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User generated content can be highly beneficial if done right. In today’s post will be looking at some of the best content sharing WordPress theme, on the web available today.

Some of the upside at all in any user generated content site is that you can grow much quicker without spending a dollar mainly on paying for articles to be written. Having multiple users/authors that contribute to your site at any given point could be highly beneficial as it includes that social aspect of your site which is much sought after. Buzzfeed, upworthy and 9gag are just a few example of the current websites that does an excellent job of engaging its users to submit content.

Having a purpose-built theme around the idea of user submitted content is highly essential to secure your success in building your social/viral site. The themes mentioned in today’s post are 100% responsive meaning their work on various devices. What makes this thing collection unique and different from the many others we’ve done in the past is that all the themes mentioned below also come with front-end submissions function, which allow users to share their images, videos, links, stories and other content themes. They are also made with navigation and AdSense optimization in mind to ensure for maximum pageviews while increasing your AdSense revenue.

If you’re thinking of creating a video sharing site, food recipes sharing site, image base site or whatever your needs which involve multiple contributors sharing from the front-end of your website in a professional manner then the themes mentioned below are extremely ideal. So without further do let’s have a look at some of the best content sharing WordPress themes available on the market today also don’t forget to bookmark us the future reference as we continuously update our all our collections on our site.

Extra – Powerful Multimedia WordPress Theme

It’s pretty easy to build a content sharing site on WordPress with such a wonderful theme as Extra. You should know that Extra is one of the most popular WordPress themes these days. Actually, this WordPress theme has everything that’s needed to create a great looking and fully functioning content sharing website.

Extra is known for being a completely customizable WordPress theme that provides content sharing site owners with endless possibilities. It will not take you too much time to change colors, fonts as well as sizing and spacing on your content sharing site. Plus, you’ll be able to add custom CSS to your website fast and easy.

And of course, you need to pay a close attention to theme’s key features. It’s worth noting that Extra WordPress theme comes with many great features including a post & page builder, category builder, over 40 content modules and more. Using pre-made layouts as well as category layouts you’ll be able to adjust your site’s layout for any situation.

Extra WordPress theme is designed to make it easy for you to create posts and tell stories on your content sharing site. Obviously, your content sharing site will provide visitors with high level of engagement.

On the other hand, Extra is a fully responsive WordPress theme. That means that people can use any type of mobile, tablet and desktop devices to view your content sharing website.

Another important thing is that Extra is e-Commerce ready WordPress theme. In other words, you’ll find it easy to integrate your site with WooCommerce and other e-commerce solutions.

Above all, Extra WordPress theme is likely to impress you with its elegant design style.

As you can see, using Extra WordPress theme to create a content sharing website has a variety of benefits. It goes without saying that you’ll find it easy to create, control and promote your content sharing site with Extra.

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I Love It! – Content Sharing WordPress Theme

I Love It - Content Sharing WordPress Theme


This theme is one of my all time favorite it as been on the market for some time but it’s author as done a good job in keeping it up with current times. Highlights of this theme are the keyboard shortcut navigation that gives a better user experience while browsing your site. Another useful feature of this theme is the fact that it allows for tooltips that basically give users tips for better browsing experience.

» FULL DETAILS & DOWNLOAD | DEMO is not available

Cube: Front-end Multimedia Publishing WP Theme

Cube Front-end Multimedia Publishing WP Theme

Out of all the templates mention in this collection, this Cube seems to be geared towards a more magazine style site similar to BuzzFeed. A few things worth mentioning about this Cube is that it comes with four homepage style layout so that you can put your stamp on it. This theme also comes with a built-in review system that further support the idea of a more magazine site. So the could be really useful if you run allow guest contribution and don’t want guest authors to see WP dashboard. Cube is also retina ready so that your visitors can now experience your site in a much higher quality.

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Ultrahumor – 4 in 1 WordPress Theme

Ultrahumor – 4 in 1 WordPress Theme


This is an interesting theme with four completely different design/ layout in one install. You get an image and video focus theme with optimizing ad space to help increase your ad revenue. One the I have noticed that I have not noticed any of the other themes on this page implement is not safe for work(NSFW) which this theme as. You also get keyboard navigation for better user experience as with the iLoveit theme. Also, round get theme if you want to start an image, quote or audio site.

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PressGrid – Frontend Publishing & Multimedia Theme

PressGrid Frontend publishing Multimedia Theme

One thing I notice with this template is that it includes built-in SEO meaning you can input meta information shown in search as snippets. I am a fan of the Pinterest style design with the bold colour boxes.

» FULL DETAILS & DOWNLOAD | DEMO is not available


Fast Forward – Faster than Light Content Sharing

Fast Forward - Faster than Light Content Sharing

You can easily create a user content driven site with this theme that comes with live customizer so that you can see the change when editing your site live. Fast Forward come with ajax loading which means your page appear in an animation style effect and gives a slightly faster loading. The on the issue with the ajax load is that if you visitor as javascript turned off the ajax will not load and could have a undesired experience. Users can also login on the frontend of the site, also worth mentioning is that this theme comes with a built in voting system that is really handy for helping you understand your content.


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  • Ben
    Posted at 06:30h, 14 September Reply

    Hi Brian, thanks for the article. Is it possible to create sub-categories for submissions and pages with any of these themes?

    The sort of functionality I need is for there to be different categories for parts of the world, then sub-categories for countries and sub-sub-categories for cities within that country. Ie I need content to be able to be filtered, submitted and displayed at multiple levels.

    I hope that makes sense and if so your theme is exactly what I’m looking for.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Brian H
      Posted at 12:44h, 25 September Reply

      Hi Ben,

      Thank you for stopping by. Have you got an example of a site that does this?
      I ask because a present I can not visualize what you want.

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