Best NightClub WordPress Themes

20 Best NightClub WordPress Themes 2021

If you are looking to build the best nightclub website with WordPress, we have listed the most stylish nightclub WordPress themes that provide you with numerous options.

The NightClub WordPress Themes are for those who are in the music or party business. There are many options which can be used for the purpose and can fulfill your pretty well, but you must search a lot before choosing as they should get the features which you require like responsiveness, easy upload of songs, handy social network integration, widgets, themes and much more. Here we’ve made a list of such options which have all these features and are best in class with cost effective price. So, select your companion and help you music blog thrive out there.

Different from other several platforms, WordPress provides steady quality without exhausting your pockets. Their site setup procedure is very dynamic and you will never face any difficulties. This simple to utilize quality and access is amazing as it dissolves the requirement of hiring an expert web development firm. You are actually easing expenses, as you will require to spend several dollars on the template. These WordPress templates are essentially quality-filled skins, which enable you to not only customize but also apply a wide range of crucial attributes like high-resolution icon display, online shop creation, and cross-platform compliance, among others.

Everything that is needed to build a premium web page can be seen in WordPress, and it contains a massive user base, which is an included advantage. The community is widespread; therefore, being on this platform helps you to get exposure and lessens your odds of failing. The other major factor is time, and with WordPress, you will only use as little as possible. The procedure itself will consume just a few minutes though no one has been able to estimate the duration taken to select from the amazing qualities.

Following are some of the incredible nightclub WordPress templates for 2021.

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NightClub WordPress Themes

You can find the best examples of nightclub WordPress themes below. If you would like to make any suggestions  about themes in this business, please feel free to contact us through: mail[at]

Citrus WordPress Theme

Citrus WordPress Theme

This is a multipurpose theme and you can always use this as your WordPress NightClub Theme for your blog. The theme has many features to serve your purpose and if case you want out in the future, you got that option as well. Here are some features of it:

  • Full screen revolution and layer slider available.
  • Demo files with dark and light version included.
  • Contact form available to stay connected with your audience.
  • Handy shortcode generator available.
  • Masonry blog style with many customization options available.


Vocal WordPress Theme

Vocal Music Event WordPress Theme

Vocal is dedicated to the music events and hence could be a good option for those who are looking for a handy Nightclub  WordPress Themes. It has many options to look for and thus could serve you well enough with your purpose. Here are the features:

  • Bootstrap 3 based platform to better use.
  • Music event management and video background.
  • Easy to use event grid layout.
  • Past event widget to keep in touch with the events.
  • Visual composer and add-ons as well.
  • Comes at an effective price of US $ 58.


Rockon WordPress Theme

Rockon Nightclub WordPress Theme

Well well well, I must say that you are just waiting for this WordPress NightClub theme to be your companion for the website of your night club. The theme has got many features to make the world your follower. Here are the features you got with it:

  • Non-stop music and radio stream is available.
  • You have a visual composer available with it.
  • It has completely responsive layout.
  • Also, it comes with animated revolution slider and page builder.
  • It has unlimited color options with background and SEO optimization.


Dance Floor DJ WordPress Theme

Night Clubs Dance Floor WordPress Theme

Night Life doesn’t get completed without the music and if you’re offering information in the same field via your blog, then this Dance Floor DJ WordPress NightClub Theme is the best option available in out there. It comes with many features which let you be the DJ for the night and the list goes as follows:

  • You can upload your own songs.
  • Completely responsive layout to mobiles and tablets.
  • Social network integration with handy Facebook widget.
  • Audio player widget integrated.
  • Already SEO optimized for the best results.


Night WordPress Theme

Night WordPress Theme

As the name suggests, this Night WordPress Theme is one of the best options available in the market to let your music and night event blog thrive on the web. It has the features to stand you out from the crowd and here is the list of them:

  • Many colors available for customization and giving the website look you want.
  • Discography could be managed by it easily.
  • Twitter widget is in-built to hash tag your popular songs.
  • Full-fledged responsive layout to fit into any device’s screen.
  • Video support from YouTube and Vimeo on slides.


Glamour NightClub WordPress Theme

Glamour Nightclub WordPress Theme

Who doesn’t like to go and party hard in a disco and if you’re the one who is providing all the party venue and timing information via your blog, then try this Glamour NightClub WordPress Theme and I’m sure you’ll be amazed. Here goes the features list:

  • Completely customizable with all your touch put in.
  • Easy to use admin panel with all controls just a click away.
  • Completely responsive as required today.
  • An even slider to mention all what’s going on in the night.


Remix NightLife WordPress Theme


Remix is defined as the modern day music dedicated WordPress Night Life theme. Moreover, you can also use it as party, music band, event and club theme as well. The features:

  • Completely responsive design with slideshow feature for each page.
  • Countdown timer for the events to get activated on the blog.
  • Premium revolution and master sliders available.
  • Unlimited colour schemes with many customization options.
  • 600+ Google web fonts and contact form 7 as well.


