10+ Most Popular Preschool WordPress Themes 2021

Creating amazing, thoughtfully designed websites for a kindergarten (or preschool as most call  it) can be challenging. That’s why we’ve trawled through hundreds of WordPress themes created for this exact purpose, and found the most popular options on the planet!

These are all preschool WordPress themes that hundreds of other kindergartens around the world have chosen and customized for their unique purposes, so they must be okay, right?! Plus, we’ve hand picked the very best designs, just to make sure you’d be incredibly happy with the result, no matter which of these themes you choose.

The other thing we’ve done to make sure these are top quality themes for preschools, is check under the hood. The last thing you want is to purchase a premium theme and then find out it doesn’t tick all the boxes, let alone future-proof your website. So I can confirm that all of these are responsive (that means they “respond” to the size of the viewing screen—work really well and still look great on mobile phones and tablets—pretty much any device you want to view the website on), they’re well-documented (so if you get stuck you can get answers easily) and they’re built with the latest, lightweight code that should (fingers crossed!) still work just fine well into the future (so you’re not having to fork out precious cash every 2 years when something changes!).

Most of these themes also have a great range of options, so they’re super flexible to be customized however you want them to suit your preschool’s own unique style.

But that’s enough yabba-dabba-do from me, let’s get on with the list!

Enfant: a premium theme for upmarket preschools & primary schools

This new, pixel-perfect theme comes complete with demo content (30+ pre-designed page layouts!) so with a few clicks you can make your site look just like the demo, then customise from there — making the whole process incredibly painless and super-fast.

Enfant also offers a number of great features, such as an eCommerce shop (with WooCommerce plugin), a great looking visual slider for your homepage, “retina-ready” image display (for high-definition screens), contact forms, event management, google maps and more!

It’s pretty damn impressive actually. But check it out for yourself — it’s a relatively “serious” looking theme best-suited to “upmarket” preschools and kindergartens, so maybe it’s not quite your style and you’d prefer something more fun (don’t worry, we’ve got plenty more in the list below!).

Details, Demo & Download

Kindergarten: a minimalist WordPress theme for preschools

If you want to keep things really clean and simple, or maybe your kindergarten style is very minimalist, then this might be the theme for you. Sure it has all the features you’d want, but personally I find this sort of design too generic — you could replace the preschool themed photos and words with something else entirely and it wouldn’t seem out of place. Maybe that’s a good thing for the sake of flexibility, but I’d definitely prefer something with a little more style and personality.

Also I’m a parent and, looking at this site, I would feel like my kids education was going to be pretty boring! So I’d only give this WordPress theme 5/10 stars … at best!

Details, Demo & Download

Fable: a clean & simple education theme

Again, there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with this preschool-focused theme, but it just doesn’t engage me personally. For a more conservative person (or preschool) I think this might be worth considering however, as it’s subdued style is strangely comforting — it gives a feeling like the kids might enjoy a nice, quiet atmosphere of relaxed play and education perhaps.

Details, Demo & Download

Kindergarten WordPress Theme: a flexible theme for most types of young children’s schools

There’s not too much to say about this aptly-named, kindergarten-focused WordPress theme, except it has everything you’d want. Design-wise it’s not nearly as creative or interesting as the previous Kids Play theme, but it’s definitely a contender for one of the top 3 choices in this list due to it’s extensive features list and flexible, modern style.

I’d suggest that if your educational facility extends to primary school, or if your preschool’s focus is more “academic” and less creatively-focused, then this could be a great option. Not quite as “upmarket” or new as the Enfant theme, but a good all-rounder for sure.

Details, Demo & Download

Smarty: flexible theme for kindergartens, elementary schools & beyond

Much like the previous theme, this is a great all-rounder. However does tend to feel a little “generic” at times. Worth considering nonetheless. I do really like the color schemes and clean design.

Details, Demo & Download

Cupid: an adorable kinder-focused WordPress theme

I love the color schemes and clear, bold design of this theme. As far as flexible all-rounders go, this is probably my top choice. It also has a great range of one-click install design layouts, so right out of the box you can have an awesome looking website for your preschool.

Admittedly, half of this theme’s charm is the backgrounds and images used (like this cute, professional photo in the screenshot above), so I’d recommend you mostly stick with what you get out of the box (and just change the words, if you want to)—otherwise, you’ll need to fork out a bunch of cash for professional photos to make it look as good. Obviously in the photo gallery you’ll want to put your own, authentic preschool snaps, but for the main slider and some other sections of the homepage, you’d be best to use the default images.

Details, Demo & Download

Kids: an appealing WP theme for daycare centers & kindergartens

This WordPress theme will definitely appeal to some daycare centers and kindergartens. It has some nice design features to make it look relatively unique. Check it out.

Details, Demo & Download

Kiddie: a simple theme suited to kindergartens & nurseries

I’m not really into the typography (font styles) with this one, but it’s another good all-rounder for preschools, so worth a quick review.

Details, Demo & Download

Kidzy: a fun, responsive kindergarten theme

Kidzy is fun. It’s not really my cup of tea (particularly the fonts used), but if you want to portray “fun” then this theme would be worth considering for your kindergarten. Again, this is one of those themes where you’d want to stick with the images supplied for the main homepage banner/slider feature — unless you are willing to pay a creative graphic designer to create something equally as striking.

Details, Demo & Download

Kids Club: a great theme for sports clubs, active outdoor preschools & kids camps

This WordPress theme is a little different from the rest in this list. It’s less focused on preschools and more focused on junior “clubs” and activity-focused organisations like camps, etc. If that’s you, then definitely check it out!

Details, Demo & Download

Child Care: an energetic daycare or kindergarten WP theme

I love the unique, high-energy vibe of this theme. If you’re after an exciting, engaging website for your childcare or preschool educational facility, then this might be the best choice.

Details, Demo & Download

Kindergarten: a light, bright theme for small preschools

OK, I’ll admit, I don’t like this particular theme at all. It seems like the design is almost purposed for the preschoolers themselves, not the preschool or parents. I doubt it would appeal to any “big city folk” at all. But it’s a matter of taste of course, so I thought I’d throw it in the mix in case it appeals to you. I’d recommend considering this theme if you have a small, family-run, boutique childcare or kindergarten facility.

Kidix: a fun, colorful & flexible kindergarten theme

This colorful theme has some really nice design elements and functional features that would suit many types of preschool I imagine. I really liked the big homepage banners and particularly the “classes” feature. But it’s hard to explain, so I recommend you check out the demo and see for yourself whether it might work well for your preschool business model.

Kids Play: a unique, creative & engaging theme for preschools

First word out of my mouth when I saw this theme in action was “Wow!”. The super creative, animated homepage slider is awesome! However, it’d be hard to recreate on your own, so thankfully it has a “demo content install” feature so you can make your site look just like the demo, right out of the box. All you’d need to do is change the text and it’d be good-to-go!

It’s not just the slider either — there are other animations and creative design elements that make it easy to see why this WordPress theme is so popular. Definitely worth considering for your preschool; especially if you pride yourself on helping kids reach their potential in a unique, creative environment.

Kinder: a high-quality WordPress theme for preschools & primary schools

Kinder is definitely a theme created by a professional design and development team. It’s also pretty light-weight—offering fast load-times— which is good for user experience and search engine optimization.

It has a strong sense of quality about it and would probably suit most preschools. Take a look.

Well, there’s the roundup! It’s been fun reviewing such a broad variety of colorful WordPress themes like this. I’m sure you’ll find something perfect for your preschool. If not, let me know in the comments below and I’ll see if I can help you find something that better suits your needs.

*last updated 01/10/2021

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