5 Best WordPress Theme Generator 2021

WordPress is one of the blessings for the online entrepreneurs. With customization at your fingertip, you can do anything you ever wanted. But, there is a catch, you are probably using the same theme that hundreds of other websites on the internet uses, and that sucks. Click here to learn more about the best WordPress theme generator.

Best WordPress Theme Generator

As a whole, the WordPress platform has managed to win over millions of website developers and website owners alike. Thanks to the platform’s simple, yet intricate feature richness, user-friendliness, and customization. It has managed to remain one of the most popular platforms for creating impressive websites.
All this is made possible by the many extensions and plugins as well as many WordPress themes available out there. Nevertheless, these ready to use WordPress themes are known to make websites more impressive with stunning designs.
So, the market has experienced additional tools to make it easy for website builders to create their dream websites. The good news is that you are always in total control of the WordPress website you have created. All you need to do is make sure you pick the right WordPress theme.
Essentially, WordPress theme generators or builders have allowed us to create the themes source code with very user-friendly source code such as the drag and drop user interface without any prior knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, and WordPress, etc.

Many WordPress users tend to invest in WordPress developers and build a custom theme. This is a nice way of getting things done, but there are some cases where investing money might not be feasible.

Today, I will showcase some best free and paid WordPress theme generator that will enable you to build a WordPress theme from scratch. And, you know what, these theme generators require minimum to no coding skills. With no coding skills as a requirement, you can surely build a kick-ass WordPress design for your website.

Also, new themes are released on the daily purpose — it is always a good idea to replicate some of the designs yourself and develop a knack of creating WordPress theme using a generator. No one knows when this skill can come handy.

Best WordPress Theme Generator
Wordpress Theme Generator Lubith
Template generator templateToaster

2. TemplateToaster

Template Toaster

TemplateToaster is a paid WordPress theme generator software. It is not only limited to WordPress but also supports different kind of theme generation such as Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, etc. With such diversity, TemplateToaster surely holds a unique ground in the theme generator market.

The theme generator software can be download onto the desktop and worked upon without any difficulties. There is not much you need to do when developing your own WordPress themes. No coding experience is required for creating the WordPress themes and one of the best features of the software is the fact that you can create responsive WordPress themes.

You can start with the software by downloading the trial and if you like the trial, you can buy either the standard edition($49) or the professional edition($149). Rest assured, you will get what you are paying for. Check the purchase page for more detail.

Ultimatum Drag and Drop Builder

3. Ultimatum


Ultimatum is yet another paid WordPress theme generator. This theme generator offers comprehensive features and that’s why comes at a price. The build tools are great and it offers drag and drop layout builder. The builder is extremely extensive and offers a right set of tools for building a comprehensive website.

To make the deal even better, there are many premium plugins pre-included within the package. These premium plugins belong to Ultimatum or 3rd party vendors, but the deal is that you get some cool and useful plugins to play with.

Another great feature of the generator is the fact that it is powered by Bootstrap. This means you can use the bootstrap framework in your project and load themes with different bootstrap files. The paid WordPress theme generator offers great documentation is available in 2 license pack, the starter license at $65 and Professional license at $125. You can see more about their license on this page.

Ultimatum is targeted at beginners, designers, and developers. So, if you anyone of them you should give it a try.

WordPress Theme Generator

4. WPTheme Generator

WPTheme Generator is an HTML/CSS and WordPress theme generator that quickly get you started with your theme generation process. With hundreds of elements to choose, you can quickly get hold of your WordPress theme in no time.

It also supports responsive design and requires no coding knowledge at all. The theme that is developed using the WPTheme Generator is also compatible with all the current browsers. With a powerful framework working behind the scenes, you can develop a fully functional WordPress theme.

The generator is also updated regularly on the daily basis and currently offers 20 different sliders.

Furthermore, it supports Internationalized themes, i.e., theme translation is possible and well within your reach. The generator also has good support, both from the developers the community surrounding it.

Currently, it is available in both free and premium version. Those who are interested in the WpTheme generator can see the pricing page.

iThemes Builder

5. iThemes


I had a hard time to choose the number five of this countdown and I finally choose iThemes. iThemes is an easy drag and drop WordPress theme generator that comes with responsive support and a layout editor for maximum reconfigurability.

When you use the iThemes builder, you will be able to choose from 90 builder themes. These builder themes will act as a starting point for your project. But, if you want to start from scratch, it does offer this functionality as well.

The style manager present within the iTheme builder offers all the necessary tools for customizing the styles of the themes. A great tool for designers and the most important thing is the fact that you can do all of this without entering a single line of code.

The generator is available in 3 licenses. The foundation, developer and All Access pass. You can check more about the packages here.

Over To You

I hope you liked the article as much as I loved to write it. WordPress theme generators are not new, many have come and gone. That’s why I choose the only 5 best WordPress theme generators for you.

I will be more than glad if you comment on the article and share your reviews. Also, do not forget to share the WordPress theme generator that you have are using currently.

Until next time, Cheers.

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