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21+ Rockin WordPress Entertainment Themes That Will Blow Your Mind

Over 26% of the entire web is running on WordPress. It has evolved from a simple blogging platform to a universal CMS. Again we live in an “E-Age”, the era of information traveling seamlessly from point A to B thanks to the internet.

And so undeniably the internet has become a core part of our lives, especially for people who use the internet to convey their mind and creative works.

Again, paraphrasing Robin Williams from Dead Poets Society, “arts, poetry, music,  love, romance all are the reasons for which we are alive.”

Now vaguely they are put forward as means of entertainment but arts in its essence is passion manifested. You don’t do arts; art does you!

And so this passion can be found out being practiced by people on the internet, from having a blog for music, movies, critique, and cookery to websites of organizations involved in the same.

If you are one of those people who are looking at WordPress, to express their creative passion then here are 22 popular entertainment WordPress themes that you might like.

ROSA- An exquisite Restaurant WordPress Theme

1-ROSA- An exquisite Restaurant WordPress Theme

ROSA is a highly popular restaurant theme for WordPress. The theme is made by pixel grade and has been on the market since ‘14.

The theme is extremely user-friendly, and you will have your site running in a couple of days. One of the key standout features of the theme would be with high performing parallax scrolling interface.

Some of the unique features that ROSA brings to the table are reservation capabilities, E-Commerce, responsive and mobile friendly interface, powerful customization options, proper SEO practices, a powerful options panel, and much more.

One of the main advantages of using ROSA is the professional level of design quality and excellent customer support.

The theme is available for $75.

If you are interested in the theme, then a download link, as well as a demo of how the theme will look, is provided below.


VideoTouch – Video WordPress Theme

6-VideoTouch - Video WordPress Theme

VideoTouch is a WordPress theme dedicated for websites curated towards video content. The theme is designed by TouchSize. It has been in the market since ‘14.

Some key features of the theme include video upload without access to the dashboard, video upload from any website like YouTube, Vimeo Dailymotion, and even MP4 videos.

The theme has received appraisal due to its design quality, code quality and not to mention their live customer support.

The designers of the theme, TouchSize are a well-known premium theme and plugin creator of WordPress, and so it was inevitable that VideoTouch would have such modern, attractive design and the powerful TouchSize layout builder.

Some other mentionable features are it unlimited sidebars, unlimited header and footers, high-res retina-ready, two built-in sliders and much more.

If you like the theme and want to check it out a download link and a preview link is provided below.


Gameleon – WordPress Magazine & Arcade Theme

9-Gameleon - WordPress Magazine & Arcade Theme

Want a WordPress theme specially curated towards magazines and gaming? Then Gameleon is the theme for you.

Tiguan, the designers of Gameleon, have made this theme for online gaming, arcade gaming, magazine and newspaper sites, and so on.

The theme is highly customizable, absolutely responses, has a powerful theme options panel, is highly versatile, has an advance review system and option to add multiple widgets to your home page. These are just some of the features apart from other premium features that you can buy later on.

Some other features include magazine or classic blog style writing, Unity 3D game, games full-screen option via HTML5 API, BuddyPress Ready, and BbPress ready as well as responsive AdSense ready.  There are also interstitial ads with a progress bar on the same page.

The backend theme options are also classy and sturdy. Customer reviews are full of appraisal for its design and the best theme for gamers.

The theme costs $44, the download link along with a preview link is given below.


NUVO – Cafe & Restaurant WordPress Theme – Multiple Restaurant & Bistro Demos

12-NUVO - Cafe & Restaurant WordPress Theme - Multiple Restaurant & Bistro Demos

Another WordPress restaurant theme but specifically designed for Cafe and Bistro owner, NUVO is a very modern and sophisticated, and will get your business its much-deserved spotlight.

Designed by CMSSupeHeroes, the theme is quite recent and has become very popular.

Now it is a matter of fact that each establishment is unique in its right and NUVO gives you various demos that can cater to each of these different unique establishments.

This theme will provide you with the menu builders, reservation booking, events management and online shopping which in turn will make managing your restaurant much easier.

