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27 Divi WordPress Theme Examples in Action 2021

We love showcasing the power of groundbreaking themes. Today, it’s time for Divi WordPress theme examples.

I am a fan of Divi WordPress themes and why not?

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The theme is outstanding and can easily make any other theme look small. Elegant Themes released the theme.

Searching for the most prominent WordPress page builder and WordPress template from Elegant Themes? This is the perfect moment to find different types of Divi themes. In this manner, you will be enabled to achieve your desired results.

Separate templates adapt themselves separately to separate scenarios, therefore you may want to find out whether the selection of the product adapts for the niche of the site you are about to develop. To help you decide on the best product, we will discuss different applications of this template for WordPress by industry or niche.

With the release of Divi, the whole WordPress theme development landscape changed and it truly revolutionized the way how themes are developed and marketed.

Divi WordPress theme examples in action

If you wish to work with premium WordPress page builderS and WordPress themes, all you need is to go through various examples of Divi themes for you to choose the one you want.

Divi is a premium WordPress theme, which aims at giving the new WordPress users flexibility and power that they may require for creating their websites without sticking to one code. This theme comes with a perfect visual layout builder and more than 20 pre-made designs. All these themes can fit on any screen size because they are fully responsive.

You should scroll through all the uses of Divi WordPress theme examples, with this you will be able to predict the results.

The main reason Divi really shines is its intuitive and powerful Divi Layout builder. The theme came with more than 20+ pre-made layout with the scope of unlimited customization.

There is a lot to offer for Divi, and it is a nice idea that you visit their official page. Meanwhile, let’s dive deep into the Divi WordPress theme examples.

All the Divi WordPress theme examples.


Top-Notch Divi Theme Examples

Following is our list of the best divi theme examples.

#1. Fern Colab

Divi WordPress theme examples

You should visit this website to see how this WordPress theme is designed to give you good results. Because this is an innovative design agency, they have enough knowledge of designing. With this, they have been able to create a good Divi WordPress theme examples.

The best part is that you can build child themes using the available Divi layouts. Just try out the Divi WordPress theme examples and you will never regret.

In this particular theme, they have used minimalism and space for pushing the results, creating the best Divi example.

The best thing about this template is that you can be able to create child templates using the ready Divi designs.



#2. Timeline Missions


This is what we mean when we say incredible imagery. Immediately you get to their site, this is the first theme you would want to work with. This theme shows what you can attain when working with it. Make a wise decision today by choosing this theme.



#3. Chasing Mumford


As a fan of Sons and Mumford, I always admire this template. However, if you stare at it, you will realize that this is a theme with a perfect design.

Utilizing a dark color-scheme, which operates perfectly with the niche, the website utilizes multiple web design qualities to display this tribute band.

The design is maintained simple, which achieves the desired result of maintaining the concentration on the real band by utilizing things like embedded video, galleries, alongside multiple testimonials.



#4. The Generation


No one can ever compare to Swedes particularly based on minimalistic design. They make a good balance between niche and form that is instantly recognizable.

And it’s because of this reason that one of our top-notch Divi template examples is derived from a Swedish design company.

No words are enough to define the good design, which has been attained by The Generation. Therefore, waste no more time, just rush to their site and see the beauty with your own eyes.



#5. KeyShot


KeyShot is a visual creation tool for animators/designers. The website uses one-page layout. The tool helps to create a fast rendering. The color contrast on the website is great looking and works great for the audience.

This site provides another template for WordPress that utilizes visuals perfectly. Actually, this product utilizes animation software and 3D rendering. Therefore, you should expect them to use stunning visuals to display the abilities of their product.

Apart from the best CTAs as well as testimonials for building trust, this product also utilizes a header slider for displaying its stunning results.

The software marketing design is a good choice for this type of layout.



#6. Bookin Agency


Bookin is a website for a Czech marketing agency. This site makes the best use of the most prominent Divi templates by utilizing a dark color scheme as well as mixing all types of visual media like imagery and video to stunning effect.

Video backgrounds are utilized for introducing the specific page, while the excellent imagery complements the flow of the site and the text. Mainly this product was developed with the application of child templates.



Corporate Divi Template Examples

We are continuing our list by beginning with the most prominent niche of all, and that is the business niche. In the world of business, you won’t have much flexibility to explore and be fancy. Your focus will be on the look, feel professionalism, brand as well as giving the website a professional appearance. Below are some of the examples of such websites, which have utilized Divi themes and have attained good results.



#7. Nomad Capitalist


This business website has utilized corporate Divi designs. Instantly you arrive at this site, you will see how these designs have given it a professional look giving the brand a stunning image. By applying kinds of stuff like testimonials, the site shows that it can be trusted hence providing the users with the assurance that they can relax as there is nothing to be afraid of.


#8. Southern Bankcorp


This site belongs to a small urban bank. This site requires looking as welcoming as possible to its clients while still having a professional appearance.

The bank has managed to attain this through applying many images as well as testimonials from their clients. You will find a shortcut on the menu to the most frequented functions of the site- giving clients the best user experience.



#9. Conversion Lab


This is another perfect example of a business website. The website happens to be a mixture of something that we would anticipate from a personal brand and a web design website, which is its main aim is to build trust – founded on testimonials. It also comes with features like conversion techniques and Calls to Action.



