which will help you to take things further. They also do free migration when you buy any of their plans. I’ll recommend to check every feature by yourself and see if it meets your requirements and fits your pocket.

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#5 WordPress.com VIP

WordPress.com VIP

The VIP word used here makes it clear that this hosting solution is for enterprise level only. If you’re just starting a website or initialising the journey, then their service isn’t for you, as it will be too costly. But, if you’re not happy with your current server due to loads of traffic, then switching to WordPress.com VIP is the best string you can pull.

This is a product of parent company of WordPress, so they are fully aware of each and every aspect related to WordPress. The moment they run the back-end for you, not a single thing can go wrong as your website is in safe hand. They provide an industrial level of features, hassle free setup and installation, security, top-notch performance and make sure your website stays online regardless of tons of traffic it gets. Don’t believe me? Check out the list of clients they got!

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#6 Pagely


Every single plan Pagely puts up online for consumers is targeted for WordPress directly. They start with a Business plan and moves on to Enterprise level. Each and every plan comes with basic features which are must for a managed WordPress host service like free installation, security updates, regular backups, CDN inclusion, SSL integration, and up to 3 different website management. The basic plan starts at $64 per month which gets you 10GB of disk space and 50GB of CDN space. If you check their review, then you’ll never find any complaint about their service. The only downside to Pagely is their cost, which is definitely high for the price they demand.

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#7 Media Temple

Media Temple

Media Temple isn’t a widely known name but they have a good user base to prove their worth. Besides dedicated plans for all other websites, VIP hosting, dedicated hosting for applications, and many more, they do offer managed WordPress hosting too. The pricing starts at $20 per month, including support for 2 websites, 30GB SSD storage, and apron 400,000 monthly visitors.

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#8 Bluehost


Last but not the least! Bluehost has been a favourite choice for those looking for shared hosting, but if the game plan has grown up to a height where you can’t control things further, then you can buy their managed plans and focus on fewer things. Yes, their plans are affordable like shared ones (only if you compare features they include with competitors)!

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#9 Nestify

These guys help you improve your site loading speed with seriously affordable managed WordPress hosting. Although fairly new compared to some of the older providers in this list, they’re already trusted and recommended by heaps of agencies and bloggers across the web. If you’re getting a lot of traffic (or plan to!) but don’t want to pay the earth for it, you’ll love these guys. Their unique platform helps WordPress and WooCommerce sites easily scale to serve millions of users per month. Nestify’s support team work with you and your development team to craft the perfect hosting solution that your business needs. As long as these guys keep working as hard as they are now, they’ll be the one to watch!

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Over to You

The whole package is now delivered at your address and the final decision is due at your side. Let me know which Managed WordPress Hosting provider you’re picking finally as it will help me know your opinion. If you have any suggestion to add, share it in the description and I’ll definitely look into it.

Now, before you leave, you need to share this detailed coverage with all your friends online who regularly struggle with setup and installation terms related to WordPress.


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