Easy Ways to Save Time and Money on WordPress Website Maintenance

WordPress is undoubtedly a powerful tool in building websites and managing their content. Its power lies in its versatility to create almost all kinds of websites, from blogging to e-commerce, business, membership, portfolio, forum and event websites, e-learning, and wedding websites. It was strategically designed with flexibility and usability in mind.

But such a handy tool needs to be updated, checked, and continually maintained to carry on its content management task from backend to frontend. And this does not come cheap. So the dilemma now is how to keep it in its optimal capacity economically, both in monetary and time aspects.

This article will find out how to maintain your WordPress website without wasting precious and dollar time while keeping the cost to a minimum.

How To Affordably Maintain Your WordPress Website?

Keeping your WordPress website maintenance costs in the lower range isn’t brought about by any tool or system. It’s actually through the practical and cost-effective day-to-day decisions that have considerable impact.

Assemble a knowledgeable team

It all starts with the people you choose for the job. One way to gauge someone’s ability and knowledge about their craft is to let them talk about it. Let your candidates explain to you what they can do for you. An experienced WordPress technician will not have any trouble explaining his or her work, even when that person isn’t well-versed enough in the craft.

Choose your tools wisely.

Aside from picking the right man for the job, you must be able to know what tools are appropriate for your website. This is where the advice of a WordPress whiz comes in handy. Ensure that you use a WordPress updraft plus coupon to save some money from your plugins and renewals package. Having well-planned protocols for expected failures of your site would save your team time and money to figure out how to resolve it. And having useful tools in their armory would play a great role in this.

WP Reset

WP Reset

One such tool is the great WP Reset, a plugin that takes care of your website and saves you time and money when something goes wrong. For example, I’m sure you have been in a situation when you couldn’t access your WP admin or your website was constantly redirecting. Luckily, WP Reset has a solution for such and similar problems.

WP Reset provides you with several cleaning tools that will rid your website of faulty plugins, bad themes or help you mess up the code. Moreover, its handy feature, Snapshots, will automatically take a snapshot before you make any changes to your website. Then, in case the change wasn’t what you wanted, you can easily revert your website to the time when the snapshot was taken.

The snapshots are stored on the cloud, or you can export them somewhere remotely, such as on Dropbox or Google Drive. If you want to completely start over, remove all the plugins, themes and clean up your database, you can use the Nuclear Reset option. The Nuclear Reset will leave you with a squeaky clean installation.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Next, we have the Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin that will allow you to create a beautiful coming soon page for your website. Creating such a page will save you precious time and money by informing your visitors that something new is coming.

Instead of completely shutting down your website, you can put up a coming soon page and not risk losing users while you are doing the necessary work.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode offers you more than 2 million unique images and over 170 themes you can customize to your liking. Also, you can completely rebrand the plugin to your own brand and change its name, logo, colors, and text.

Another great feature of the plugin is collecting emails, which will save even more time because you will have your email list ready before you even fully publish your website.

Take care of issues properly the first time.

There’s nothing better than eliminating the problem the first time it happens and not just doing a quick fix that would most probably come back again to haunt addition having; in addition, having a WordPress maintenance protocol or SOP makes it easier for your team to do their job and doing it in a proper way without affecting some of your website’s systems as well.

Set up a regular backup for your website

A WordPress backup is your best option to store all the data and files for your website in a secure place. There are abundant backup plugins, free and paid, that you can use to ensure that not all your website’s database is lost in the event of a catastrophic breakdown happens. You can also use the backup options offered by your hosting providers to make storing a lot easier.


Saving on the maintenance of your WordPress website should not be a cumbersome task as long as you make good choices beforehand. As your old doc says, “Prevention is better than cure.”. So make sure your decisions take this into account.

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