MBS Accountancy


The best part about this instance is that it comes with a perfect mix of professionalism. The pages are created utilizing modern design trends, which instills a sense of trust and professionalism via their testimonials and presence.



#10. Fintech Partner


This is another corporate site that requires showing professionalism. This is a profitable industry that demands trust because of the stiff competition. This industry starts by introducing the advantages someone gets if they decide to work with them via a scrolling text header. If you continue scrolling you will find more information about the company.


eCommerce Divi examples

The main reason why people create sites is for selling their wares and products online. Elegant themes come with all the features that help you to achieve your desired results hassle-free. In case you are in the process of developing your site and you aren’t certain whether WooCommerce is the way to go, it’s wise to do some research first concerning WordPress e-Commerce plugins. Always bear in mind that selecting the appropriate e-commerce platform is the only way to success.

#11. Brewlife.com


Brewlife is a well-furnished business website. The company aims to improve life with some great work and the website showcase their work in a well-structured manner. The website utilizes the power of Divi greatly and offers a well suited one-page business website.


#12. Impulse Eve


Impulse is excellent band website. The website layout focuses on showcasing the work of the band including the image section and video section. Again the website tries to utilize the single one-page layout.


#13. BoxIt


BoxIt is a website related to WordPress indirectly. The service is all about uploading file from Dropbox to WordPress seamlessly. The website utilizes the power of Elegant Themes to showcase what it has to offer.


#14. The Design Space


The Design Space is a place where you can find all your designer price. The website homepage is attractive and is well planned. The website is also localized, and I was shown prices in INR and that’s amazing for sure!


#15. WorldHelp


They are a non-profit organization that works for the welfare of the needful. WorldHelp is such an organization that takes care of the children and other needy people on the planet earth. I really liked how the website design layout is pulled off.


#16. WojtekDesign


WojtekDesign is an amazing design company that used the powers of Divi to showcase their work to the online audience. The website uses a masonry layout with a focus on showcasing their work.


#17. Popistan


Popistan is a blog about..you guessed it right..Pop. The website design is all black. It uses simple blog layout. Images are crisp and well laid out.


#18. GeedieGoddess


GeedieGooddess is a creative website that aims to provide a sugar-free snack. The website cartoonish yet creative design can easily attract any visitor. The order now button is also well placed by the designer of the website. The website uses Divi, but there is some manual coding that went into the website, especially the cartoonish part.


19. DokkonShop


DookonShop is an eCommerce website that aims to sell teak products. The owner of the website resides in Thailand. The website is a single page, and it offers a great visual guide to the audience of the website.

This is a shop based in Thailand for handmade teak products. Because they sell very beautiful products, the site concentrates mainly on the product’s visuals. On their homepage, you will see dedicated areas showing their new products. This is a perfect example of the way e-commerce functions, especially when built utilizing Divi.


#20. Ryan Kelley


Ryan Kelley is a writer and Ryankelly.net is the website that he/she writes on. The website is minimalistic in nature and has great writings to go through for anyone. It is mainly about films, and if you have some love for films, you will love the website.

This website is a perfect example of the Divi theme minimalistic capabilities.


#21. Lens Distortion


Lens Distortions is a website for inspiration from the best LensDistoration users. As I am not a photography fan, I will leave the topic of the website here. But, the design of the website is top-notch and deals with the audience nicely.


#22. Denver Doran


DenverDoran is a portfolio website of a website designer and theme creator. The website aims to tell the visitors about the qualities of the developer/designer and aims to grab project in a structured manner. I loved how the developer used the Divi theme to customize the website according to his requirements.

A perfect example of the portfolio website using Divi.


#23. Xtina Photography


A great website showcasing the work of couple working as a wedding photographer. The website is a photography based website and Divi still doesn’t disappoint us in the photography category.


#24. Studio Amara


Studio Amara is yet another amazing website that focuses on foods. The website is a single page, no down scrolling, only full-screen slider website. I am impressed how the website owner decides to showcase information with only images and nothing else.


#25. WebCeption


WebCeption is a web development company based in Canada. The website is developed using Divi. As you might have guessed it until now, the website is a single page and utilizes the power of Divi.


#26. EngageLive


EngageLive is a great place to be for the budding photographers. The website aims to offers workshops for the photographers so that they can sharpen their skills. The photography aspect really shines through the website. One more thing that differentiates the website from other websites is the fact that it is trying to sell photography courses to the audience. This makes it an eCommerce cum photography website using Divi power.


#27. Digital Strategy Schools


Digital Strategy School is a website that aims to teach the designers from mere freelancers to trusted digital advisors. The website is a long one-page and tries to offer all the information in single place. The website utilizes the one-page feature of Divi neatly.


Wrapping Up

Collecting all the above mentioned Divi WordPress theme examples is a great pleasure for me, and I hope you loved the article as well. If you did, then don’t forget to share it with friend and family!

Also, rate the article five starts so that we continue to write amazing articles for you.

OH! And if you haven’t already, make sure you check out Divi for yourself — it’s one of the world’s top Divi WordPress theme examples, and rightly so! 




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