Personal Website as a Resume: Building a WordPress Website

Personal Website as a Resume: Building a WordPress Website

It is not a secret that the modern labor market is highly competitive, and you should stand out from the rest with something to get your place under the sun. This task is quite challenging since your rivals are also ambitious and gifted people who may have advanced hard and soft skills in the field.

How can you succeed? When you are still studying in college, it is worth taking care of your academic performance and extracurricular activities. If you have no idea how to cope with your assignments properly, you should at least search for free college papers about sociology or any other specialty you deal with.

Thus, you will have an excellent example to follow in front of your eyes. Make room in your schedule to work on your features to develop your personality. When you are ready to conquer this world, you can proceed to create a resume website. It will become another way to get additional scores.

Critical Elements of a Resume Website

Man in WordPress shirtWe live in the digital era, so it is not surprising that a paper CV looks old-school. Besides, it limits you in many aspects, so creating it on an online platform seems more reasonable. You will be able to link it to your social networks, add any required media and files, so your portfolio will go hand in hand with the CV itself.

WordPress is one of the most robust and popular platforms that provide you with a beautiful opportunity to create an appealing resume painlessly and pretty quickly. Thus, it is worth devoting more attention to this moment and highlighting key elements of a resume website. Just bear in mind that your main goal is to create a CV that will reflect who you are. Your WordPress website should include the following things:

  • job tenure;
  • testimonials;
  • different contact methods;
  • portfolio;
  • a short personal biography (including education);
  • all relevant awards, certifications, etc.

You should allocate time to create the first draft of your online CV. If you have a tight schedule, you can reach out to a trustworthy dissertation assistance service to get some free time. You should make sure your resume website is easy-to-read, convincing, and good-looking.

How to Create Resume Website with WordPress

This platform offers various great tools for creating a stunning online CV and flexibility, so if you do everything right, you will achieve a fantastic result. The preparation stage will involve selecting a suitable hosting and installing WordPress. When you complete these steps, you can proceed to work with the guideline.

1. Define Your Goals and Strong Sides

Goal reviewYour CV should become a reflection of your hard and soft skills and aspirations, so you should take your time to specify these moments. To complete this task, you can think about what type of work you are searching for.

Whether it will be about an aside job or a full-time position? Who is your perfect employer? Thus, you will define your target audience and find out what things may look appealing to it. After that, you can highlight the strong sides that help you stand out from the rest.

Maybe you have some outstanding skills or a high expertise level in the field? You should be specific and demonstrate your strengths if possible. If you are busy with assignments and cannot think everything through, you can search for a free research paper to nursing school or any other academic institution to simplify this task.

2. Select a Proper Theme

The main goal of your resume website is to draw attention and bring you additional scores. Thus, you should select a powerful theme that reflects your style and goes well with the critical elements specified above. A one-page website is the most appropriate and suitable option in such a case, so you don’t make your potential employer get tired and annoyed by examining your CV.

Such a theme will allow you to create separate sections for different types of info such as expertise, references, etc. You can come across many free themes, but you should make sure it matches your goals. Otherwise, you will save a penny but lose more in the long run. Buy nice or buy twice.

3. Work on Your Resume Website

Woman typing on blue laptopWhen all the preparations are over, and you’ve created the first draft, it is time to make your website. Remember that the below-mentioned tips are general and designed to direct you in the issue, so keep them in mind just:

  1. Your potential employees are busy people who don’t have time to examine a large flow of information, so it is worth keeping your CV curt and straightforward.
  2. Make separate sections for different types of content, so your target audience can find all the critical moments in a matter of seconds.
  3. Eliminate repetitions and useless info since it will make your website look clogged.
  4. Reflect on how to place key elements on your one-page website to make them look more appealing. People shouldn’t waste time on finding your contact info, for example.
  5. Make it easy to reach you out. You can add special plugins to simplify this moment.
  6. Think about media since it provides a great chance to demonstrate your creativity and create a personal style. After all, a resume website is about visualization.
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