10+ of the Best WordPress Tech Support & Wiki Themes 2021

With the incredible growth of the number of tech providers over the last few years – each provider responding differently to the latest variation in consumer needs and new technologies available – many customers might face confusion when considering or using each company’s service or products.

This can be a serious issue for emerging companies. They need to keep their style different to make them stand out which might form a hesitation for potential customers switching to their product.

Imagine a tech provider with a promising commodity, which ends up doing bad business just because people can’t understand how to use it. To escape such tragedies many “Tech Support” companies have spurt up.

The sole purpose of their business is to help increase the level of user-friendliness of a product of their client’s.

Though there are many tech support companies all around, most retailers, has resolved to have their in-house “Tech Supports.”

Yes, to deal with all your after sales issues you can hire a tech support company, But if you want to save up and manage them yourself, then that too is possible.

Only one thing you need is a WordPress site and for the rest, we have you covered.

WordPress boasts a large community and has

many beautiful themes bundled with useful features that will give all the flexibility you need to run any site, including a tech support or wiki page.

So here we have for you top 10+ tech support themes and wiki themes for your WordPress site that will help your “tech” company or “tech support” company get a steady foothold in the market.

10+ of the best WordPress tech support and wiki themes for 2021

Flatbase – A responsive Knowledge Base/Wiki Theme

8 flatbaseFlatbase meets the perfect balance between providing customer support and user interaction necessary for a wiki theme.

It is meticulously crafted having a minimalistic design yet remaining colorful and customizable. The theme will give you an all-in-one solution to create your customer support platform. The design language is also exemplary for supporting articles and providing a space for the customer to learn about their products.

Flatbase is a beautiful amalgamation of a Knowledge Base, with bbPRess forums powered by an Ajax based live search feature and many FAQ pages.

Your users can access your Flatbase powered site from any screen they wish and have a seamless experience due to its retina ready display and responsive design.

Customization is handled with the built-in live customiser and a robust options panel  which together will give you the freedom to create unique styles for your theme.

Full Details & Download

KnowHow – A Knowledge Base WordPress Theme

3 knowhowKnowHow is a straightforward and clean theme for your WordPress knowledge based site. The theme will get your knowledge based site ready in mere moments,  plus there is no hassle for a monthly subscription.

The theme is easily navigable by users and accessible from any screen size thanks to its has a responsive design.

With Ajax live search built-in, an FAQ page section your users will find their answers easily and quickly. You also get the leading Yoast SEO plugin to get more yours to your site “easily and swiftly.”

Apart from this, you will get all general features that will help you get your site to help your users. KnowHow isn’t your feature stuffed all purpose theme, but it gets done what it is supposed to do. Furthermore, you get a top notch customer service which is 24*7 available.

So if what you see, is what you what then you can get KnowHow while wearing a blindfold; the theme won’t disappoint.

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QAEngine – Question and Answer WordPress Theme

2 QAengineGet QAEngine and quickly engineer your online knowledge website. It will help you create your Q&A website as well as inspire your community to exchange useful knowledge.

The theme has a very simple design yet attractive and delivers a very user-focused experience.

QAEngine supports secure submission of questions coupled with the quick contribution of answers. Answers can also be voted up to a “best answer.”

There is also a monetization scheme that will be optional for your users. They can opt for a premium subscription where they will be given “pumps”. Pumps will allow them to put a priority on their question hence get more attraction from the community which will get them their answer quickly and correctly.

Options of building a great community driven site to impart knowledge for our products is much realizable with the theme.

Other than this you get useful features like anti-spam security, useful social logins, a powerful member management system and an adequate admin dashboard.

Your users also have authority to report inappropriate content on your site so you can keep it “PG-13” if you so desire.

Supportdesk – A Responsive Helpdesk Theme

1 support deskSupportdesk is a helpdesk solution for your company’s WordPress site. The theme effectively replaces your necessity for hiring a support center and seamlessly acts the perfect support resource for your customers.

You get complete compatibility with bbPress so you can create forums and form a community for your commodities. It will also help in engaging your customers.

Support desk has a built in Ajax live search which when coupled with your products FAQ page your customers will most probably get fast solutions to their problems.

The theme will also make your site readily accessible through devices of any size thanks to its responsive design.

