Top 27 Free Bootstrap WordPress Themes in 2020

Since you are here searching for free Bootstrap WordPress themes, so I expect you’re already aware of what bootstrap is, right?

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If yes, then you can skip this introduction part and directly start with the compilation beneath. And, if you’re a newbie then you should be aware of the framework you’re planning to use.

Bootstrap is a framework crafted by the Twitter developers. It uses HTML, HTML5, CSS and a fair amount of JavaScript web technologies to develop the latest generation, fluid, responsive and most importantly, customizable front-end theme.

If you are looking forward to combining bootstrap with WordPress, then bootstrap WordPress theme is all you require.

The Free Bootstrap WordPress Themes developed using this platform are so powerful that any blog can be run and maintained. Also, setting up the Free Bootstrap WordPress Themes and creating the website as per our requirement is very simple.

If you find someone calling it even as a ‘piece of cake,’ then do believe him, because he has used the bootstrap platform. Soon enough, you’re also going to start praising. Keeping reading to learn about the Free Bootstrap WordPress Themes.

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A few of the best free Bootstrap WordPress themes

Let’s start with the compilation now. As you’re just starting with this platform, so it is a wise decision of beginning with the free options. No doubt, paid one have more options and features.


Kyan theme features

Built in Bootstrap v3, KYAN is cross browser compatible and is responsive for a seamless experience across devices. If you want to create a person blog, magazine/news site or a photo blog, then KYAN might be the theme for you. It is super light weight to make your website loads faster overall improving the user experience.

KYAN was built to keep your visitors on your site longer without distraction animations or sidebar. The highlights of this theme for me is the layout that flows well. I am also impressed with how super easy this theme is to set-up you. It will get a feature post slider to promote your most read articles and much more.

This theme is responsive and has a framework that is grid-based helping designers to build their site very easily. This is a popular framework that operates effectively when developing a site that is responsive and mobile-ready. Professional site designers are aware of the impact of the bootstrap technique if used appropriately. You can use it to build an attractive and responsive site founded on HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. This theme makes the development of your site effortless and faster. All our Free Bootstrap WordPress Themes and our sites were created and designed with bootstrap. We are big supporters of bootstrap theme, we wish it will be of great help to you as well. Whether you want to combine it with WordPress, CMS, and any blogging platform.

Check it out and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Theme Details & Download | Demo is not avaible


Revera Theme

Unless you’re developing a commercial website, you don’t need to pay for these Free Bootstrap WordPress Themes. That means you’re getting a premium package without paying anything. It features Slider Category, Portfolio category, homepage widgets, Banner settings and many other options.

The Bootstrap 3 framework is at its core, thus allowing users to manage front-end customization. Also, the package comes with the custom menu, homepage templates, and widget. An Option Panel is also there to let you control things easily.

Theme Details & Download | Demo

Zerif Lite

Zerif Lite Free One Page WordPress Theme

If you wish to use it for commercial purpose i.e. creating a website for some agency or company or any service provider, then you’re considering the right theme. It’s a kind of single page theme offering different sections. There are different sets of information can be added and showcase to users.

Along with those basic features there are few premium ones as well like retina ready, SEO friendly, and WooCommerce ready. If you think that it will let you create a basic homepage, then you should check out its demo. I’m sure the parallax scrolling feature within the theme is going to surprise you.

It is one of the leading Free Bootstrap WordPress Themes. Many devices can be found in the market which you can use to access the internet. This brings about competition between websites. It is difficult to resize the layout for it to fit in small screens. Thanks to the shapely theme as it is designed with 3 front end framework. With these, your content will be displayed on all devices, web browsers, and operating systems. Moreover, various personalization settings are ready for you. With these, you can include footer or edit the sections on your site.

Theme Details and Download | Demo

Parallax One

Parallax One WordPress Themeisle

Parallax One is one of the most amazing free Bootstrap enabled theme out there. I am using the theme in one of my sites. The truth is I am impressed with the features and functionality that the theme offers out of the box. Parallax One is made for corporate web pages, but it can be effectively used for the website such as portfolio or blog. It offers great design and also provides excellent visibility to the content of the website. The customization options of the website are also good. And, one more thing that makes the theme amazing is the regular updates.