It is also user-friendly, and you can have your website up and run in just a matter of days. And even if you have a problem setting up your website the demo content and video tutorials that come with the theme will give you a quality education that will be useful not just now but in following situations.

Some other notable features of the theme will be its parallax scrolling, visual composer, Revolution slider, essential grid, one click demo install among others.

You can check out the theme in the preview link given below, and if you like it, the download link is just beside it. NUVO comes with a $59 price tag.


Spectra – WordPress Music & Events Theme

17-Spectra - WordPress Music & Events Theme

Another music and events theme for this article, Spectra is designed by rascals. It is a responsive WordPress theme suitable for producers, netlabels or just creating individual portfolios.

Spectra use AJAX technique, and hence, you can be sure that music playback will not stop to page browsing.

The music player in itself quite features rich. It includes a new intuitive layout, SoundCloud API support, dynamic playlist, covers for the tracks that are being played and a responsive layout which is compatible with most mobile devices. Not to mention the fact that the playlist can load hundreds of tracks.

Main features of the theme include an option for creating unlimited one page via visual composer, three custom widgets for tracks, Twitter, and events, unlimited blog pages, powerful administration panel, cross-browser compatibility, etc. Some layered and sliced PSD files are also included.

The team is worth a try for music hosting. A download link, as well as a preview link, has been provided below.

The theme costs $59.


Flycase- Complete Music Solution for WordPress

2-Flycase- Complete Music Solution for WordPress

Flycase is a well known and highly rated theme for WordPress. It is a theme entirely dedicated to giving your website the complete music solution it deserves.

The Theme has been designed by BrutalDesign and has been available on the market since ‘13. Flycase is supported by mostly all the browsers and has multiple widgets.

The theme is incredibly easy to use and at the same time is SEO ready. Deceivably simple to setup, and available for all devices, the theme also give you E-Commerce benefits.

Other notable features of the theme would be the photo gallery, Discography, tour dates, unlimited sidebar to add any number of widget you want,  27 social icon as well as social share buttons, Instagram gallery and much more.

One of the key points of appraisal for the theme is its outstanding design, the built-in features and obviously the store to sell your music. The store uses WooCommerce, which is the best E-Commerce solution. Again the code is very straightforward and incredibly easy to modify and tweak to your personal liking.

The theme is available for $59 and if you’re interested a download link as well as a preview link has been given below.

Eprom – WordPress Music Band & Musician Theme

3-Eprom - WordPress Music Band & Musician Theme

EPROM is another Music theme for WordPress. But it is more concentrated around music band and musician. It is highly popular and highly rated.

EPROM is designed by rascals and has been on the market since ‘13. The Theme is compatible with all the modern browsers and even the new Microsoft Edge.

The key features that make EPROM stand out from the crowd would be is flexibility. Its shortcodes feature that gives you infinite adaptation capabilities for the theme to suit your personal needs.

The theme is also provided with a very powerful template management system, called R-panel. Best of all, nothing on R-panel is branded,  so no-one is going to learn that you’re using EPROM.

Some other great features that will be coming with the theme area manager for the shortcodes,  an event manager,  full localization,  cross browser compatibility as mentioned and much more. Not to mention you will have 2 Sliders Nivo Slider and Revolution Slider, which you can add to each page and post as a regular page.

If the theme has managed to get your interest, then it’s just $59 away. For the download link as well as a demo link, look below.

K-BOOM – Events & Music Responsive WordPress Theme

4-K-BOOM - Events & Music Responsive WordPress Theme

This next one is another music and events related theme for your WordPress Website. It is equally attractive as the previous one and is more oriented towards dealing with a site dedicated towards music events or just events in general.

The theme is made by holobest, in the year ‘13. It is compatible with mostly all the modern browsers, has widget support and is high resolution.

It is extremely responsive, and can be visited from any device you want starting from a 27 inch LCD monitor to your 4.5 inch iPhone screen.

Boasting the modern metro design language with predominantly dark colors, there is no denying that the Theme looks gorgeous.

