Top WordPress Podcast Themes For Digital Business Owners 2021

Starting with a Podcast Website? And have no idea where to find the top WordPress Podcast Themes? Today, we will go through the Top WordPress Podcast themes that will help the Digital business owners to quicky setup their website and start earning revenue by sharing some amazing and crazy music and videos.

The internet is a place of information sharing and almost everyone on the internet is looking for information or solution to a problem. And, if you trying to plunge in the Podcast sharing business, there are plenty of opportunities left. SoundCloud, for example, is one of the best podcast website that has millions of users.

Before wasting any more time, lets gets started with the list. WordPress Podcast Themes fastens the process and saves you a lot of time. The Podcast Themes have special inbuilt feature that improves conversion rates, reduces bounce rate and more.

1. Pintercast Theme

Love Pinterest and Podcast? Then, you are in luck. This sleek WordPress website from Appendipity creates a perfect mixture of both the concepts and come up with a unique combo of amazing podcasting website. The theme has amazing Pinterest style parts that act as a single podcast.

The design is clean and focuses on typography and other audio capabilities. With a complete responsive design, the theme can work on any device size. The theme comes with support for all native audio

The themes from Appendipity, who only creates podcast related themes is based on one of the most popular WordPress framework, the Genesis. Usage of Genesis framework provides a lot of stability to the theme. Genesis theme also means that the theme is completely SEO optimized and load blazing fast. The theme admin panel provides all the necessary options to customize the website.

2. Podcaster WordPress Theme

Podcaster is one of the popular podcast themes in the WordPress marketplace. It is a sheer mixture of elegance, design and other form factors that make it the top Podcast WordPress Theme out there.

The most important feature of the theme is its styling design. Fonts are large and typography is excellent. And of course it supports all the major audio and video formats in embedded form. With the help of the theme, you can easily manage your podcast or screencast.

The theme comes in two major flavors, the dark and the light theme. The theme also supports parallax scrolling. Other important theme features are sticky header, color palettes, posts and pages support and more.

3. Dunamis – Modern Church Theme

The Dunamis Theme is not exactly a podcast theme but can be utilized as one without any problem. The theme is made for the church purpose with inbuilt options for music and video formats.

The theme can be easily transformed into one of the finest WordPress podcast websites that supports events. The theme design is pleasing and elegant with full-width design layout.

The theme is also completely responsive and has a drag and drop interface. This means not spending much time on making the website live. In case you are wondering whether the drag and drop builder can help a non-coder to create an amazing website, the answer is Yes!

4. PlayCast Pro Theme

Another great theme from the Appendipity. They just don’t go, do they? Appendipity is all about podcast theme and I am not surprised another theme from their collection.

According to the publisher, the theme is the most versatile podcast theme available in the market. It supports all the audio and video format with even SoundCloud files can be embedded in the theme.

The theme design is amazing, offering tons of options such as color highlights, font choice and more. As the theme is built upon the genesis framework, it offers all the features of the great framework, such as SEO, website load speed and more.

5. GoAhead

GoAhead is a simplest approach to the podcast genre. It is light and focuses more on the content rather than the bling-bling effect. The theme is also one of the cheapest options for digital business owners.

The theme also fits in the blogging genre and have great typography. With minimalistic approach, the content always flourish and gives the visitors the right treatment in both music and video format. The theme supports all the popular audio and video format.

6. SoundCast Theme

Love SoundCloud and want a clone? Then, SoundCast theme is for you. This theme is from the same developers, Appendipity. This makes it three counts for the Appendipity developers. With genesis support, the theme provides all the basic need for a podcast website including speed and SEO optimization.

The theme supports both audio and video formats and they can easily be embedded with the website. The design is clean and the audio bar runs exactly similar to SoundCloud(I just love this part).

So, if you are a Soundcloud fan, then SoundCast is a must buy for you.

What’s the best theme for you?

Choosing the best theme for podcast purposes is not tricky. You need to keep few things in mind before choosing the right Podcast WordPress theme is to first find out whether the theme has all the music and video support. The next important factor to look for is the design of the theme. Does it have clear fonts and color composition? Does it let me customize?

Another important factor that buyers need to take into account is the loading speed of the theme. This kind of websites should load fast, otherwise there is always a potential to lose visitors. Appendipity, for example, uses Genesis framework, equipping it with all the necessary tools for the best website.

Do you think I missed any other amazing WordPress podcast themes for digital business owners? Comment below and let me know!

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