Afternight WordPress Theme

Life Afternight WordPress theme

As the name is yelling out and loud, Afternight WordPress Nightclub Theme has every beat to rock your website on the internet. The features available in it are best-in-class and the list goes as follows:

  • Very effective animation effects.
  • More than 13 widgets and 100+ shortcodes.
  • Different colors and images with color skin for each post.
  • Completely responsive design with drag-and-drop builder.
  • The price is very fit-to-pocket with US $ 48 tag.

It is one of the best the best nightclub WordPress themes at the moment.


Clubber WordPress Theme

Clubber WordPress Theme

Clubber is yet another WordPress Nightclub Theme for clubs, event managers and bands as well. The features available in it are very vast best with US $ 48 price tag. The features are as follows:

  • It comes with events manager and audio player.
  • It has 8 custom widgets and many theme options.
  • Completely responsive layout with dark and light style.
  • Translation can be done for any language.


Amazing WordPress nightclub templates for pubs, clubs, bars 2020



This is a neat and minimal WordPress nightclub template that owns a stunning layout. The designers have integrated an entirely animated Revolution Slider. It doesn’t matter whether you are applying a tablet or mobile, this theme will operate without any compliance difficulties, assuring a dependable experience for all users. Jarvis actually comes with a modern feel, developed for people who love bands, nightlife, jockeys, dancing, parties, dancing, discos, among other things.

But, don’t allow this versatility to trick you into thinking that this template can’t operate on other platforms. The tool and qualities, which are added to this theme come with a variety of applications, a perfect solution for all sites, regardless of their purposes. Nowadays this theme is at its 1.1 variant, and with the new patch, Light Variant is also available. Immediately you decide to purchase this template, you won’t be purchasing a worn-out, linear product. It is quite intuitive, constantly modifying and getting updates from the designers.

As difficulties and bugs arise, the designers assure us that they will solve them. A rationally priced template, WPBakery Page Builder, and a Slider Revolution Plugin is free, notwithstanding the high price tag.




This template comes with vast qualities for you to build a perfect nightclub site for your place. Vibra also comes with several demos to select from, all innovative, original and special. Incase you would love to increase the excitement, this is possible with the soon-to-come page that this template owns a section of the bundle. As events and music first template, you can also make playlists and insert your best tunes from third parties platform such as Spotify, Bandcamp, Google Play, and Deezer.

This theme also comes with a mass of premade shortcodes that you can integrate and match with other page layouts and sections. Vibra also lets you enrich the prevailing sample material using your unique style and make this template your own. To summarize everything, this theme is a super tool that you can use to spread the word about your nightclub and invite more people.




This theme provides your nightclub with a new and modern look, which will assist you to move your venture to a whole new level. Dugem is a nightclub template for WordPress having an amazing modern web layout, automatically adapting to any type of device. With this theme, you got total power over your appearance online, allowing you to operate it seamlessly every time. You can optimize the design or even apply this theme to fit your requirements and regulations.

Footer and custom header selections, over 10 addon blocks, separate post formats arm, countdown timer, as well as unbounded colors, and many more features await you when you choose to work with this template. Ensure your nightclub is crowded with a persuasive and compelling site and enjoy the flow at all times.




This is a multipurpose nightclub template for WordPress that can be utilized for a vast variety of niches. From the stated, music events, to nightclubs, DJ sites as well as radio stations, this theme fits various users without hassle. And if you wish to modify this theme to replace it with your own style, you can be able to do so by employing the strong qualities of acidum. Optimize the prevailing web layout and spice stuff up with your personalization and originality.

This template experience starts with 3 premade demos. You can alter the color simply and even reorganize the setting of the existing elements using the user-friendly and handy WPBakery Builder. This template also emulates all modern standards such as cross-web compliance, mobile-friendly, and search engine optimization. You will experience so much fun while building a nightclub site and succeed.




If your aim is marketing your nightclub, you should look out for this theme. Stereoclub is a WordPress template that provides a multipurpose toolkit of qualities, and an incredible layout. As a matter of fact, over 700 professional developers, web design firms, designers, utilize this theme. If you are a beginner, this product will be arranged and installed for you. You don’t require getting your hands filthy; therefore just have fun with the innovative aspects of site ownership. Choose these templates today and benefit from thirteen personalized widgets, complete CSS3, a streamlined template code, and the chance of implementing custom website backgrounds. Microformats are also available together with threaded comments as well as a super Drop-Down Menu.

This theme allows you to upload your personal custom logo as well as personalized Header Images. With this theme, resizing errors are entirely eliminated. Your content is compliant with all devices that include smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, the template will operate with the available Internet browser. This theme is also Gravatar-ready and can integrate PSD and HTML files. A template documentation source is also available for users who would love to get more info about their website’s features. It’s very educative and simple to understand.