Apart from this, it is highly flexible, search engine optimized, and you can create a custom login logo.

The theme is praised for its unique design and customization options.

If you want to take a look at K-BOOM, then a preview link has been given below.

And if you happen to like the theme and want to try it then a download link is also provided, and it will just cost you $49.

Eventure- Responsive Events WP Theme

5-Eventure- Responsive Events WP Theme

Eventure as the name has already suggested is a theme entirely dedicated towards events. It has decent ratings and is quite popular.

It is designed by theMOLITOR and has been on the market since ‘12.

Eventure utilizes a custom built calendar system which is undoubtedly one of a kind. The calendar mainly focuses on the dates that have actual events thus maximizing space and making it easy to use.

Some features of the theme include unlimited color options, easy accent color control, 15 home page combinations and not to mention free updates.

The theme has also been tested by Google developers and is declared “mobile friendly”, plus it looks great on an iPad.

If the theme suits your needs, then a download option is provided below. If you want to check out the unique calendar layout then just click the demo button, which is also linked below.

The theme will cost you $49.

RockWell – Portfolio & Blog WordPress Theme

7-RockWell - Portfolio & Blog WordPress Theme

RockWell is theme dedicated to blogging or creating a Portfolio. It is highly popular and highly rated.

The theme has been created by FRESHFACE and has been on the market since ’11.

This theme is built to suit you whether or not you are a photographer, blogger, designer or just want it for your business website.

It is very user-friendly and has an easy learning curve. You will be very much surprised to know that how easy it is to customize and give your creativity the platform it needs.

RockWell will impress writers with their customizable blog option as well as freelancers.

Some key features RockWell would be its 43 unique category template and 20 unique single post template not to mention ten unique page templates.

There are about 30 shortcodes and six color skin and numerous stencils to give an appearance of all the more “you”.

It has a beautiful general settings area called FreshPanel.

There are so many things that the theme provides that you need to check the preview to appreciate it. The link to the preview is given below.

If you just happen to like it, then the download link is also provided. It will cost you $49.

Clubix – Nightlife, Music & Events WordPress Theme

8-Clubix - Nightlife, Music & Events WordPress Theme

Do you want a theme revolving around events, but more specifically nightlife events? Then Clubix is the theme that you wanted this whole time.

It is easily the perfect theme for you and can even go the stretch to become the best theme if the topic of discussion is nightlife events.

The theme has been created by Stylishthemes and is immensely popular and highly rated. It has been in the market since ‘13.

The designers strive to make Clubix the best music, events and artists theme available on the market, and their dedication is clearly visible in their work.

Some features provided include MP3+ Radio player, visual composer, revolution slider (for an extra $15), redux framework, and WooCommerce support, not to mention many great customization options.

Customers are extremely satisfied with the customer support as well as the design quality Clubix bring to the party.

A neat and handy feature is the “auto generated Google maps” for all events and contacts plus the recurring events manager.

A link for the preview is given below along with a download option. Clubix costs $59.

Applause -One-Page Responsive Music & DJ WP Theme

10-Applause -One-Page Responsive Music & DJ WP Theme

Applause is a responsive one-page Bands and Musicians theme and offers perfect organization of all necessary data like events, audios, galleries, and videos.

The theme is built with Bootstrap Framework and uses HTML5 and css3. It also has an audio player which is unique.

Applause has been designed by Metrothemes and has been available on the market since ‘13. It is a highly rated theme among those who love music, such as music bands, musicians, DJs, producers, labels or organizers of events, festivals and so on.

Some notable features of applause are its 360UI music player, unique photo gallery, events management system with Gmap, drag and drop page order, six custom post type and unlimited colors via theme options.

It is also fully responsive and in a one-page layout with minimalistic design.

Customer reviews praise the templates and design quality of the overall theme and its quick and responsive customer service.

If you are interested in the theme, then a download link, as well as a preview link, has been provided below.

The cost of getting “Applause” is $44.

Live! – Music WordPress Theme

11-Live! - Music WordPress Theme

Another music WordPress theme on the list, Live! Is a professional WordPress theme dedicated for musicians.

