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15+ Best Radio Station WordPress Templates 2021

Your radio station site must contain multiple advanced qualities that include streamed radio stations as well as scheduling tables for it to operate successfully. You must also have the right combinations with WooCommerce so that you can be able to monetize the audios you are planning to sell.

You can get a template that will fit your specific requirements, regardless of whether you run a music store, a radio station, or any venture in the music marketplace.

Read on to find learn more about Radio Station WordPress Templates.

You just need a WordPress website, on top of which you need to add a Radio or Music niche template (also called theme). And here I’m with the compilation of the best radio station WordPress templates of 2020. I’m calling it a Radio Station because that’s the general word covering different types of platforms.

Any of these themes or Radio Station WordPress Templates, are capable of allowing users of your website to listen to tracks or numbers recorded by you (or even your favorite ones) and they can even interact with your profile. In short, it’s all doing publicity for you and in an elegant way (if the setup is done well).

Now, there are many free WordPress templates available on the web but you should trust me, and go with a premium one. Because this is about your work. You have done some real hard work and so, you don’t want to get it wasted just because of visuals or some functionalities of the website.

Build a super, stylish, and completely functional radio station site with the assistance of Flytonic quality WordPress templates and provide your visitors with the site experience they deserve.


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Premium Radio Station WordPress Templates

Here you will get professionally built WordPress templates. These themes come with a friendly-cost 1-time payment. Buy these quality WordPress templates and take your site to a higher level by enhancing the layout, functionality, and speed of your site.

I’m aware of all popular platforms like SoundCloud where you can create your profile and share your own music with the world but there are still a lot of limitations imposed. To get rid of them and offer your work a sense of freedom, you need to create your own portfolio website, showcasing the work you did.

These vibrant radio station WordPress templates assist you to concentrate on operating your radio station by enabling you to use an already built theme, which contains the tools you require to operate your radio station. These templates enable you to include multiple qualities to your site, which are crucial for its success. Some of these features are:

  • Events calendars
  • Top ten chart displays
  • WooCommerce store combination
  • Dynamic audio players


Top Radio Station WordPress Templates

To assist you to get the best WordPress radio templates, we have gathered ten of the most premium templates that are ready.

Best Radio Station WordPress Templates

Do you want to create a site that allows users to stream live music from an online radio station? One of the most important aspects that you must consider when looking for a musically-themed website is to make sure you find a theme with the right layout based on your needs. Essentially, radio stations need websites that can offer enough information as well as great music to all their users. If you check out a website run by a radio station, you expect a live stream for the music that is currently on air.

Nevertheless, that is not enough. It’s barely a scratch on the surface. Besides this, you also have to give users additional information like the latest happenings and shows as well as other events that are being sponsored by the radio station. For instance, if you run a radio station that sponsors a band, it should be easy to add information regarding the gigs that they will be playing in the future. You need to understand your visitor’s mindset, especially those seeking information and entertainment.

If you are looking to make your website successful, you should create a perfectly designed site that provides critical updates and information on the same web page. Instead of hiring a developer and paying lots of cash to establish your website, you can choose the best Radio Station WordPress Templates and build your website. It’s easy, it’s affordable and you don’t need any coding or design skills.

So, here we start with the best Radio Station WordPress Templates. Don’t get confused with the word theme or template, they are all same.

#1 Chords

Chords podcast theme

This theme comes with a very unique and elegant looking design. It comes with features like homepage builder, PSD files, HTML files, event management, discography management and Artists management. The design is Retina display ready and fully responsive in order to work on Apple devices and almost any other smartphone, featured phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

With all of its pre-installed settings, data, and support for custom posts, it is totally a multi-purpose theme with endless combinations and customization. It even comes with custom audio player with streaming support to run an online Radio or music streaming service. And with its WooCommerce support, you can even put things on sale.



#2 Replay

Replay Music WordPress Theme

Pricing of this one is $10 less than Chords Theme and it covers other unique features. You can use it to create website for sharing custom post types including media files. It can help you start an event management and sharing platform. With its 7 built-in widgets it is further easy to implement any special thing in the sidebar or footer.

Other features are responsive layout, 2 slider type (ribbon and fade), album releases special posts, built-in audio player, nine different page templates, contact form builder, Google Analytics integration, Translation ready, share button support and Demo content included. Do check out its demo, even if its features weren’t interesting, you may like its design.



#3 Sounder

This $53 priced theme is a house of features with an awesome user-friendly combination of vast functionality and comfort. You can expect any sort of option you wanted to implement on such niche website. If I start discussing about each and every feature then it itself would need a separate covering. So, I’d recommend you to check on complete features over its landing page and also it’s Demo in order to get a visual confirmation of everything sounded interested at its landing page.

