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When was the last time you’ve tested anything new? Something like a weird food, a new sport, or even another market to do your groceries. I know that habits are hard to beat, but there are great things beyond, expecting you. A good example is a blog template that I recently discovered that made me challenge myself and everything I knew about WordPress themes dedicated to blog, news and magazine websites. The name is ionMag, and as it suggests, this template is electric!

After playing with the ionMag Premium News Theme for a while, I realized why my previous experiences were more like “okayish” instead of “Wow.” This theme has everything from design to functionality and flexibility. Sure, it’s designed as a news theme, but it’s so versatile that you could build anything you have in mind.

So, let’s take a closer look at ionMag

For me, these are the defining key tools of a good news theme:

  • Modern design
  • Responsive layout
  • Pre-built demos
  • Flexibility
  • Social network integration tools
  • WPML compatibility
  • Advertising system

How many of these can one theme have? … How about all of them?

Theme Demo

ionMag comes with 16 pre-made layouts that can be imported and installed with one single click. Just like me, one day you might find yourself late on a deadline for delivering a website. In any of those days when each minute counts, ionMag is a life saver. You can choose one of the predefined demos, have a quick preview, click the Install button, and you’re ready to go. The theme templates automatically bring you a header, a whole page structure with content blocks, widgets, and everything you would need for a fresh website. Making changes on your pages is a fast and easy task, as you have a custom live page builder to help you do it – the tagDiv Composer – designed exclusively for news websites, enhanced with a drag and drop functionality.

This powerful tool efficiency is remarkable. I’ve simply fallen in love with it. Since it works directly on the frontend of your website, every change you make is visible in real time, instantly, and you can play with it in the most unexpected ways. Drag, drop, and edit any element, and change the entire page architecture in just a few seconds. I’ve customized every block, section, row, without adding a single line of code just by using the mouse click and the options from the tagDiv Composer interface.

Did you ever have a feeling that something is wrong in the page design, but you can’t pinpoint the problem?

Well, it’s not the case! I’ve tested the ionMag WordPress theme and enjoyed changing my website’s design. With this template, the header section can look differently if you display a full width image, a video, a big grid like a hero scene, or add interesting widgets.

To populate pages with the desired content, ionMag brings you modules, blocks, and filters to help you make the website more attractive. Moreover, your posts could be sorted by popularity, category, 7 days assortment, or just randomly.

tagDiv Composer page builder

Posts represent such an important part of a blogger’s design effort. ionMag WordPress theme offers 18 templates to display your content in an engaging way. It also allows you to use a picture or a video to feature the post. Using this template, you can display an image’ caption while you elegantly show it using a slick lightbox. Second, in ionMag, you have many formatting tools to adjust the content, and you can create a photo gallery in every post, suggest related articles by category or tag, and display the article sharing options in different areas of your post. Let your visitors engage with your stories and share them on their social media!

We all know how difficult can be to put something together when all the pieces are scattered around. With ionMag, you don’t have to worry since it comes with a neatly organized Theme Options Panel that contains all the site’s elements you can personalize globally. Start from the top and go to the bottom while changing options for header, Ads, layout, blocks, background, typography, social networks, footer, and more. There are also features like the breadcrumbs, smart sidebars, and support for video posts (YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion). I’m sure you’ll be delighted to find out that with ionMag you can even analyze the data on your website.

How many of you are curious to find out the latest news? We love to find out the ‘hottest’ 10 things about a particular thing. The ‘most’ popular articles on a subject. The ‘easiest’ way to do something you want. To satisfy your visitor’s desire, ionMag brings the ‘Smart Lists,’ an easy way to create and publish content while providing your audience with an engaging way to interact with your website.

Website monetization. A piece of cake!

Ad System

The ionMag template eases the monetization process on your website and offers some of the best advertising options. It is AdSense ready and allows you to insert ad codes into different areas of the site like header, sidebar, footer, and in other custom places. While you’re guiding visitors to compelling content, browsing your website from a smartphone or tablet, the system automatically modifies the ad size so that the user experience will be the same.

I’ve made a list of the most important features for you:

  • Responsive and retina ready layout
  • A custom page builder for the frontend
  • No coding skills needed
  • 16 different pre-made theme demos
  • Built-in Translation panel
  • Header & Footer beautiful styles
  • 15 post templates
  • 20 different Ad Spots
  • 19 Big Grids
  • 20 Modules
  • 30 Blocks
  • A list of custom widgets
  • 10 layouts for your Social Counter widget
  • Extensive documentation
  • Dedicated support team
  • WPML compatible
  • SEO optimized
Premium Plugins

It’s also compatible with popular plugins such as bbPress Forum, WooCommerce, BuddyPress and Yoast SEO.

With these options, you can focus on the content you write and produce for your audience, not on the technicalities of your website administration. This user-friendly theme is your choice for a great news, blog, travel, tech, fashion or another website.

Like to find out more? Check it out for yourself here.

Now is your turn! Did you have any experiences you would like to share with us? I’m sure you all have a story to tell, so let us enjoy your blogging adventures.

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