10 Free BuddyPress Themes

Free BuddyPress Themes are prized gift to the WordPress platform. With BuddyPress, you can create a wonderful community with everyone sharing their precious time on it.

Social Media has really blossomed in the past decade for so. It really picked up with Facebook and there is no stopping anyone. Many find social media irresistible and a huge industry revolving around the likes of the social media platform. Digital marketing is yet another term that comes up in mind when someone speaks about the internet or the social media.

Thanks to BuddyPress, building a community site is not longer harder. You can just get WordPress, get BuddyPress, get free BuddyPress themes and necessary plugins — and you have managed to build a wonderful website that would take more than $15000 if done through a developer or a development company.

The choices are many and BuddyPress has grown strong in the past few years. More and more people are adopting to the BuddyPress platform. But, there are always a certain section of community builders who love to use Free BuddyPress Themes. There can be many reasons for choosing a free theme — and it is always a good idea not to invest too much during its inception age.

So, why the wait? Let’s star the list of Free BuddyPress themes.

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Free BuddyPress Themes

1. Evolve WordPress Theme

Evolve Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Evolve is a multi-purpose WordPress theme and I have used it in many of my projects. The good thing about the theme is its flexibility and you can use it for a BuddyPress website. The theme is good and offers a lot of customization. For starters, it offers an amazing theme customization panel. It also offers responsive design and you can launch your community for mobile devices as well.

The theme also offers sliders, CSS customization much more.

Download || Demo

2. Farben Basic BuddyPress Theme

Farben Basic Free Theme

Farben is another multipurpose WordPress theme that fits correctly in the mold of BuddyPress. It offers responsive design and you can use the customizer to customize the different elements of the website including the header, background and much more.

Moreover, it also supports galleries, Google font, and complete media support.

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3. Quest

Quest by Pace Themes

Quest is a new free theme to arrive in the WordPress Theme collection. It offers the right set of features for a community website.

It’s completely open source and offers a powerful drag and drop builder for complete customization. This means that you do not have to edit the code to make changes to the theme.

It has a sleek design and great typography. As usual, the theme is multipurpose in nature and you can use it to the limits. It also comes with a responsive design support and you will be really satisfied with this free theme.

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4. Mixed

Mixed WordPress Theme

Mixed is a completely responsive WordPress theme that offers multi-purpose functionality. You can use it with the BuddyPress plugin and make your community shine.

The theme is completely responsive and uses Bootstrap to do it. Moreover, you can add media as you like. The theme is created using the flat design and it does look appealing to my eyes.

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5. Arcade Basic

Arcade WordPress theme

Arcade Basic is a popular free theme and it comes with the support of the BuddyPress platform. The theme is lightweight with stunning looks and comes with a theme customizer.

As you would have already guessed it, the theme comes with all the media support, works great with Google and offers great typography for great readability.

The theme is also responsive in nature and you can easily use the theme on different devices with different resolution.

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6. Ward


Another great theme, Ward can fulfill your requirement of the free BuddyPress theme. The Ward theme offers great typography, responsive design because of the use of Twitter Bootstrap, media support, customer and more.

It also offers jQuery carousel.

Download || Demo

7. Make


Make is one of those brilliant free WordPress themes that has total downloads of more than 340,000+. The theme is multipurpose in nature and can be used as your BuddyPress enabled website.

Moreover, it hosts a powerful drag and drop builder for easy creation of the theme design. You can use it for website ideas as well. To make the design much better, the theme uses a gallery and supports all the major media types.

The theme is also responsive so you don’t have worry about device resolution. It just looks great on devices.

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8. Mathenson

Matheson Pro theme by bavotasan

Mathenson is yet another full-responsive HTML5 WordPress theme. The theme uses the theme customizer to get the customization done.

Just like any other theme on the list, the theme also comes with jQuery carousel, media type support, BuddyPress support and more.

For typography usage, it supports Google Fonts for better readability. The theme design is simple and intuitive — readers will surely love the design of the theme.

Download || Demo

9. MesoColumn

Dezzain Theme

MesoColumn is yet another WordPress theme that has record downloads. The reason behind the popularity of the theme is the admin panel customization of the theme.

The theme also uses a colorful approach and supports BuddyPress for a community experience. MesoColumn is responsive and offers choices on almost everything including colors, typography, menu, fonts and more.

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10. Social Magazine

Social Magazine is one of the new themes on WordPress theme marketplace. It offers great fixed navbar, responsive design for all mobile device and is translation ready.

And yes, it offers BuddyPress support. With the support of BuddyPress, you can create the community that you ever wished with this theme.

According to the developers, the theme is search engine friendly, offers 4 widget areas, social icon and masonry style magazine blog posts.

It also offers other features such as W3C validated code, color change and more.

Download || Demo

Wrap Up

Yet another list completed. This time it was free BuddyPress themes. BuddyPress is a popular and easiest way to create a community. Small or medium-scale business can use free themes and BuddyPress plugin to create a community surrounding their project.

Wondering that the awesome free BuddyPress theme is not in the list? Well, that’s why the comment section is there. Comment and let us know which BuddyPress theme(free) you are using for community building.

Also, share the article as much as you can!

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