20+ Superb Looking Free WordPress Themes

Unlike five-six years ago, finding a good looking theme for free is totally possible. There are many new developed coming to the WordPress realm, offering their services for free, at least, the basic ones. Here is a compilation of 20+ superb looking free WordPress themes.

This compilation is going to showcase the Free WordPress themes in their preview, along with certain details to give you an abstract idea of the product, followed by links to know more details and check its demo. Let’s begin with the Free WordPress themes one by one. Our first theme is the best free affiliate WordPress theme by Flytonic.

#1 WP Sports Theme

WP Sports themeThe very first theme is minimal and comes with a gorgeous UI. It is lightweight and has very few features to stay that way. The few feature it includes are threaded comments, two column layouts, featured images, customization logo, header, and Menu, and translation support. The layout is responsive and it is perfect for running a personal blog.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#2 Novellaw

novellawIt is a One-Page theme which comes with responsive layout and is totally compatible with the WordPress’s Live Customizer. It can be used to run a blog as it possesses two sidebar and four footer areas. It works with WooCommerce and includes pricing, recent post, team, and contact us pages. The one-page layout is perfect for running a photography specific website while the scrolling section is featured with a Drag & Drop controller. Also, it is one of the Free WordPress themes which should be used with this theme.


Full Details & Download | Demo

#3 Styled Store

styled-storeThis one is a brand new product which is perfect for running an e-commerce shop. It is compatible with WooCommerce and related plugins and extensions. It has very few features in order to stay lightweight but the UI of the homepage is gorgeous enough to keep users addicted. It has navigation, translation, right-left sidebar, custom menu, custom logo, threaded comments and featured image header like features which are all basic and required. You shouldn’t miss checking its demo.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#4 Dream Spa

dream-spaDream Spa is another one of the Free WordPress themes which is a Child theme for Spasalon Parent theme. It comes with a slider and the homepage is crafted. The design is pixel perfect, and the layout is responsive to ensure proper performance of everything on mobile devices. Others include tablet and laptop. It is one of the Free WordPress themes designed to suit Spa related businesses. But it can be used in other related businesses as well. It includes dedicated pages for Service and Portfolio. Others include Gallery, Features, Contact and same theme can be used for running a functional blog.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#5 Great by MyThemeShop

great-by-mythemeshopOne of the best Free WordPress themes by MyThemeShop was a brand-new entry in 2018 and it’s a good product to look at. It packs all the features offered by the developers including the Options Panel at the base. The design is minimal and of magazine style which makes it modern and impressive to look at. The color schemes offered are easy to change and the overall layout is kept responsive. It supports all common features like SEO optimized and translation ready. And Ad Management tools, Google Fonts, one-click installation, and custom widgets. Others include social media integration and multiple options to change the overall look and feel. In spite of including all these features, the Free WordPress themes stays lightweight ensuring a top-notch performance. This is a crucial ranking factor these days. The unique part is that you can expect some sort of support from the developer even with this free product.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#6 TheNotes Lite

thenotes-liteIt is a wedding niche theme but it can be used to run a blog on any niche. The color schemes and the overall layout seems to be targeting the wedding niche. It comes with a bunch of customisations like allowing the webmaster to choose custom background, header, colors, and Menu. It also has Editor Style layout with featured image, sticky post, and right sidebar. It includes threaded comments to support the discussion. To ensure the content is global standard ready, active translation is also included in the package.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#7 digitale Pracht

digitale-prachtWhen a story needs to be told, then typography plays an important role and the overall layout of the website should be in such a way that the design is less cluttered. These are the features which you will find in digitale Pracht theme. It is a one column theme which is loaded with features like translation support, threaded comments, Options Panel, featured image, and options to customize the color scheme and header area. It includes Microformats which is an important feature for blogs. It is lightweight and the primary focus of the design is to increase the readership score. It follows the minimal design rules and it is compatible to function with all known Free WordPress themes.


Full Details & Download | Demo

#8 Purus

purusAnother minimal theme which primarily focuses on increasing the readability score and it does achieve that easily. The layout is super sleek and elegant and the package includes additional features like translation, threaded comments, Options panel, sticky post, and the common customization tools. It is best suited to run a personal blog where the primary focus is on the story. Yes, the content!

Full Details & Download | Demo

#9 DualShock by MyThemeShop

dualshockDualShock is another one of the Free WordPress themes and modern product from MyThemeShop. This is available for free and it works for running a magazine or a blog. It is free to use, as there is no Pro version of this theme, yet. It packs all the common features offered by this known developer. It entails other special features like custom widgets, translation ready, modern design using HTML5 and CSS3 combination. And a unique layout which is not that commonly seen. It is optimized for search engine rules and the layout is responsive to ensure better SEO score. It is optimized for performance which is becoming a crucial ranking factor these days. It can be used on any number of domains and the developer also offer support.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#10 Mino

minoMino is a clean and simple looking theme which is perfect for running either a fully functional blog or an e-commerce itself. The e-commerce part is handled by the WooCommerce itself, bringing support for its extensions and related plugins. The design and layout is responsive to ensure dedicated support for mobile devices. It also supports the default WordPress Live Customizer allowing the webmaster to change color scheme, Menu, header, and background. A dedicated Options Panel is also added at the Dashboard side where bunch of options are available to make the possible functional and visual changes. The theme is optimized for SEO and performance norms and it is also translation ready.