Theme Details & Download | Demo


Griffin WordPress Theme

Griffin is one of the best Free Bootstrap WordPress Themes for bloggers and business blogs; it is built upon the bootstrap framework. And features a grid style layout out which is known to improve page views. You also get a hero section to inform your readers of what your site is about.

Theme highlights:

  • Pinterest-style layout that a lot of readers are familiar with.
  • Cross browser compatibility to ensure your readers gets a seamless experience.

Theme Details & Download | Demo


Gadetry WP Theme

Are you a gadget lover and wants to open an online blog about gadgets? Then, you should check out the Gadgetry theme that is made especially for this purpose. The theme is modern and is clean in looks. Also, Gadgetry is focused on content rather other aspects. It is completely responsive because of the use of Bootstrap and offers great inbuilt page layouts for customization options. This theme is also SEO friendly, and you can use unlimited sidebar for customization purposes.

Theme Details & Download | Demo

Flat Theme

Flat Theme

Flat Theme is what you should look for if you are looking to build a company website. The flat theme uses bootstrap for a responsive layout. It also comes with all the bells and whistles you need from a free theme. The theme is multipurpose is nature and can also be used to create a blog from scratch. Therefore, it is one of the best Free Bootstrap WordPress Themes.

Theme Details & Download | Demo


Free Bootstrap WordPress Themes

Celestino is one of best free WordPress themes that is built using Bootstrap framework.  This template comes in both free and paid versions, and if you find the free version useful, you can go ahead and get the paid version that comes with more features. The theme offers sliders and basic blog creation. Celestino is completely responsive as it is built using Bootstrap.

Theme Details & Download | Demo


Starter Free Onepage WordPress Theme

The starter is a WordPress theme that offers a great startup theme for free. This theme provides basic features such as sliders, team page, client page and more. The starter theme is a one-page theme and offers the best options for the businesses. It will also be great for startup for creating their online presence.

Theme Details & Download | Demo

Photography Theme

Melissa Free WordPress Photography Theme

Are you a photographer and is looking for a free photography theme? Then, this theme is for you. The theme is named, “Photography theme” and comes with all the basic features that a photography theme should have. It is completely responsive as it is built using Bootstrap framework. This theme can be used by professional photographers as it offers the basic features such as fade-in effects, a slider at the homepage, etc. It also supports other media types such as video, audio, photo, etc.

Theme Details & Download | Demo


Alizee WordPress theme

Alize is an entirely responsive bootstrap enabled WordPress theme that offers grid layout much similar to Pinterest. The primary focus of the theme is minimalistic design, and it does succeed in achieving this. The theme uses colors to enhance its design. The theme can be widigetized and also offers parallax headers and togglable menus. For more information, check out the links below.

Theme Details & Download | Demo

Nova Lite

Nova creative WordPress theme.

Nova Lite is a completely responsive theme, thanks to Bootstrap framework. It also utilizes other advanced web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 and is completely support cross-platform. The main attraction point of the theme is that looks like Tumblr. So, if you are looking for a free Tumblr look-like theme, Nova Lite is for you. The theme lets’s you create unlimited slider and galleries and also offers 14 different skins to play with.

Theme Details & Download | Demo


Yuuta Visual Theme

Yutta is yet another photography theme that is built upon Bootstrap framework. Yutta can be used for blogs or photography portfolios. The main attraction of the theme is its design and how it focuses on images more on the content. You get various post formats to play with. The theme also comes translation ready, and you can make your life comfortable with the theme.

Theme Details & Download is not avaible | Demo is not avaible


Fullby WP Theme

Fullby is a grid based WordPress theme that focuses on a news magazine site. Yutta is attractive and uses advanced technology such as Font Awesome and Bootstrap. The bootstrap enabled theme is highly modern and is customizable using the WordPress theme customizer. The theme is also SEO ready and offers the right mix of features. It also supports WooCommerce.

Theme Details & Download| Demo


Dazzling WordPress Bootstrap Theme

Responsive and flat design, retina ready visuals, infinite scroll, featured slider and dedicated Theme Options Panel to help you manage customizable, are all features offered by Dazzling theme.