Created by BrutalDesign, the same People behind Flycase it is a very popular and highly rated WordPress theme. It has been and in the markets since ‘12.

Live! Primarily focuses on providing you with all the features that your band or label might need to represent, promote and sell your work online. Of course, you can use the theme for other purposes. It can also be viewed any display starting from wide screen monitors to small smartphones.

Live! is also compatible with WP Retina 2x plugin, and comes with three preset skins and two layouts, unlimited customization options, custom header black background options, and so on.

Other features included a store, which is ready to sell your music online and WooCommerce inclusion.  There is also an option of multiple playlists, photo gallery, Discography, tour dates, video gallery, etc. not to mention the unlimited sidebar and unlimited widget area.

If you believe Live! Can give your Band the platform it needs then the download link as well as a preview link has been given below.

The cost for going Live! is $59.

Rockit Now – Music Band WordPress Theme

13-Rockit Now - Music Band WordPress Theme

Rockit Now is a music band WordPress theme created by Chimpstudio in ‘12. It mainly focuses on bands and music website.

It has decent sales and is quite average in buyer ratings but a good theme overall and worth a try if you have tried many kinds of music based themes before.

One of the most positives of the theme is easily the fact that it is up and running right out of the box, and it is extremely simple to modify.

Key features of the theme include event management, gallery management, album and track management options. There is also an option to manage the slider and sidebar. The theme options menu is quite powerful plus there is a page builder which is quite handy.

You can check the preview link given below to see if this theme is worth the buy for $49, and if your answer is in the positive then the download link is also right down.

MovieScope – Responsive WordPress Portal Theme

14-MovieScope - Responsive WordPress Portal Theme

MovieScope is a responsive WordPress portal theme as well as an attractive Universal theme. The theme will suit topics starting from movies, music to fashion, photography, cookery, etc.

The theme has been designed by mad_velikorodnov in ‘13, and though it doesn’t have many sales up its name, it is worth a try for the features it provides.

The Theme has a responsive layout with advanced theme options that give you complete customization by a configuration of unlimited parameters, extended typography settings, six custom widget, five post formats, four additional post types, post rating feature, 32 shortcodes, and not to mention 25 PSD files that are included.

If the features impressed you and you want to see it in action click the preview link given below and if you want to buy it then download link also provided below.

MovieScope cost you $44.

MyMagazine – Stylish Portal News Site WordPress

15-MyMagazine - Stylish Portal News Site WordPress

MyMagazine is a stylish portal news site WordPress theme. The theme can be used for media and video games sites as well as news and Technology sites alike.

The theme was designed by Bebel, back in ’10, with content rich websites in mind. MyMagazine is very easy to configure and make running a news portal very simple.

If you like the style of the theme, then you can also use this for a personal blog. There are options to disable the main page, or you can set it up with seven custom premium widgets.

Some other notable features include custom backend, unlimited sidebars, widget ready sidebars, widget ready footers, 22 short quotes, 3 level dropdown menus, a Portfolio page, and social icon integration for user interaction.

The theme is quite cheap at $39 and worth a try if you are a blogger. A download link and a preview link is provided below.

The Producer: Responsive Film Studio WP Theme

16-The Producer Responsive Film Studio WP Theme

The Producer is a responsive film studio WordPress theme. It is mainly focused on websites run by Studios and Production Company.

The entire design revolves around showcasing videos and it features unique “panel” effect when scrolling not to mention the traditional credit roll effect.

It is quite popular and highly rated theme designed by theMOLITOR. It supports cross-browser compatibility and tested by Google developers to be “mobile friendly“.

Customer reviews are mostly positive and applauses the themes for it’s easy to manage / easy to navigate designs, the customer service, and simplicity.

Some notable features of the theme include theme options via WP theme customizer, video options for the homepage, background pattern control, custom full-screen background support, super easy built-in admin panel, and not to mention the free update.

This theme is a must try for any movie buff and will cost you $49.  The download link and a preview link are given below.