Full Details & Download is not available | Demo

#11 Onefold

onefoldIt is a business ready theme which can be used to create a website for any creative agency or a portfolio for a freelancer. It comes with a superb looking layout at the homepage and has dedicated support for running a fully functional blog with the supported features like threaded comment, two column layout, left and right sidebar, footer area, featured images, and active translation. The customization options are also supported allowing the webmaster to change color scheme, logo, Menu and Header areas. The responsive layout and SEO compatibility make sure that it ranks at better SERP positions.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#12 Medplus

medplusAs you can judge from the name itself, Medplus is a free theme which is perfect for running a medical or hospital related websites. It can be used to create a blog or website for niches like clinic, pharmacy, dental, wellness, spa, orthopaedics, and many more. It is compatible to work with WooCommerce, allowing the webmaster to sell either digital or physical products. It is also compatible with popular plugins like NextGen Gallery, Contact Form 7 and many more. Social media integration is present by default and it can also run a fully functional blog.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#13 Ocin Lite

ocin-liteIt is a fully functional e-commerce theme which comes with a super good looking user interface. The UI is completely modern and clean which maintains a top-notch user experience. The layout is responsive and is designed specifically to fit the mobile devices. It supports active translation and also RTL languages which makes the content available at global market. Other than the e-commerce functionalities, the theme can also be used to run a fully functional blog. It even has Sticky Post facility along with two columns sidebar.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#14 Modern Decode

modern-decodeIf you are looking to create a website to showcase the work portfolio then Modern Decode should be your pick. It focuses on the content and thanks to the super-rich typography. The experience offered is top-notch. The design part is minimal to ensure lightweight size and high-end performance scorecard. Social media integration is taken care of design is the primary attraction here. You shouldn’t miss checking its Demo. It is a Child theme for the Decode named Parent theme.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#15 Renard

renardIt is a blog oriented theme which comes with lightweight visual elements and a minimal layout. The homepage features a full-width slider which can be used to showcase the highlighted posts. It supports multiple post formats and is also translation ready.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#16 Interior Lite

interior-liteIt is a multipurpose theme which fits for the Interior Designing niche. The layout is flexible, making the theme perfect for both a blog. Or a normal website to fit the website or a creative agency. It can even be used to run a food specific website as it holds specific features for handling recipes. And related post types. It has dedicated support for NextGen Gallery and WooCommerce plugins and their extensions. It packs Options Panel at the Dashboard which allows the webmaster to make a possible visual as well as functional change.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#17 Rock Star

rock-starAs you can judge from the name itself, it is a perfect free theme for running a music or artist related website. It can even be used to promote events or music concerts. It is build using HTML5 and CSS3 to ensure the modern aesthetics with super high-end graphics. Additional features like translation ready, and social media integration. Others sticky post, threaded comments, left sidebar, and front page posting. And editor style, custom header, custom background, etc., are all present in the package.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#18 Wanderlust

wanderlustWanderlust is a free travel specific theme which can be used to create either a sponsored or a personal travel niche blog, sharing pictures and experiences. It supports multiple post formats and uses a full-width layout. Social media integration is also included along with a full-width slider.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#19 Photomania

photomaniaIt is a photo specific theme which can be used to showcase the best pictures one has captured. The product has all related features like Album, full-screen image viewer, and few more. It works perfectly with other WordPress plugins. It can also be used to share related stories as a fully functional blog is also present.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#20 Snowbird

snowbirdLove storytelling? Snowbird is a free theme that is perfect for this specific niche. It has beautiful typography and being a modern theme, it comes with a brand new look and holds all features which are required for a blog. It supports SEO norms and translation too.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#21 Photolog

photologIt is a unique looking photo sharing theme that can be used by travellers for sharing their pictures and related stories. The layout is Editor style which further increases the overall look and trust among the stories being shared. You should check out its Demo to see how unique it looks.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#22 Screenr

Free WordPress ThemesFinally, this is one of the best pick from my side. The theme is best suited for creating business or freelancer’s profile and portfolio where the work and service details can be shared. The theme is built using the all new Bootstrap 4 framework which adds solid base and modern features to the product.

Full Details & Download | Demo

Wrapping Up the List of Free WordPress Themes

Do let us know which particular theme you’ve finalised. If you need help in picking an exact match, then share the requirements in the discussion section below. Don’t forget to share the compilation with all your blogger or webmaster friends. It will be helpful for them, right?

So, now that you have checked through our list of the best Free WordPress themes, Feel free to leave us a comment on the one that you have chosen. Thanks!



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