How to Find a Perfect WordPress Theme

How to Find a Perfect WordPress Theme

While it is true that nowadays, anyone can create a website with no coding or any other technical knowledge, it certainly does not mean that there aren’t things you should know to make your website successful. One of these things that you should know is how to choose a suitable WordPress theme.

A WordPress theme can make the difference between a good and a great website, and since the competition in the online world is ruthless, you certainly want to go beyond a good website.

Man in WordPress shirtMoreover, in this modern era, where everything seems possible in just a few clicks, one can easily get confused by many possibilities and choices. Knowing where and how to choose a quality WordPress theme can save you many hours of endless browsing the online marketplaces.

There are tons of stunning and functional WordPress themes more than suitable to cover all your needs, and we will offer you some tips on what to look for when searching for a perfect WordPress theme.

Pick a Responsive Theme

Desktop, laptop and tabletThe reason why themes are made to be responsive is to enable optimal user experience whether the user is visiting your site on a desktop, tablet, mobile, or laptop. A website that looks perfect on a desktop computer screen will hardly look equally great on a mobile screen. Therefore responsive sites rearrange elements in response to the viewpoint size.

By choosing a responsive WordPress theme you are ensuring that your website looks good on every screen type. Understanding why responsiveness matters and how it works is very important for ensuring the optimal functioning of your website.

Go for Functionality Over Flashiness

Even though the beautiful design is desirable, you shouldn’t go overboard with it either. Your plans can easily backfire on you if you pick a theme that is too complex. As a result, your website may work slower than you’d like, which can be a huge turn-off for your potential customers.

Quite frankly, all that flashiness isn’t necessary to present your services. Besides, more often than not, beauty lies in simplicity. And in case you want to make your theme more authentic, a variety of both free and premium page builders allow you to customize it per your needs without any coding knowledge necessary. Also, many WordPress themes already come with a page builder included for free, and in case they don’t, many page builders are free or have a free version.

Plugins Are Your Best Allies

Add plugins tabSolid plugin support is essential for any website that strives to be successful. No matter what type of website you want to have, you will surely need help with these tools.

WordPress themes come with thousands of plugins for all sorts of purposes. For a functional website, you will need a theme that supports a few plugins, such as SEO and security plugins, speed optimizing plugins, etc. And since your future customers will want to reach you in some way or book their appointment in your salon, you will need a contact form and a booking plugin.

Pick a Theme From a Credible Source

Downloading a theme from an unknown source can have unfortunate consequences for your website, including faults in code, spam, and other unwanted bugs. To avoid these faults, it’s best to get a theme from a well-trusted source. The safest place for downloading themes is the WordPress website itself.

Themeforest is another WordPress marketplace with a comprehensive list of quality WordPress themes and is trusted by many. Apart from these two famous sources of reliable WordPress themes, many great WordPress developers create themes and plugins that you can download directly from their websites.

Make Sure There’s Support and Updates

Premium WordPress themes usually guarantee some support for some time, usually at least for the first six months and often for an entire year. This means that you have a developer to turn to via the forum, email, or online ticket, who will help you solve the problem in case of any issue. Premium themes come with extras that will propel your website, including advanced features and more support. User-friendly designs are also included. With a premium WordPress theme, you can be assured of a site that is easy to use and promotes your products and services to its fullest potential.

Though so attractive in other aspects, free themes can never guarantee you the same level of support. If you go for a free theme, you can not count on regular updates and have to rely on yourself in case you run into any issue. There are, of course, ways to check the quality of the free theme – you can always check the reviews and forums, but the fact is that you will have to be very resourceful if anything goes wrong with it.

The same goes for theme updates. Premium themes have to be updated regularly, and the free ones don’t. However, you can check the update frequency by looking at the changelog of a theme.

Free or Premium Theme

One dollar billsAs we mentioned in the above section, the primary and most crucial difference between a free and a paid theme is the support you get and the frequency of the updates. But the list does not end there. Another thing you need to bear in mind when deciding between a free and a premium theme is the purpose of your website.

If you plan to set up a smaller website for private purposes only or a blog, you may be satisfied with the complimentary theme. But, even then, you have to be ready that you may have to deal with inferior quality coding that is often the characteristic of free themes and all the dangers that come from the lack of professional support and absence of regular updates.

To avoid inferiority, always check the free theme’s developer; it is not impossible to find an incredible free theme created by an excellent company for promotional or similar purposes. Still, you have to know how to find it. Premium themes are a safe bet, and if you need a website for business and professional purposes, we highly recommend you go for a premium theme.

They come with a lot more functionality and are more easily customized. In addition, regular updates guarantee you a certain level of website protection, and you don’t have to worry if you face a problem, as professional support from the theme’s developers is always at your disposal.

Browser Compatibility

We all have our preferences when it comes to browsers, but we often forget that our users may use different browsers than we do. That’s why it is crucial to check how the theme of your choice looks in all browsers.

If the theme features browser compatibility, then you don’t have to worry about this, but if that is not stated, you can always run basic tests to verify whether the theme works just as well in every browser. It would be best if you also repeated this testing on mobile.

Take care of SEO

Last but not least, we have to mention that all your efforts will be in vain if you don’t make a good SEO strategy.

To get noticed by a larger audience, having your website rank higher in search engines is crucial. Luckily for you, plenty of WordPress themes are made to be SEO-friendly nowadays.

Top Quality Free and Premium Multipurpose WordPress Themes to Get You Inspired

Stockholm – A Genuinely Multi-Concept Theme

Stockholm themeStockholm is a multipurpose theme that covers an extensive range of purposes. It comes with 115 meticulously designed demos generally characterized by minimal and modern style. It is fully responsive and SEO optimized and allows setting up a fully functional and beautiful website quickly.

The theme also leaves much room for customization; you can easily adjust, create, and arrange layouts, add new elements, set your color palette, and a lot more with ease.

Sahel – An Elegant Multi-Concept Theme by Elated-Themes

Sahel themeThe Sahel WordPress theme design is characterized by artsy and elegant elements, and each of 13 beautiful homepages features a delicate, artistic feel. This versatile theme can quickly answer very different needs as it is packed with plenty of functionality.

Its rich collection of interactive, infographic, and typography elements allows you to easily add valuable features to any website. The theme is also simple to customize as it comes packed with the WPBakery page builder.

Qi Theme – A Free WordPress Theme by Qode Interactive

Qi theme

The free Qi Theme comes from trustworthy authors and in a short time has earned great popularity mainly because it features a premium-looking design and lots of free features. Its collection of 100 demos covers a wide range of niches, and because Qi integrates with Elementor, it is also highly customizable. What’s especially convenient is that all the premium stock photos used in demos are allowed for use on websites built with Qi.

Hello – The Fastest WordPress Theme With Minimal Styling

Hello themeAny theme based on Elementor promises to be easy to customize and use. Elementor Hello is even more so, as most of the testing for Elementor was done using precisely this theme.

That also means that Hello Elementor is one of those rare free themes that are safe to use. It is responsive, light, and compatible with all the leading WP plugins, meaning it can easily upgrade its functionalities.


There are many things to consider when picking a suitable theme for your website. Still, we are confident that some of these suggestions will help you find the theme that will make plenty of people specifically visit your website instead of any other.

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