How to Choose Content Layout for Your WordPress Blog: Attract and Retain Visitors With a Beautiful Layout

How to Choose Content Layout for Your WordPress Blog: Attract and Retain Visitors With a Beautiful Layout

Today, we will explain the importance of the look of your blog depending on the topic and purpose of the blog itself. When it comes to WordPress, you can often hear the term content layout.

So, content layouts or page layouts are predefined layouts with spaces to add your materials, such as images or texts. We can also say that content layout refers to the look of your site, which you can choose depending on the theme of the blog and the amount of content you post.

Paper layoutFurthermore, the content’s look attracts your visitors, so you need to choose the best possible content layout to keep your content clear, precise, and easy to understand for all users.

In addition, when choosing the layout for your blog, you should pay attention to essential items such as readability (nicely arranged, defined, and readable) and easy access (content should be adapted to different devices and always display correctly and beautifully).

There are several predefined content layouts within WordPress, and we will explain each of them.

1. Single-Column Content Layout

As the name suggests, a single-column content layout has only one column, and it takes up the space of an entire website or blog. The blog’s content is distributed throughout the page and takes a whole place within the web browser.

Moreover, this look is most commonly used by people who run personal blogs and travel blogs because they don’t have too much content to be categorized.


Sydney ThemeSydney is a great WordPress theme that looks very professional even though it consists of only one column. It has a well-designed control panel where you can change absolutely everything – the fonts in the header, the background image, the menu layout, etc.

Also, you can customize your colors in just a few clicks. In addition, this WordPress theme is wholly translate-ready so that you can customize it for a wider audience. Also, SEO optimization is done at a top-level.


Hestia ThemeHestia is a perfect WordPress theme tailored to small businesses and small companies. It is fully responsive and adapted to all devices. It can also integrate with WooCommerce, so you can easily create your online store using this theme.

Furthermore, Hestia is completely adapted for beginners so that you can have your blog up just a few minutes after installation. This theme also has a straightforward interface, and in the control panel, you can change everything to adapt the theme to your needs.


Astra ThemeAstra is one of the most famous and highest quality WordPress themes of today. It comes in free and commercial versions. However, the free version will be quite enough to get acquainted with most of this theme’s options. Also, it’s one of the few themes that come with a large number of predefined demos.

Moreover, Astra is elementary to customize. An excellent control panel will help you customize each element to your need, while the predefined demo pages allow you to create pages within minutes.

2. Two-Column Blog Layout

The two-column blog layout is the one we see most often. This layout consists of two columns; The first is the one that contains the central part, i.e., posts, images, and other content.

On the other hand, The second column is usually a sidebar on which we can put various widgets, ads, contact forms, search forms, etc.

Zuzi’s Theme

Zuzi's ThemeZuzi’s Theme is a great free WordPress theme. As we can see, it consists of two columns. There is the content; in this case, it is the image slider. Next to it, there is a sidebar where the information about the blog’s author is placed.

The theme has a beautifully designed interface and a user control panel where you can change almost all elements such as color, images, logos and thus customize your blog to your needs.


AccentBox ThemeAccentBox is another beautiful and functional WordPress theme. It has a friendly interface that can be edited inside the control panel. Although it is free, it can add ads and commercials in several important and strategic places.

As we can see, the central column contains a list of posts, and the second column is a sidebar and contains information about the latest posts, a search form, and some ads.

Moreover, AccentBox comes in two versions, free and premium. The free version will be enough to get to know the basic options, and if you need more options, you can always upgrade to the pro.


BlogIt ThemeBlogIt is a great two-column WordPress theme designed for people who run their blog. The central part of the first column contains the latest posts, and in the second column, the sidebar is filled with various widgets such as recent posts, comments, tags, search form.

This theme is free, and there is a pro version that you must pay for. However, a free version will be enough to run a simple blog without redundant features.

3. Three-Column Layout

The three-column layout is not that common, and we don’t see it every day. It is most often used by magazines and blogs to publish and display a more significant amount of content.

Usually, the column in the middle contains the main posts, and the two sidebars may have some side options, widgets, or less important information.


Memory ThemeMemory is a very nicely designed and functional three-column WordPress theme. All columns are made in a box style, meaning each post is placed in a box, giving a modern and unique look to your blog.

This theme loads quickly and is fully optimized for SEO, so your content and posts will be easier and faster to spot in web search engines.


Verbosa ThemeVerbosa is a great free WordPress theme consisting of 3 columns. The first column contains the logo and menu, serving as a column for adding various widgets. Inside the other two columns is the content.

Of the significant options, we would mention a sticky header that you can turn on and off as needed, then the built-in templates to choose the design that suits you best. Finally, Verbosa can integrate with WooCommerce to create a beautiful online store in a few clicks.


Garfunkel ThemeGarfunkel is a great theme that you can use to create any blog. However, it is best suited for creating a photoblog. It has a three-column layout in which you can place images that will look like on the Pinterest platform. Also, inside the control panel, you can change the background image and the most critical options.

Furthermore, the theme itself has designed two templates that you can use, and six custom widgets have been created that will expand the functionality of your pages. An excellent option for this theme is the Jetpack Infinite Scroll – new posts are automatically added when a visitor scrolls down.

4. Grid Layout

Grid layout WordPress themes are commonly used on blogs that have a lot of photos available to display. Each of the images on the home page is related to some content so that visitors will have a detailed overview of multiple posts in one place.


Masonry ThemeMasonry is a great theme where images are arranged in a grid-based layout. It is fully responsive and will open nicely on any device.

In addition, Masonry has a great control panel allows you to create a great blog with many pictures, which can be arranged in a Pinterest style and look very nice.

Also, all images are divided into three columns, and you can add as many as you want, making this theme one of the best free ones of its kind.


Gridly ThemeGridly is a great, fully responsive WordPress theme that contains three columns with images. Each image has a title and a short description below the title, which is great for bloggers who want to display content with a title and a minimal definition.

Moreover, this theme is fully responsive and appropriate for all screen sizes. Also, SEO optimization has been done very well to make your content better displayed and more noticeable on web search engines. Inside the control panel, you can change most options and fully adapt this theme to your needs.

Minimal Grid

Minimal GridMinimal Grid is a great responsive WordPress theme. It is suitable for creating any blog, as well as for magazines or entertainment blogs.

This theme is fully compatible with Gutenberg Editor so that you can change the complete content in minutes. Another important option is integration with WooCommerce to create a beautiful, clean, and modern online store with this theme.


1. What is the content layout, and why is it important?

Content layout is the layout in which your page will be displayed. It is crucial to display the content of your pages correctly and provide visitors with the best possible experience.

2. How will I know which content layout is best for me?

It primarily depends on your content. If you have a personal blog, then use a single-column layout, and if you have a lot of pictures, you should use a grid layout.

3. Are the WordPress themes you listed free?

Yes, all the WordPress themes we’ve listed are free, and some also come in a paid version that you can purchase to expand the capabilities of your site.


The blog’s appearance is essential to attract customers to our blog. Also, depending on the look and feel of the content, visitors will return to our site.

In this text, we have described several forms on which you can base your pages, and it is up to you to assess which form would suit you best.

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