Best WordPress Themes For Ebook Seller 2021

Ebooks have become incredibly popular in recent years, offering incredible convenience for education and entertainment alike, and because of this many entrepreneurs have been able to find success creating sites to sell nothing but ebooks.

If you want to give it a try, then WordPress (with the WooCommerce plugin to cover the sales element) is a great option for creating a responsive ebook store without spending a lot of money or needing a lot of technical expertise — but your choice of theme will make a huge difference in how motivated your website visitors feel to buy your ebooks.

In this piece, we’re going to look at the best WordPress themes you can find for ebook sellers, and explain what makes them so valuable. Let’s get started.

Book Store

With multiple configurations and drag-and-drop functionality, the Book Store theme for WordPress is a great choice for an ebook store. It also offers a slider view (great for mobile screens), author and biography information sections, and solid translation options for when you want to offer your ebook to varied international audiences.


Using a hybrid page builder system, Landkit lets you easily craft gorgeous landing pages without getting into any code. The visual styling is top-notch and will position your imagery in the most important places. What’s more, the Landkit support team can always be reached through the support forum, so you have help at hand if you need it.


The Bookshelf theme for WordPress has a fantastic style with an extremely simple but attractive presentation that’s perfect for ebooks. Not only will it cut through all the online noise to deliver hugely-compelling sales pitches for your selected items, but it’s also polished for SEO, so it will help you bring in more traffic.


The Cosonix WordPress theme is all about giving you options through its adjustable templates and layouts. Rework an existing configuration, or start from scratch and use its intuitive element-placement system to build your perfect ebook landing page. More than 350 icons are available by default, so you can get very targeted with your bullet-point advantages.


The Book theme for WordPress has a very accurate name, because it perfectly showcases your ebook in the best possible light while pushing the reader to convert. Supporting unlimited color variations, social sharing options and email marketing integrations, this theme would work out superbly for anyone looking to do some heavy marketing.


The Brown theme for WordPress lets you easily import custom themes for additional fine-tuning, and can display one ebook or multiple ebooks at a time, so whether you’re offering a single item or an entire course, you can get things correctly configured with minimal fuss. If you’ve gone to the effort of using design software for your ebook cover to make it look great, Brown will make sure that work doesn’t go to waste — and with regular updates from the creator, it’s a good investment for the future.


My personal favorite from this list, Odrin is a WordPress ebook store theme that looks absolutely spectacular. The effects are delightful, with elements sliding into view as you scroll and books tilting as you hover over them. You can even use the outstanding ebook preview option to provide potential buyers with a glimpse of what’s inside the featured ebook, which is great for reassuring people that the content on offer is worth their while.

These high-quality WordPress themes are all great choices for an ebook store, so pick whichever one looks best to you. I suggest Odrin because it looks so different, but you won’t go wrong with any of these. Good luck with your ebook store!


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