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10 Best Free Education WordPress Themes

Here is a compilation of 10 best free education WordPress themes. One by one, you can go through each, and see which one fit in with the requirements. If not, you can always post the requirements in the discussion section below, and I’ll come up with a best matching free theme, if available over the internet.

These free themes I’m recommending here, are still a quality product and can be trusted. You’re still advised to check their reviews, ratings, and support pages to know every bit of detail. It all helps in making a better decision and selecting the perfect theme.

As a webmaster, I usually recommend going with a premium theme and plugin set, which always yield better performance and results. Still, a lot of people have budget issues, taking us towards the free products. Thanks to the awesome developer community of WordPress, we’ve plenty of free products which are still professional in their doing.

Let’s focus on the themes one by one, and see through what all options one have in this special Education niche.

#1 Education Hub

education-hubIt’s one of the most used themes at the official WordPress repository and it has been currently used by more than 10 thousand users. Also, the theme was updated recently, which usually involves fixing bugs and performance issues. What it all mean is that the product we’re seeing at the first position is really professional and can be the best pick. It fits within perfectly with the default WordPress Live Customizer, allowing quick customizations and also has a dedicated Theme Panel, allowing the webmaster to quickly come up with all possible visual and functional changes. The developers behind are also running a support forum to provide some support to the users.

It is perfect for running a school, college, and university websites, as it involves all the required features and functionalities. The design is also set in to match the education niche. It can either be used to create a website for these sub-niches or can also be used to run a fully functional blog. The theme has dedicated features like translation support, featured image support, two column layout with full-width layout option, support for multiple post formats, etc. You should have a look at its demo now!

Full Details & Download | Demo

#2 Academica

academicaAcademica is a free product from the known developer, WPZoom and it has been used by over 9000 users, currently. The theme looks perfect for this specific niche we’re aiming for, involving features like integrated social media, dedicated Menu at the top, dedicated navigation at the left side featuring highlighted sections, and an elegant looking overall design. The design part is responsive to ensure proper compatibility with the smartphones and tablets.

The product also involves active translation, ensuring the content is available in multiple languages and the translation is done automatically. There are few customization options available too but, most of the things are left away from customizing. The developer behind the product is known for its premium products, and Academica is a free offering from the same. They do provide some sort of support for this product too. In short, you’re getting a product from a premium developer. A product which is compatible to work perfectly on the WordPress platform. You should have a look at its demo now!

Full Details & Download | Demo

#3 University

universityUniversity is a fully responsive theme, which holds an elegant looking design for the homepage. The design is its prime attraction and you shouldn’t miss checking its demo. It comes with a full-width front-page slider, which can take both images and posts to the slider and showcase the highlighted content. It has a unique looking header area where a custom logo can be uploaded to deliver a custom look. The header area is followed by a dedicated Menu, customizable to add navigation links.

The background, color schemes, and Menu areas are customizable and the layout is kept fluid to keep the website compatible with smartphones and tablets. It can support up to four columns which make it count among very few themes. The theme holds integrated social media buttons and also has dedicated sections for sharing featured posts. It’s been currently used by over 5,000 users.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#4 Benevolent

benevolentIt’s a newly launched theme for this specific niche and it should be your pick if you’re looking for a lightweight product. The theme is SEO optimized to ensure that the content ranks on better SERP pages. It involves a design standard which looks totally premium and you’ll be surprised to see that the theme is available without any price tag. The layout is clean and fluid, ensuring the responsive feature is inside the package. It makes sure that the website is compatible with the smartphones and tablets, and everything works perfectly. This feature is crucial as most of the internet users are accessible web via smartphones and tablets.

It has dedicated CTA areas, client section, community section, stats section, and also banner areas. The theme also has dedicated social media integrations, saving the webmaster from relying on any other third-party plugin. The code behind is clean and validated. In fact, the developer has released properly documentation and even run a dedicated support forum. In short, the theme is perfect for running a landing page for any institute under the education niche.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#5 School

schoolWith over 1000s of active installs, School theme by alexitsios developer is one of the best picks for our niche. It is lightweight in nature and uses a clean looking design, keeping things to the minimal level. There are a few customization options packed inside, available for background, header, and Menu areas. The content is ready for active translation thanks to the built-in feature. The layout offered inside fits in with two or three columns, as per your requirements.

