Best WordPress Hosting for Bloggers and Affiliates

Hoping to start a blog or affiliate website that you can use to generate some extra income? Before you start planning out your content strategy or doing keyword research, you’ll have to get your site up and running and this is the reason why you need the best WordPress hosting service.

Your first step? To identify which vendor or company you want to use to host your site.

Assuming you’re using WordPress to set up your site, you’ve got plenty of options. Most hosting companies offer WordPress hosting services, with some of the most popular companies being Bluehost, Siteground, WP Engine, InMotion Hosting, and Hostgator.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the pros and cons of each of these hosting companies, so that you can decide which is the best overall WordPress hosting service for you.

Premium Hosting For Affiliate Promoters

Affiliate promotion is one of the multiple methods you can utilize for monetizing your blog or site. Also, it’s the most cost-effective method of earning money via your site, because it needs very little in the process of investment, also, relying on the affiliate plan as well as the domain in which you are working, can be a really profitable method to capitalize on the earning probability of your site.

Affiliate marketing, which happens to be the oldest type of online marketing, operates based on referrals. If you have a blog or site in a certain niche, for instance doing reviews on kitchen items, just go for an affiliate promotion scheme where you will refer visitors through affiliates links to the website of a particular manufacturer. And if the visitors you referred get to purchase the items then you will receive a commission in return. Commissions provided for affiliate promoters differ from niche to niche as well as firm to firm, though affiliate promoters normally get a commission ranging from five percent to ten percent of the buying price of the product. Amazon affiliate sites are quite famous with affiliate promoters, though IT-associated review sites are also profitable affiliate promotional fields.

At most times, the niche, as well as the content of an affiliate promotion website, determines its success, therefore selecting the premium platform for creating an affiliate promotion website and selecting the best hosting will play a crucial role in the functionality as well as the success of this kind of websites.

Creating An Affiliate Marketing Website With WordPress

If you already have a niche and you plan to work as an affiliate promoter, you will require to select the best platform for your online promotion website. For this task, WordPress is the best CMS having multiple benefits.

As a content builder, the complex creating tools or ways might confuse you and that’s why selecting a free to utilize and no-struggle platform such as WordPress is the best decision you can ever make. WordPress happens to be the most time-effective method of creating your affiliate promotion website. WordPress is the most popular site creating tools available, it’s simple to install, it’s simple to maintain, and is highly versatile, which means you can build any site or blog you visualize for your online promotional website. Its acceptance among affiliate promoters is also confirmed by the multiple templates as well as plugins, which are ready for these forms of sites.

If you have already selected the WordPress template you want to work with, the next step you require to make is to select a hosting source for your site.


How To Select A Web Hosting For Your Website?

By selecting an imperfect hosting for your site, you might unintentionally place barriers in the path of your success. If you opt to work with WordPress to create your affiliate website then searching for the best hosting will be so simple because most of the premium hosting providers contain WordPress customized hosting programs that are ready to satisfy all the hosting requirements of sites utilizing this CMS.

There are several forms of hosting programs from dedicated hosting to shared hosting and VPS. The best hosting providers come with the benefit of scalability which means you can begin by hosting your site on shared hosting and when your site will need more in the basis of hosting means, you can easily upgrade your prevailing program to a more resource ample hosting program. Shared hosting programs are the most cost-effective hosting program in existence, but, pricing isn’t what defines the best hosting – but dependency in terms of functionality, security, and uptime are all qualities of the best hosting.

To assist you in choosing a certain hosting provider as well as a shared hosting program, in the next section, we will mention the premium-hosting provider for affiliate promoters.

The 5 Best WordPress Hosts

Best WordPress Hosting for Bloggers


Bluehost is one of the most reputable WordPress hosting companies out there; they’re even recommended by WordPress as an “official” host. The company powers an impressive 2 million+ websites from across the world, and they’re the host of choice for most first-time website owners.

If you’re signing up for the basic plan, this gives you 50 GB worth of website space, unmetered bandwidth, a free domain name, and a free SSL certificate. On top of that, you also get 5 email accounts with 100 MB worth of storage per account.

All in all, Bluehost is known to have a decent uptime and a fast server response time, and it’s unlikely that you’ll experience any problems with performance if your website is hosted on Bluehost.

One complaint that many users have about Bluehost, though, is that they’re pretty aggressive when upselling their related products and services. If you’re signing up for a new account, and you just want to get a basic plan, make sure that you uncheck all the add-ons that Bluehost will automatically include in your cart.

Pricing: The basic plan starts at $2.95 per month.

Best WordPress hosting for WordPress


SiteGround’s basic plan is pretty affordable, so you might assume that it might be less feature-rich than some of the other plans that we’ll be discussing here today. However, this isn’t actually the case.

As a basic user, you’re entitled to a free setup and transfer, 99.9% uptime guarantee, unlimited emails and databases, free daily backups, free CloudFlare CDN, free app installs, free SSL certificates, and 24/7 support. Not too bad at all!

