Demo Contents and their Related Errors

A demo is meant to get the respective website buyers, visitors, and customers. Therefore, it depicts the best of the features in their most refined forms as a demo. You may get customers by presenting the demos, but for them to stay, you need to give them the same product as the demo.

Reality, ethnicity, and authenticity are hard to find nowadays. People often rob you by showing a different product and selling a different one. This scam is not just for products but for the websites in the virtual world as well. Sometimes you buy a theme watching how promising it seems to be in the demo, only to realize that nothing is shown. Then the question arises, what to do? Before blaming the developers, we must check if there are no loose ends from the customer’s side.

This blog exactly talks about this problem. In the following article, we will learn about a type of WordPress error. What is to be done when the components of the website don’t look like the ones in the demo.

In the previous blog, we talked about some of the commonly occurring WordPress errors and how you can fix them? But the error this prominent and broad with different components under it requires individual attention. So, let’s get started.

What to do when the website does not looks like the demo theme

Every theme developer offers a preview or a demo of their respective theme on sale. It is provided so that you can have a thorough look into everything before downloading or buying it. You might come across a fair amount of cases where you see that the installed themes stand nowhere close to the ones you saw in the demo.

You can think of a lot of reasons behind this inconvenience. Maybe the theme setup has not been correctly done, or perhaps you are just using a different layout style than the one being used in the demo.

Every theme almost provides its buyers a free sample data. A sample data is an XML file you can import on your WordPress website. This XML file comprises of sample pages, posts, and options for the theme. Mostly, this problem occurs when the customer forgets to import this sample data. Importing any theme’s sample data is a piece of cake. All you are required to do is:

Tools> Import> WordPress> upload the XML file you received as the sample data and your theme.

There can be one more possible mistake you are probably committing that is causing you this inconvenience. It would help if you cross-checked that you are geared with all the recommended plugins. There are times when the developers depend upon specific plugins for added functionality. So you should make sure that you are not devoid of any of the suggested plugin.

What is to be done when the homepage is not looking at the same as the demo.

You can make a list of the reasons why your homepage isn’t replicating the one shown in the demo. Mostly, it is because the theme demo utilizes a static homepage, and your website doesn’t.  In this case, all you can do is begin using a static homepage. To do so, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Create a new homepage by the name ‘Home.’ Leave the page blank.
  • Create another page ‘Blog.’ Leaving this page also empty.
  • Menu> Settings> reading section> configure your website to use a static home page

Doing this will probably fix your problem. If this doesn’t, it means that you are not using the page template used in the demo theme and came along with yours.

To fix this, edit the static homepage created by you and select the page template used in the demo theme. You can further refer to your theme’s documentation.

Now, we come to the last problem of this article.

What to do when the URLs are long and don’t look like the ones in the demo.

If the URLs provided to you either don’t look like the ones in the demo or a too long, the probable reason is that you are using the default permalink structure that comes along with the WordPress. If you tend to use the default permalink structures, your link might look like HTTP://′.

This URL structure doesn’t look appealing to the eyes. It also gives the user a vague idea of where this URL leads to. This can affect the traffic on your site as it provides a terrible user experience.

You need to change the default permalink structure to the ‘pretty permalink structure’ as per WordPress standards and terms if you want to fix your URLs, making it more presentable. This changed permalink structure will make the URL to your site look something like: ‘Http:/’ This URL is not just more appealing, but it gives the reader a clear idea of where is this URL leading to. This is also good for SEO purposes.

To change the permalink structure: you need to go to settings> permalinks> select desired permalink structure. The most recommended one is the post-name one. After changing the form, you would be good to go.


So, these were some of the solutions when the major components of the website don’t look like the demo. We hope we provided you the adequate information. You can contact us for any further queries or to buy some perfect themes.


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