You pretty much get all your basic utilities covered efficiently with the theme. Furthermore, Supportdesk doesn’t merely provide excellent support for your customers, you as its customer will be treated handsomely with 24/7 support system, and detailed documentation for self-support guys.

HelpGuru – A Self-Service Knowledge Base WordPress Theme

4 helpguruWith HelpGuru, you can stop paying tech supports and still manage a happy customer base. The theme is extremely popular and used by many esteemed companies.

Rated as one of the best knowledge base themes for WordPress, HelpGuru is clean, flexible. You will experience no sorts of restriction while using the theme.

The theme is also very customizable, and you can tweak around with no knowledge of coding whatsoever. With easy uploading of custom logos and changing the theme’s accent color, you can mold the site with a very personal touch.

Some other features that come with the theme are article feedback options, drag and drop article/content ordering, article attachment that will help your users download files in your article.

You also get Ajax live search built-in which will be quite handy for your users to find support efficiently.

Overall HelpGuru is well designed and feels premium. If you want to build yourself a knowledge base site, HelpGuru is more than cut out for the job.

InstaAnswer – powerful FAQ theme for WordPress

5 instaanswersInstaAnswer is a clean design, minimalistic FAQ theme for WordPress. It is made by the team at HeroThemes; people who are well reputed as creators of some of the best knowledge base plugins and themes.

With the theme having your back, you can rest assured that all your users will get instant answers to all their queries. You can provide them adequate assistance 24*7 without having to hire as large customer service team.

InstaAnswer will also come with Heroic Knowledge Base, a $129 package, which provides one of the best actionable insights to your knowledge base articles.

Other benefits the theme delivers include lightning fast live search feature powered by Ajax search, a focused design language to navigate customers to answers quickly.

You also get article feedback options to rate them up to a “most helpful” status, and also an article attachment feature which allows users to download files attached within articles.

All-inclusive, the theme is a pretty dominant theme and with the added benefit of the inbuilt Heroic Knowledge Base, you can trust that InstaAnswer can deliver as per your requirements.

Altera – Knowledge Base WordPress Theme

WordPress tech support and wiki themesAltera is a clean and neat WordPress theme but all the while refrains from being dull and colorless.

It boasts an intuitive, flat, minimalistic design language and is highly suited for any help desk, FAQ or wiki site.

The theme comes with a  lot of features ranging from live searching, bbPress integration, shortcodes, and widgets.

For theme management and customization you get the powerful Redux options panel. It is suited for people unfamiliar with coding to developers and will help you manage and modify the theme efficiently.

Some notable features of the theme include support for unlimited layouts, support for RTL languages, WPML compatibility, built-in Font Awesome icons and much more.

Altera is also built on Bootstrap 3 and Ajax thumbnail rebuild. There are also ten customizable widgets, with 15 widgetized areas and built-in social sharing which together will give your users a pleasant and memorable experience.

The theme is a simple way to create your Knowlege base site, and since no pre-hand coding knowledge is required, it is definitely worth a try.

DeskPress – Knowledge Base WordPress Theme

7 deskpressDeskPress is a Knowledgebase theme for WordPress, which is aesthetically more colorful and packs a boat load of useful features.

The company behind DeskPress, ThimPress also uses the theme themselves for their customer supports which just goes to show how much they have confidence in their product.

It is complete package when it comes to providing a knowledge base solution. You get built-in bbPress forums, smart Ajax support, and much more usable features. Every time customers type in questions, a pop-up will show pointing if there are any existing topics related to the question. This reduces the redundancy of your site from having multiple questions addressing similar problems.

The theme is carefully crafted and will lead your users directly to the cause of their arrival- answers for their questions.

DeskPress also provides options to send private replies, provide live suggestions on creating new topics, and allow convenient floating popup reply forms. Don’t worry, these are merely some of the laundry lists of features that you will get with DeskPress.

You also get WooCommerce integration and certain features that will help you monetize your knowledge base site easily.

KnowAll – Knowledge Base Theme

10 knowallKnowAll is yet another knowledge base theme made by the people at HEROTHEMES. Hence, you can reasonably assume how much feature-packed and efficient theme knowAll truly is.

Features like instant answers and always available support will be much appreciated by your customers as they will get an immediate response to their query irrelevant of the time they ask/post.

KnowAll also provides high levels of customizability, and you can easily tweak it to resonate your company’s vibe. You will have options to change logos, accent colors and much more without any knowledge of coding.