The theme can be used to create a landing page for a school or any other education institute. But, it can even be used to create and fully manage a dedicated blog, thanks to the built-in features like right sidebar, sticky post, and featured images. The layout is also kept responsive to support smartphones and tablets. There is also a dedicated Options Panel at the Dashboard. In short, it’s a decent package which you should check once to see how it works in real.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#6 Kindergarten

kindergartenOur next theme goes with its name. Yes, it’s a perfect product for creating a dedicated website of school or education institute related to kids or juniors. Considering the kindergarten approach, this theme has related design with dedicated elements to deliver a perfect match. The homepage features JavaScript powered slideshow, showcasing the best pictures from the institution. There is also a built-in Menu, where you can simply put in the navigation elements and it will be ready to work.

The theme holds a dedicated Options Panel at the Dashboard, allowing the webmaster to quickly make visual and functional changes, without writing a single code. It also has features like translation, responsive layout to support smartphones and tablets, sticky post to fix a post or page, and two columns layout. It has managed to get 4,000+ active installs. So, you should check out how it looks.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#7 Maisha Lite

maisha-liteThis particular theme comes in two versions, free and paid. I’m talking about the free version here, which is still considerable after looking at the feature set it packs inside. It can be used to create a website for any educational niche but the best use will be if you use it to create a website for some documentary or social cause work. It fits perfectly with these specific niches as the graphics and layout are designed in that way.

The theme is responsive to ensure proper compatibility with smartphones and tablets, rather than just being available on desktops and laptops. It fits perfectly in the modern themes, because of the graphics it packs. The package also includes features like RTL language support, sticky post, custom menu, editor style blog layout, footer widgets, threaded comments, and News ready layout to run a blog.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#8 fKidd

fkiddAre you looking for a multipurpose theme which fits in with every requirement under our education topic? fKidd is one such free offering, available at the official WordPress repository and it will do everything you require it to. The theme comes with a standard blog layout but can also be used to run a standard website. It has few customization options under the belt which makes it all possible.

The package is Search Engine optimized, and is ready to work with the WordPress’s Live Customizer, allowing the webmaster to quickly make visual changes. It is compatible with smartphones and tablets, thanks to the responsive layout and is equally compatible with all known and old internet browsers, including Internet Explorer. It also packs translation facility by default, ensuring the content is available for global standards. The social media integration is also available inside, saving the webmaster from adding any third-party plugin.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#9 College

collegeThis theme goes just like with its name. It’s a perfect theme (keeping the features you can get without paying anything in focus) to develop and run a website or even a blog of a college or related educational institutes. It is built using the Bootstrap framework, which adds a modern layout to the front-side while keeping the base strong and secure. It also helps the theme to deliver impressive performance results. The layout it supports is two, one with full-width and other with sidebars.

It comes with Live Customizer support, multiple customization options at the homepage, Shortcode support, sliders, and support for the active and quick translation. The layout is kept responsive to support mobile devices and tablets and ensure the proper experience is delivered to the users coming from those devices. It can also be used to run a proper blog, as it features Editor Style layout.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#10 Educate

educateEducate is my final recommendation which isn’t a popular product but it deserves the chance. With the right exposure, I can assure you that it will be among the most used themes in this niche. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and have a look at its Demo. Coming at the features, it comes with a dedicated Options Panel, which is rare among free products. It helps the webmaster to make visual and functional changes without changing the code. So, it’s a good theme for the beginners.

SEO friendliness is kept at the base to ensure the content ranks well on SERPs. The responsive layout ensures the website fits perfectly on mobile and tablets. It does come with some customization options too and also supports active translation.

Full Details & Download | Demo


Education niche is becoming trendy day-by-day with more institutions joining the internet profile. With these free themes, you can start a website for your school or college or university institution and give it a modern internet-savvy touch.

I hope these free themes I added above, are good enough to meet the initial requirements at your end. But, to include pro features and functionalities, you definitely have to look at some premium education WordPress themes too. These were the free ones!


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