7 of the Best Golf Themes to Ace Your Club’s Website 2021

Does your golf club’s website look like the bunkers after amateur day—destroyed or, at best, desperately in need of some tidy-up? If that’s the case, and you’d rather be out in the sunshine sinking your next albatross than wasting time and money talking to a website designer and waiting weeks for a new website that costs you more than your bag of TaylorMades then you’ll definitely love these stunning, ready-to-rock out of the box, low-cost golf-styled WordPress themes.

The bonus is that, if you’ve got a WordPress-based website, most of these themes are so simple to setup, even your caddie could do it before you’ve finished the top 9. You just upload it, activate it, use the one-click setup feature (most of these themes have it) and then add your own logo and text — too easy!

OK, without further ado, here (in no particular order) are some of the most popular WordPress golf themes out there in cyberspace…

N7 | Golf Club, Sports & Events Theme

This golf-focused WordPress theme comes with a bunch of stunning demo layouts and pre-built page layouts to choose from, so (as I mentioned above) you can have an amazing website right out of the box — in just minutes with a few clicks (assuming you already have a WordPress based website of course). Just select your favourite style, import the options and off you go!

As with most of the themes here, it comes with a full list of features (most of which you may not appreciate until you see it in action however!) such as being fully responsive (that means it works really well on any sort of device — be it mobile, tablet or desktop computer), retina-ready (for your Mac-loving members with high-resolution screens), drag-and-drop page builders, hundreds of font options and many other customization options.

PLUS, the theme develops offer online support — so if you get stuck, it’s no problem!

Details, Demo & Download

Golf Club – Sports & Events WordPress Theme

This is a really nice, clean theme for golf clubs and courses. Like N7 above, it’s a real pleasure to view and comes with all the goodies you’d want to impress and assist your prospective members.

This one only has 2 pre-built homepage layouts to choose from, but I think you’ll agree when you see them that it’s more than enough. You could use either layout and be happy with the outcome. Aside from that, it’s got the full feature list and a user-friendly interface to boot.

You might be interested to know that it also comes shop-ready with great looking product pages and credit card checkout. With the addition of the free WooCommerce plugin and an e-commerce payment processing account (like PayPal or Stripe, etc), you can be up and running in no time — selling all of your clubs, balls, clothing and other golf goods directly online.

Details, Demo & Download

Brentwood – Golf Course Theme

World famous? I’m not sure about that, however it is extremely popular nonetheless. This great golf course theme does seem to have it’s own ego, but it’s possibly justifiable because it does look really good and, of course, has all the basic features you’d want. It’s probably much simpler and cleaner than some of the other themes in this list, and that means it can work well for virtually any style of club.

However that may also be its downfall — particularly if your photos aren’t too hot. With 2nd rate photos, this theme would be a bit of a sinker. It also doesn’t offer some of the useful “bells and whistles” that some of the previous golf themes do, so I recommend you make a list of what you want in your site before considering Brentwood.

So if you do opt for this one, make sure it’s got what you need and get professional photos taken to capture your club in the best light.

Details, Demo & Download

Millside – Golf & Sport WordPress theme

The Millside golf course theme has a great animated homepage slider and good general design elements, however this is another one of those themes that doesn’t quite pack a punch of freshness. I think it’s partly to do with the fonts used (although you can probably change that!).

One of it’s great inclusions is a choice between 4 quite different homepage design layouts. It also has some nice photo gallery styles, upcoming events functionality, a membership inquiry form, google maps and e-commerce shop (requires the WooCommerce plugin).

Details, Demo & Download

Monte Vista – Country Club & Golf Course Theme

If your club offers more than just golf, then you might want to check this theme out, as it has a number of unique features that give it flexibility for a variety of purposes such as wedding reception and restaurant bookings. I have to say that it doesn’t seem to have the same freshness about it that the previous two theme designs have but perhaps, for an older audience, this slightly subdued sophistication might still appeal.

Once again, this theme has the ever-popular one-click install feature plus a page builder to create any sort of page you can think of, so you won’t have any trouble getting it to look good and serve your needs.

Golf Club – Golf Course WordPress Theme

Another great WordPress golf theme with a unique, stylish design. The aptly named “Golf Club” theme also offers a long list of useful features. As well as one-click “dummy” (demo layout) installs and virtually infinite customization options, it also boasts booking forms, weather display, e-commerce shop, a user-friendly homepage layout and a really unusual (but great-looking) image slider design.

Tee Up – Elegant Golf WordPress Theme

I have to say, this one is my least favourite WordPress golf club theme and looks pretty “old-school” compared to some of the others in this list, but still worth considering nevertheless—even if just to see how good the other themes in this list are by comparison! LOL

So that’s it! If you run a golf course or country club, or sell any golf equipment like a golf valuables pouch then I’m pretty sure you will have found a theme you love in this list.

*last updated 01/10/2021

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