Controlling or owning a nightclub is tough but at the same time rewarding. You are required to the jungle with a lot of jobs at once, for your venture to prosper. But, if you wish to promote your nightclub then FWRD is a perfect solution. This creative theme for WordPress contains crucial qualities, and a layout, which will appeal to even the most mocking patron. This theme is compliant with WPML-plugin, enabling you to build a multilingual page. Alien patrons will definitely love this format.

If you own a highlight video about your exciting events, you can add it as a site background. Furthermore, this template comes with qualities for audio and album players. They can be included on all pages using the custom widgets. Uploading teasers, MP3s, arranging playlists, and including lyrics is possible. You don’t require any knowledge for you to operate this template, provided that it comes with the plugin. With the Drag and Drag tech, even a kid can build a perfect nightclub page. The designs and themes can be adjusted and personalized at any time. Definitely, your site will be cross-browser compliant and responsive.




This is a versatile template for WordPress with a focus on visual effects. Kallyas comes with over thirty landing pages and demos with just a single click. And also creates custom versions for unlimited homepages. It utilizes over six sliders, which allows you to display amazing pictures for hours. This theme was developed to help freelancers and photographers. Its image quality is also incredible as its retina ready, 100% responsive, and pixel perfect. Kallyas offers over a hundred equipped elements for accompanying the builder as well as the panel framework.

Headers, post grids, and colors can be optimized, as designs are endless. This template utilizes a potent SEO and Smart Loader enhancer. Kallyass will follow the rhythm of your nightclub. Arrange events for a nightclub using the featured calendar. It can be adjusted to the club scene using only a few clicks. This template handles CSS3 and HTML 5 animations as well. Kallyas comes with many top-notch qualities that include WPML, and WooCommerce compliant. With kallyas you can build a system that lets you display all your potential. To post, to spread news, to sell, to write, and Portfolio blog pages are available as well.




This is a multipurpose template for WordPress with an emphasis on the music industry. This template comes with 15 premade demos that enable you to build a successful site for a nightclub with a lot of ease. The best part about this theme is that it creates the awareness of your site almost instantly. With this template, you require no coding knowledge because it comes with a WPBakery. It also comes with a drag and drop builder, which assists you to avoid writing the code at once.

The third-party embed arm, mega menu, Slider Revolution, social media incorporation, and 9 widget sections are amazing perks of Herion. This is only a small portion of all top-notch qualities that this super template has in store for you. Frequent updates, friendly support, and documentation are also included in the list. Choose this template today and take your club into a whole new level.




For a super and a long-lasting impression, this theme is the perfect solution. Beatit is a multipurpose template for WordPress, which can be used for all types of separate objectives. Incase you wish to build a page for a club; this is possible with this template. In its pack you will get unlimited premade designs for home and interior areas. Integrate and match the available, present your own style and you will be good to go.

The top qualities of this theme are page builder, players, video gallery, event list, Instagram, and a chance to trade products online. Extra features for beatit are animated icons, glitch effect, Google-friendliness, and blog. For a small business, users can control and maintain their online appearance without a lot of hassle.




This is a WordPress template that has a focus on music and is compatible as well as customizable enough to go completely against the features with it. The tool comes with an amazing dark design, which will knock users’ socks off. This template does all the hard work for you so you are left with a little element to take care of. The design of this template is completely mobile-ready as well as cross-browser compliant.

With this template, you will never experience any issues appealing to the attention of your visitors and entertain them with new tunes. For a fast and speedy understanding of music and club-linked site, currently, you got all the needed tools at hand. With this template, you will be able to build your site so fast.



Offbeat – Nightlife, Bars, Pubs Theme



Nightlife is the best solution for people who are looking to market their nightclub and advertise particular concerts or gatherings. Nightlife is an incredible template for directory events, enabling you to control every single aspect of posts, private events, and pages. The main advantage of this template is that it’s amazingly engaging. With this template, both the admin and user has the capability to post. Furthermore, this theme is entirely responsive because it can present your site’s content on all devices, no matter the screen size. Though there exist some exclusions, the vast majority of its qualities are enhanced by Tevolution plugin that is added in the purchase. Talking about buying, the price is moderately lower, particularly when you consider all the creative qualities included.

It’s usually mentioned that individuals who decline to own social media platforms don’t exist. Luckily, nightlife acknowledges the importance of a social online footmark and the distress created by sites needing people to do registrations for their accounts. With nightlife, you are only required to easily register using Facebook and utilize the platform for streaming events or just bypass the registration.


Final Conclusion for NightClub WordPress Themes

Well, the music is surely an integral part of life which can’t be neglected and if you are in NightLife or NightClub business, then selecting a good theme is very important.

Now, above are some best NightClub WordPress Themes for your website or blog which can help you thrive in the market.

Also, if you’re using any other option which has not been mentioned by us in the above list or have any other query, please do mention that in the comment section below and we’ll sort out your issues.


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