Sounder is a solid option for contemporary online radio, radio station companies, music bands, DJs and music artists. The best feature I liked is that it comes with interactive Ajax search and advanced blog settings that can help you run a community or improve social sharing. For example, this theme supports a customized blog feed and has the ability the post views, likes and sharing buttons.


#4 MusicPlay

MusicPlay Radio WordPress Theme

This next premium solution can help you setup different looking webpages, particularly the homepages of any kind of website you wish to run. With its Responsive design and special compatibility for iPad, iPhone and Nexus smartphones, it can really provide great user experience to each and every user with any such device.

Other iconic features includes advanced header options, Album overview, social sharing, custom buttons with link, button, text, DJMIX overview, full width audio-player, events overview, artists single page (profile or portfolio), Ajax based search tool and refreshing (don’t even need to refresh the page for that) and cool looking and simple functioning amazing Options Panel. All I can say is that you’re getting a good deal at just $60.



#5 Vocal

Vocal Music Event WordPress Theme

This is a perfect theme if you’re running a night club or concert or festival website or a simple music event. The theme has the perfect tools to help you organize each of these individual niches. It covers all basic features like responsive, retina ready, customization, Control Panel with Visual composer, built-in audio player along with certain unique ones like full screen background slider, WPMP ready and additional support for YouTube and Vimeo. You can get yours copy for just $54.

#6 SoundWave

SoundWave WordPress Theme

This is one of the best themes in this niche. It will cost you just $49 for usage on a single website. Also, It comes with proper documentation and it even supports high-resolution displays. It covers different post types like audio, events, photos, videos, artists, etc. and you can even start sharing DJ mixes. There are two kinds of slider supported which is another impressive feature.

The Control Panel available at the back is good enough to feel you comfortable while you’re doing customization from the back. You can use this theme to create a website for sharing non-stop music, DJ mixes, media posts and off course radio stream. It also supports active translation.



#7 Vice: Underground Music Elementor WordPress Template


This is a radio-streaming template for WordPress, which contains a striking color palette, which helps you to seize your visitor’s attention. The template comes with an interactive 3D background as well as Elementor page builder enabling you to build the best site.

Vice theme allows you to display all crucial info that includes radio hits, radio residents, DJ compilations, and all upcoming events. This is the best alternative to free radio WordPress templates.


Musiziya: Musician Band WordPress Template


This is a responsive radio template for WordPress that allows you to run your radio and any type of audio. Audio files can also be sold to the users using the WooCommerce music shop combination.

Apart from that, customers will also be able to play videos and look out for events using this radio-streaming template for WordPress. This stunning and modern template will best fit your radio station site.


Megaphone: Audio Podcast WordPress Template


This is a WordPress and podcast radio station template, which will allow your voice to reach many. Optimize the appearance using 6 demo choices and even deeper color as well as font selections.

Apart from live radio streaming, sharing of videos, podcast episodes, and blog posts is also possible. Provide your site users with a radio station site experience, which they will never get over it using this radio streaming WordPress template. Megaphone is the best choice compared to other WordPress templates for radio stations, which are free.

DJ Rainflow: A Musician And Music Band WordPress Template


This is an extremely flexible radio template for WordPress, which provides electric energy to all pages. Apart from being utilized for running your radio station, it can also be utilized for events, artist profiles, and music stores. These are very rare qualities to find in most radio station free WordPress templates. This radio station template for WordPress contains a dedicated page that can be used for audio playback as well as three separate homepage designs.

The customer assistance for this radio station template for WordPress is high quality; just feel free to contact them anytime you are faced with a problem.


Rekord: Ajaxify events – podcasts multipurpose – music WordPress template


Rekord is a WordPress radio template that features special layouts, which are completely functional for radio stations and ventures in the music marketplace. Following are features of this powerful template;

  • WooCommerce support
  • Advanced selections panel
  • Dark and light modes
  • Ready-made widgets
  • Elementor page builder

You will never find these features in any other radio template for WordPress that are free.




A responsive music WordPress template for DJs, clubs, radio stations, bands, singers, and labels.

SONIK is a radio station template for WordPress that contains all the devices that you require to create a professional radio and music site. Because it comes with over twelve custom post types, you will be able to build any form of content linked to your station or the particular area of the music marketplace you are in. Only a few radio station themes for WordPress that are free will contain these features.

Following are some of the features that help this template to outshine another template;

  • Top ten charts having an audio preview
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Events maps
  • Radio schedules themes


Onair2: radio station WordPress template having non-stop music player

Radio has quickly advanced over the last few years and you require your radio station site to emulate this. The Onair2 radio template for WordPress contains modern qualities that will assist you to present your financial radio stations as well as radio programs to the global web.