It also comes with WooCommerce integration and is totally ready for translation. Different font icons and unlimited color options are also there to change the whole visual and look. You can also expect some basic support from Colorlib developers.

Theme Details & Download | Demo


School responsive WordPress theme

School WordPress theme focuses on school, colleges, and institutions. It is completely responsive and offers the right set of features for a school or business site. This theme is customizable, and you will not have problems customizing the theme according to your requirements.

Theme Details & Download| Demo


Wembley Theme

Wembly is a portfolio based WordPress theme that is built on top of Bootstrap framework. Wembly uses classic three-column style and offers grid layout. The theme is modern in looks and is completely responsive. The simplistic design is mainly aimed to attract the users, and you will find it great for creating a portfolio site.

Theme Details & Download| Demo


Adament WordPress theme

Adament is a free WordPress Bootstrap enabled theme that focuses on minimalistic design. The homepage of the theme offer full-page slider and can be used to showcase the philosophy of the website being created. Highlights of this theme include portfolio page, photography template, banner settings and customization options. It’s a great theme for creating a portfolio or a company website.

Theme Details & Download| Demo


Meris free Theme

Meris is a modern WordPress theme that focuses on modern theme development standards. The theme is completely responsive as it is built using Bootstrap framework. Meris also offers full-screen sliders, design, offers amazing widgets and much more.

Theme Details & Download| Demo

Arcade Basic

Arcade WordPress theme

Arcade Basic is a very popular free WordPress theme. It offers full-screen width homepage and offers great customization features. The theme is completely responsive and can be used to create a company page.

Theme Details & Download| Demo


Unite Theme by Colorlib

If there was anything wrong in the previous theme which you didn’t like, no matter what was the reason, then consider checking this one. It’s again from Colorlib and possesses all common features as of above one, but, comes with different visuals. It is also compatible with PC, laptop, tablet PCs and smartphones i.e. totally responsive.

Theme Details & Download | Demo


Sparkling Free flat design WordPress theme

If you want to run a blog sharing information, pictures, videos or any other kind of post format. You should then consider checking this third theme by Colorlib in my compilation. Again, it comes with all common features as of above two but in a different visual.

Theme Details & Download | Demo

WP Knowledge Base

WP Knowledge Base Theme

If you’re not aware of what’s a knowledge base is then consider checking support page of or any other hosting server provider. They run a separate website sharing dozens of help tutorials to help their customers to do certain things pretty easily.

Such collection is named knowledge base (a kind of fancy name), and if you want to run a similar website, then this particular theme is perfect for it. It is perfect as it’s developed for this specific niche and offers all related features and options. It is also compatible with bbPress.

Theme Details & Download | Demo

Simple Business

Simple Business Theme

Sleek features rich photo display optimized for fast loading. Nimbus Themes developers develop it, and you can have the basic version downloaded without paying anything. Highlights include support for font awesome icons, Google fonts, fully loaded Options Panel and so much more.

Theme Details & Download | Demo is not avaible


Inkness Theme

Responsive design, responsive slider, multiple page layouts, custom sidebar and footer widgets, and powerful Control Panel at the Dashboard are the highlights of this theme feature. It’s three column based homepage makes it further unique in the compilation here.

Theme Details & Download | Demo



A very simple but responsive and totally fluid Free Bootstrap WordPress Themes. It can help you run a simple looking blog that is built on Bootstrap source code. It offers integrated support for WordPress post formats. Do check the Free Bootstrap WordPress Themes demo. I’m sure you’ll get the idea of how simple it is.

Theme Details & Download | Demo



Either you’re launching a website and creating a page for the initial interaction or want to run a complete website holding different kinds of WordPress post formats, then consider using Lobster.

It is fully responsive, customizable and lightweight. It is also compatible with bbPress and BuddyPress, thus allowing you to run even a lightweight social network.

Theme Details & Download | Demo


See, I told you that you’ll start loving this platform. I do hope that this compilation was worth your time, and you at least found one package that is covering almost every requirement you had.

Spread the love by sharing this guide with all your friends. This is how all your fellow blogger friends will come to know about the existence of such powerful platform. This includes the Free Bootstrap WordPress Themes developed using it. You can choose any of these Free Bootstrap WordPress Themes.


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