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7 Best WordPress Intranet Themes and Plugins 2021

The main purpose of an intranet is to bring people with common interests together. Actually, an intranet is the place where people can securely communicate with each other. Oftentimes, an intranet is created by employers for project management tasks. It also makes sense to establish a personal intranet for groups of people and community members. Keep reading to learn more about WordPress Intranet Themes and Plugins.

Without a doubt, you’ll find it easy to set up a professional intranet or community website with WordPress. Luckily, a lot of WordPress intranet themes as well as WordPress Intranet Themes and Plugins are available these days. It’s worth noting that this type of WordPress Intranet Themes and Plugins come with all the necessary features, tools and customization settings that an intranet needs. In other words, WordPress has everything that’s needed to launch and manage an intranet successfully.

You need to know that choosing the right WordPress Intranet Themes and Plugins is crucial to success of your intranet website. That’s the reason why we have decided to tell you about some of the best WordPress Intranet Themes and Plugins for creating an online intranet that will be able to meet any of your organization’s needs.

Best WordPress Intranet Themes and Plugins

An intranet is designed with world wide web software. It is a local or restricted network that is used for communications (a private network).

An extranet is an intranet where authorized users can have access to it, this allows the exchange of ideas between two companies over the network.

Therefore, an intranet is a personal site for your business, institution, company, and other networks. On the other hand, an extranet is similar to an intranet, but, this site can be accessed by your customers.

When an Intranet and Extranet be Used

  • When creating development resources for your business. This includes courses, training materials, among other things.
  • When posting videos and meetings which you would like to share privately. This includes board presentations and recordings.
  • When publishing blog posts and creating some information about your company, updates on products, announcements, and CEO notes.
  • When you want to post job opportunities privately.
  • When you want to communicate with your company’s staff privately.

However, intranet and extranet don’t provide all solutions for your business, and if this was the case, you need to change that mentality because it can lead to your downfall. Intranets come with different categories. These categories include;

  1. CEO notes
  2. Google Drive and Gmail for sharing files
  3. Presentations
  4. Slack for daily chatting and communications
  5. Category for management of projects
  6. Category for feedback and reviews

Best WordPress Intranet Themes

1. Alliance

alliance theme

It will not take you too much time to create a professional intranet with such a multi-purpose WordPress theme as Alliance. If you choose to use this theme you’ll find it easy to turn your existing WordPress site into a fully functioning intranet. Alliance has a layout that can be easily customized by Visual Composer tool. It’s important to know that the theme provides intranet owners with the perfect opportunity to select color schemes and dashboard designs. With Alliance theme you’ll be able to give users the rights and provide them with the access to certain parts of your intranet. Users can create accounts in your intranet on their own. After sign up, users will get the access to the latest news, personal messages and the events calendar within your online intranet.

Details, Demo & Download

2. Thrive


Thrive is another great WordPress theme for those who would like to create a professional intranet or an online community website. It’s important to note that Thrive WordPress theme is incredibly popular. Thrive is used for setting up intranets for different types of agencies, businesses, charity organizations and sport clubs. If you choose to use Thrive WordPress theme for creating an online intranet you’ll be able to impress users with the modern design and many great features (such as blogging tools, communication tools, live chat, knowledge base and so on). Thrive is designed to makes it easy for users to create profiles, connect with each other, upload photos and publish content on timeline within your intranet.

Details, Demo & Download

3. Woffice

woffice theme

Woffice has a lot to offer to intranet builders. Among the top benefits of using this intranet WordPress theme are: a quick installation process, an easy-to-use dashboard, support of multiple user accounts, great intranet-building features, user documentation and more. You’ll find it easy to get familiar with theme’s key features. Watch online demo to figure out how the theme works.

Details, Demo & Download

Best WordPress Intranet Plugins

1. goIntranetgointranet

As the only premium intranet plugin on this list, goIntranet provides an experience that deserves consideration if you are willing to spend some cash for a quality product.  Your employees can easily get acquainted with their colleagues with the Who’s Who directory that shares personal information related to position, location, and even number of years employed at the company. Employees can also share ideas with each other or send targeted updates about company events. If needed, the plugin has a photo gallery to publish photos from those company events. Finally, goIntranet has a feature where employees can request and schedule their vacations or any other required absence from the company.

Should you give goIntranet a try? I’d say yes because the plugin creator is currently offering a free version along with translations for Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Korean or any other languages they currently support. All you need to do is contact the plugin creator directly!

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2. All-In-One Intranet


All-In-One Intranet is a WordPress plugin that provides a quick and effective way of creating a corporate intranet. This type of WordPress plugin has everything that’s needed to turn a WordPress site into an online intranet where your employees will be able to work together successfully. All-In-One Intranet comes with such features as privacy, login redirect as well as auto logout. You can buy additional features (such as sub-site membership, sub-site privacy, updates and full support) for your online intranet as well.

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3. Google Drive Embedder

google drive embedder

You can also use Google Drive Embedder for building public websites and private intranets. The WordPress Intranet Themes and Plugins designed to provide intranet owners with an easy access to their documents on Google Drive. With Google Drive Embedder you’ll be able to share the access to your documents with viewers. Actually, you can provide users with the access to different types of files including images, videos as well as Word DOC, PDF and ZIP files. You can select sharing settings for users of your intranet. You can also consider buying Premium or Enterprise versions of the WordPress Intranet Themes and Plugins which come with additional features.

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4. Simple Intranet Directory

intranet directory

Simple Intranet Directory is also one of the best WordPress Intranet Themes and Plugins. The plugin is worth considering if you would like to build an employee directory. Simple Intranet Directory comes with many important features such as search function, extended profile information, custom HTML biographies, added custom fields, user photos, sidebar widget and more. You can also upgrade the plugin to more advanced version and get extra features.

Finally, Extranet and intranet come with a modular design. Therefore, it is easy to drop and drag all features that you wish to optimize on your website. It also includes a template with over forty pages, nine color schemes, private messaging and dropdown menus. At this point, you should be ready to start because we have already provided you with enough information which you can use to create a professional website.

Thank you so much for reading this article. This post concentrates on the most popular WordPress intranet themes and plugins. Take advantage of the best WordPress Intranet Themes and Plugins to create your own intranet! Good luck!



*last updated 01/05/2021

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