Below are some of the most powerful qualities of this template;

  • Radio player
  • Events calendar
  • Songs feed

If you want to build a professional radio station using a ready theme, then this is the best choice. The professional layout as well as the qualities set makes it the best selection compared to other free radio templates for WordPress.


Music Club – Band | Party WordPress

Music Club

Chords allow you to create any music-linked site without any coding experience. One super feature, which is added in this radio template for WordPress is track listing management.

This happens to be the most developed discography as well as track systems ready on radio streaming template for WordPress.

You will be able to quickly build playlists and insert them anywhere utilizing shortcodes.


Rare radio: a podcast and online music radio station WordPress template


Rare radio template consists of 3 homepage designs, which feature a contemporary layout. These themes enable you to display your video and photo galleries appealingly and interactively.

Some of the most crucial qualities include online radio streaming, time tables, and broadcast management.


Muse: music WordPress template


This is an event radio streaming, radio, and music WordPress template featuring a minimalist layout. If you require to add a music store on the site, the muse comes with everything integrated to assist you to start selling any audio.

Muse is compliant with most page builders to assist you to get your radio template for WordPress ready. Choose muse as your radio station template and you will feel the difference.



Free Radio Station Themes For WordPress

Top-notch radio templates for WordPress are always the best choice when building your site. But, they might not be the perfect choice for your prevailing budget. However, that doesn’t quite mean that most radio station templates for WordPress don’t contain the needed features.

And it is for this reason Flytonic provides free WordPress templates, which are high quality to ensure you receive the better of the 2 worlds. Each month on Flytonic, you are provided with choices of free WordPress templates having many uses.


Find more powerful media and radio station WordPress templates for 2020

The listed radio templates for WordPress provide you with great selections available on the Internet. But, every venture is separate. You might need extra features that are not available in these premium radio templates of 2020 and may require other features for you to operate your venture.

If you have not found your perfect template from the provided list above for your music business or radio station then it’s time to check out the other premium WordPress templates that are ready on Flytonic. There, you will get one, which has what your venture requires.

While doing your selections ensure that you look out for these crucial articles showing how to choose a WordPress template and the way to make the best out of them.


Five must-know WordPress layout tips for your radio station WordPress template 2020

At this point, you are possibly eager to customize your WordPress radio template and build an awesome site. But before you continue, it’s wise to read the provided crucial design layout tips below to make the best WordPress radio-streaming template.


Utilize vibrant gradients and colors

Music is usually contrary to lifeless and dull. And that’s why matching the dynamic mood in your color selections is crucial. Get lively ad energetic colors and utilize them in gradients. We advise you to utilize the color wheel device from Adobe for finding the best blend of colors.


Play using the white space

While building significant pages, most amateur developers fail because of stuffing in a lot of content. In its place, utilize the white space to your benefit. The space that is between the page elements is referred to as the white space. Go the minimal way by limiting the number of elements you apply to each page and space them correctly. This gives your website a great appearance and easy to interact with.


Topography is crucial

Most powerful pages don’t meet their total potential by utilizing uninspired fonts. In 2020, large and bold typefaces are the best approach to attracting users to your radio theme for WordPress. However, you should be cautious, as most powerful-looking fonts aren’t web-compliant. Look out for Google fonts and custom font collection, on Envato Elements for your selections.


Design for mobiles

Are you aware that over half of worldwide site traffic is generated from mobile devices? This indicates that creating your WordPress radio-streaming template for the desktop will leave out many of the potential users. Ensure that you get a totally responsive theme. This will enable your listeners to enjoy your site regardless of the device they are using.


Include top-notch images

It might be music to the listener’s ears; however, you should come up with a strategy that is appealing to your user’s eyes. Utilizing powerful images in your radio template immediately increases the look of the site. Try out separate designs, which will allow you to utilize photos for complementing the featured music.


Use The Radio-Streaming WordPress Templates Ready

Music stores, event and program schedulers, audio players, and streaming are all components, which make up contemporary sites. Currently for you to be successful in today’s aggressive radio marketplace, you should own a website, which contains a modern layout as well as modern features. If you want to present your visitors with these modern sites, Flytonic got your back. There you will find all premium WordPress radio templates.

No matter what kind of music venture you are involved in, Flytonic templates contain tools that you need for you to build a fully custom site, which will function precisely the way you want. Seize 1 of the high-quality WordPress radio streaming templates today.

If you are searching for more WordPress templates, just look out for other top-notch WordPress templates on Flytonic.

Wrap up

So, you have checked through our list of the best Radio Station WordPress Templates.This was all about this compilation. Do let me know which one you finally picked. Once your music or radio station related website is up, do let us know, we’d love to appreciate your good work. Peace.




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