Ensconce – Responsive WordPress Video Landing Page

18-Ensconce - Responsive WordPress Video Landing Page

Ensconce is a responsive WordPress video landing page.  It is developed by web factory and has been on the market since ‘13.

Some noteworthy features of Ensconce are its Theme customizer this instance side by side preview, an incredibly versatile front page with numerous options. Other key features include HTML5 video header, filterable portfolio, 50+ theme options, 9 color pickers for unlimited color combinations, AWeber widget, 5 sidebar areas, a sticky menu on the front and inner pages and so on.

There are also integrated MailChimp subscription forms, lightbox gallery, client quotes rotator and numerous shortcodes. It is entirely responsive on all devices and is very easy to customize. It also includes a handy one click demo data import for some additional tweaking.

If the theme has got your curiosity, then go and check it out in the preview link provided below, along with a download link.

The theme will cost you $39.

Coffee Shop – Responsive WP Theme For Restaurant

19-Coffee Shop - Responsive WP Theme For Restaurant

Coffee Shop is another premium responsive WP template for restaurant specifically catered towards cafes and bistros website.

The theme is quite popular and has a rating among users.

Which team has been designed by DanyDuchaine and has been on the market since ‘13. After purchasing the theme, you will also receive 5 PSD files which are all layered and well organized in folders for easier use.

Some noteworthy features include full localization and responsive design. There are also menu custom post, event custom post, staff custom post not to mention custom template for menu events and staff.

Custom widgets for recent news, menu and emails are also available.

You can install the demo content in less than 2 minutes.

If you want to try the theme out, then a download link, preview link has been given below. Coffee Shop will cost you $49.

Bordeaux – Premium Restaurant Theme

20-Bordeaux - Premium Restaurant Theme

Bordeaux is an exquisite and premium restaurant WordPress theme. Design by Orange-theme, its cooking serve the purpose for serving owners of Cafe or restaurant websites.

The theme comes with the easy to use Orange Themes Control Panel, and its pixel-perfect beautiful design makes Bordeaux one of the best restaurant themes in the business.

Bordeaux features some great looking menu card designs with multiple page support and a system for table reservation.

Again everything can be customized very easily due to the valid HTML codes which make the theme practically applicable for blogs or other types of websites as well.

Some noteworthy features include the banner system, unlimited homepage styles, contacts on Google Maps, unlimited sidebar, a separate gallery systems, blogs and widgets, shortcodes and sidebar generator, and the aforementioned reservation system and much more.

All these together make Bordeaux quite a package and if you just happened to like it and want a preview, well we have the link provided just below alongside the download link.

The theme will cost you $59.

Game Over – Responsive Wedding Event Planning

21-Game Over - Responsive Wedding Event Planning

And to end things off the last theme here is Game Over, a responsive wedding event planning theme. Designed by Cosmothemes, Game Over is an elegant and romantic wedding event theme that will present all your precious wedding memories in a timeline view.

.You can use the timeline feature and include in step wise details how some simple coincidences led to two soul mates finding each other. You can also include a “his” or “her” version.

The theme also comes in handy to create the Wedding event scenario so that guests get an idea of your planning, from registration, religious ceremony, photo shoots and dinner.

You can also include your honeymoon destination or at least your thoughts for your honeymoon destination. There are also options for creating a guestbook, photo album and much more.

Other notable features include multiple layouts like timeline view, masonry view, etc. you can also enable comments from Facebook.

There are options for sidebar and widgets. The theme comes with a powerful backend and a tooltip helper and much more.

If you feel like the internet needs to know about your auspicious day, then Game Over is quite a choice.

You can check out its preview in the link given below and if you happen to like it then click the download link(also provided below).

It will only cost you $39.


Currently, there are thousands of entertainers without a passion that are just in it for the money. If you want to get your work out there, you need popularity. There’s an old saying that goes, “the first impression is the last impression”. Most people are not going to bother going through your content if they think your website is distasteful. These WordPress entertainment themes will distinguish you from the rest. All these themes are highly customizable; you have to tweak them to match your style and uniqueness.

After creating your unique platform, it’s just about creating good content, and people will be rushing to your site.

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