The minimalistic, flat design language coupled with its responsive design will make your site look good on any device with any screen size.

You also get an analytics dashboard which will give you additional insight into what your visitors want and hence curate your content accordingly.

Other features include article feedback options for your users, search analytics, article attachments and article/category ordering. You also get handy widgets and useful shortcodes to enhance your customer experience.

Again, given the fact that the team at HEROTHEMES meticulously built the theme, you just can’t go wrong with KnowAll.

Live Support – Help Desk Responsive WordPress Theme

9 live supportAs the name states, Live Support theme is a help desk WordPress theme ideal for helpdesk sites(obviously), live chat, knowledge base sites.

It supports a lot of options and gives you the power to provide quality support resources to your customers.

The theme can also be used on a standard WordPress for blogging and the like.

Live Support theme comes with four homepage styles and multiple flat icons.

Live Support theme gets powered by the Twitter Bootstrap 3.x coupled with some jQuery effects. Other notable features include support for custom widgets, Contact form 7 plugin. Intuitive options panel, carousel slider and most importantly BuddyPress compatibility.

Live Support is a theme that will not weigh in on your pocket and is certainly a bang for the buck.

iKnowledge – Knowledge Base / Wiki WordPress Theme

11 iknowledgeiKnowledge has a fresh, clean and unique design language. It offers the perfect solution for a Knowledge Base WordPress theme with particular attention given towards the content.

The theme has a multitude of features and is highly customizable. With a powerful theme options panel, unlimited colors via WarriorPanel, custom page templates and logo and favicon uploader also available with WarriorPanel, you can modify the theme aesthetics in any way you desire.

Again, iKnowledge is powered by Redux framework which allows simple modifications to color, topography and some other aspects of the theme.

Other notable characters include the inclusion of several shortcodes, localized translations and Contact Form to help your users send messages to you about their issues.

The homepage of the theme is also fully widgetized which gives you full control of the homepage right from the WP widget area.

Overall iKnowledge is a powerful theme considering its budget price and is worth a try.

Ticketrama – WordPress Helpdesk | Ticket | Support

12 teicketramaTicketrama is a WordPress theme which incorporates a ticket system. Ticket systems are conventional means used by many companies to allow their users to send a trouble ticket.

This method of dealing with customer queries and reports is considered by many as a better means of handling customer questions and their issues.

The theme will give you a fully operational ticketing system. Ticketrama can also be used as your wiki, helpdesk site.

The theme is built keeping client satisfaction one of its primary priorities. You also get social media sharing integrated with a professional and modern design language.

Added features include counters that display the total number of registered users, submitted topics and solutions provided.

The theme is also fully responsive thus making it highly accessible.

In short, ticketing systems offer a great means of dealing with your customer issues and problems. If you think ticket systems will be beneficial for your business, then Ticketrama is an excellent option to consider.

TechDesk – Responsive Knowledge Base/FAQ Theme

13 techdeskTechDesk offers a modern and colorful solution for your need for a knowledge base WordPress theme. It has a clean and intuitive design language with which you will have your knowledge base or FAQ site up and running in no time.

The theme is powered by Bootstrap 3 which gives you a smooth, intuitive and capable front-end.

Customization options are also endless with its powerful SMOF Options Panel. You get tons of options to make TechDesk the perfect knowledge base site of your yearning. You also get nine custom widgets, five widgetized areas, five post formats accompanied by unlimited homepage layouts.

You also get your share of generic features like live search, responsive design, retina ready display and so on.

Other noteworthy features include support for RTL languages, Ajax Thumbnail Rebuild, Font Awesome Icons and SEO optimization.

Though last on the list, TechDesk is not a theme to get looked over. It is a powerful and efficient theme which is worth consideration.


WordPress as a  platform is preferred by many ambitious companies as it can provide lots of exposure. The platform also has a great community of users who are very helpful.

So if you are hosting your wiki, knowledge base site on WordPress, then you will get a lot of support while you will be delivering support to your users.

The themes provided in the list are some the best tech support or knowledge base themes available in the market. With these backing you up, there is little chance you can rest assured that you are providing standard and leading company level support to your clients/users.

But if we have missed out on one or two themes that happened to be a great help to you, please share them with us in the comments. We will be glad to know, and you will be helping other users.

*last updated o1/10/2021

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