3 Great Wireframe Software Tools For 2021

Wireframing is now broadly recognized as an essential step for designers and developers. The right wireframing software can help you hone your vision and earn clients more easily.

What You Need To Look For In Wireframing Tools


Naturally, every wireframing tool should have a strong, intuitive user interface (UI) of its own. Preferably, you shouldn’t have to use software long before you can perform basic functions. If you have to spend a lot of time figuring out new software, this cuts into your productivity and your earning potential. It’s also helpful to use software that has plenty of training support. Multiple tutorials and vibrant user forums are helpful as well

Key Features


No single wireframing tool is going to have every single useful feature you will ever need. However, all worthwhile tools will feature drag and drop element manipulation. Features allowing feedback and collaboration are also quite important. These features allow you to easily expand your design team. The best wireframe software allows you to create an interactive wireframe. This type of clickable prototype allows you to provide shareholders with a more thorough demonstration of your artistic vision. Here are three wireframing tools that best exemplify excellence in this software sector.

1. Omnigraffle

Although Omnigraffle is a relatively new contender in wireframing, it has already earned a good deal of respect. This tool is known for its large collection of templates. With its mouse less editing and keyboard shortcuts, Omnigraffle allows you to put together prototypes fairly quickly. Unfortunately, this software is currently only available for Apple OS.

2. Axure

Axure is known for its remarkable wealth of UI design features. Wireframing is just one of the many features that has earned Axure a large user base. Reportedly, Axure is used by major companies like Amazon, Target and BBC. Because of its depth and opacity, Axure is probably best suited for users with plenty of experience in UI design. `

3. Adobe XD: A Workhorse From A Familiar Brand

A full-fledged UI design tool, Adobe provides extensive wireframing capability. Adobe is one of the oldest and most respected brands in multimedia. For decades, Adobe has been the go-to for multimedia editing in the Windows environment. If you’re a designer, you may already be familiar with at least one Adobe product. XD is fully compatible with the broader Adobe software ecosystem. Conveniently, XD runs on every major operating system. In addition, the full version of XD is available for absolutely free.


Adobe XD users can access a wide variety of support resources and training materials. Adobe XD Ideas is a remarkable source of information for new users. On this site, you can interface with other users who are eager to share their expertise. You can also find general design devices and solutions to your specific UI dilemmas.


Any one of these software tools can start you on the path to more effective, efficient wireframing. If you are still wireframing by hand, you may find that digital wireframing can help you achieve untold new heights of achievement.


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