Good to note: SiteGround’s sign up process is quick and painless, and you can get your website up and running in no time. We also like that the company offers a 30 days money back guarantee; if you decide to switch to another hosting service within 30 days, you can either get the amount you’ve paid applied as a credit to your account, or refunded to your credit card.

That said, one disadvantage of using SiteGround is that it does not offer any free domain names bundled into its hosting packages. While you can use SiteGround to register domain names, you’ll have to pay extra for this.

Pricing: The basic plan starts at $6.69 per month.

Top WordPress hosts

WP Engine

Unlike the other vendors on this list, WP Engine offers managed WordPress hosting, not shared WordPress hosting. What does this mean? On top of hosting your site, WP Engine also automatically updates your WordPress software, backs up your website, and takes care of other tasks.

Obviously, you’ll be paying a premium for a managed WordPress hosting service such as WP Engine, but on the bright side, you get the Genesis Framework and a selection of 37 StudioPress WordPress themes bundled into your hosting plan. Given that each of these theme retails for $100+, this actually works out to be a pretty good deal.

The bottom line? If you don’t mind paying for an all-in-one solution, consider hosting your site on WP Engine. If you’re on a tight budget, go with one of the other vendors instead.

Pricing: The basic plan starts at $20 per month.

top hosting companies for WordPress

InMotion Hosting

There are several factors that make InMotion an excellent choice for a newbie blog or website owner. Firstly, InMotion has a robust onboarding process that teaches its users how to get their websites up and running.

On top of that, InMotion offers 24/7/365 US-based support, which is pretty much as good as it gets. You can get in touch via email, phonecall, or live chat, and even if you write in on Christmas Day, you’ll still have someone get back to you without delay.

If you sign up for a basic plan at InMotion Hosting, this gets you 40GB of SSD disk space, unlimited monthly transfers, a free domain registration or transfer, free no-downtime website transfers, unlimited email accounts with IMAP, shared SSL, and 24/7 support.

While InMotion brings a ton of value to the table, note that their basic plan does not come with eCommerce capabilities, so if you’re intending to sell products on your website, you’ll either have to pay for a more expensive plan, or go with a different WordPress host.

Pricing: The basic plan starts at $6.39 per month.

Hostgator wordpress hosting


Hostgator hosts over 8 million domains; like Bluehost, they’re one of the biggest names in the WordPress hosting scene.

Users who sign up for a basic plan with HostGator get 50 GB worth of storage, 1 GB of backup space, automatic database backups, a global CDN, unlimited email accounts, free migration, and 24/7/365 support.

While HostGator’s basic plan is priced a little higher than that of its competitors, we appreciate that they guarantee a 99.99% uptime (if you experience more downtime than expected, they’ll be happy to credit one month back into your account).

If you need some help setting up your account, you can reach out to HostGator via phone, email, or live chat. The support team is available 24/7, and we hear that HostGator’s CEO, Adam Farrar, even steps in to address support issues as and when is needed.

Pricing: The basic plan starts at $5.95 per month.

Flytonic is currently hosted on Siteground and we recommend any of the above hosts as discussed.  They are all great WordPress hosts and can easily scale as your website grows.

A shared hosting plan happens to be the most cost-effective though the best hosting provider shouldn’t certainly be pricey. As we mentioned above, shared hosting comes with good qualities, so you won’t regret making it a priority. By selecting a shared hosting program as beginner hosting for your affiliate promotion site, you are cutting your investment expenses. As your site improves and grows, you will have the ability to tell whether your existing hosting program will be in a position to manage the flooding traffic on your site. In all events, you will have the ability to easily scale up with the mentioned hosting providers.

Other Good Hosting For Affiliate Promoters

The following web hosting providers have some years of experience in offering web hosting services as well as hosting programs, which satisfies the demands of all forms of sites from huge Ecommerce sites to small personal blogs.


GreenGeeks is the cleanest hosting provider available. Since its launching back in 2008, GreenGeek has depended on green energy for powering its services. Apart from being the most environmentally aware hosting provider available, Green Geek is an award-winning web-hosting provider having brilliant hosting packages, 99.9% server uptime, 24/7 customer assistance, and a broad customer base from more than 150 states.

Is of now, the 2 hosting programs are ready for a beginning price of $3.96 per month.



This is a US-founded hosting firm, which has been in the hosting venture since 2003. ASmallOrange offers all forms of hosting services for any type of site. Their shared hosting program contains top-notch qualities like SSD servers for critical performance, 24/7 customer assistance, 99.9%, free domain as well as hosting for unbound sites included with most of their plans, single-click WordPress installation and WordPress customized hosting environment, cPanel control panel, IP blocking support, free-daily backups, Weebly site builder, leech and hotlink protection, among others.

Shared hosting programs are created in a way to satisfy the hosting needs of large and small-sized sites. You can select from the large ($20 monthly), medium ($10 monthly), small ($5 monthly), and tiny ($2.92 monthly) plans. All plans come with a certain amount of bandwidth as well as storage, therefore you can select the best plan that perfectly satisfies your resources requirements.

The wide range of their hosting programs as well as their reliable services bundled with top-notch qualities makes ASmallOrnage the best hosting provider for all affiliate promoters.

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