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7 Best WordPress Themes for Video Bloggers 2021

Videos have become a popular way to reach out to target audiences for bloggers today. This is the exact reason why so many bloggers are opting for video blogging. So, you want to become a video blogger too? Well, you will need to have a perfect video-blogging website first.

It is always better to create your blog with WordPress. It is easy to use and there are a myriad of WordPress themes available which will provide your website with gorgeous looks as well as functionalities required for video blogging. However, it can be very daunting to find the perfect video theme for your website since there are so many. That is why we have compiled a list of best WordPress themes for video bloggers that will cater to all your requirements. These themes will not only allow you to host your own videos but it will also help you to embed the videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other video content based sites.

So, why wait any longer? Let us have a look at the top WordPress themes for Video Bloggers….

Vlog: a video bloggers dream

Vlog is one of the most beautifully designed WordPress themes available for the video bloggers. Having a multitude of layouts, this WordPress theme offers an exceptional blogging experience. Furthermore, it comes with a video importer tool which automatically imports videos from your YouTube channel.

Whether you want to post video contents, tutorials or viral videos, Vlog will provide you all the functionalities that you are looking for. With the Vlog WordPress theme, your website will look scintillating and much more appealing to the online audience.

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Betube: a super mobile-friendly video blogging theme

Betube is a highly responsive video blogging theme for WordPress. This theme was specifically developed keeping the requirements of the video bloggers in mind. Betube comes with more than ten different layouts for your homepage and it guarantees to provide your blog with an unmatched elegance.

Being developed following the latest trends in the video blogging market, Betube assures you to cater to all your requirements with utmost efficiency. Also, you will be able to embed videos from big platforms like YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, Dailymotion on your website without any hassle.

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Videoly: like YouTube but with way more flexibility

In love with the layout of YouTube? Well, you can also get the same layout for your video blogging website too if you pick Videoly. This is a theme specially designed for video bloggers and YouTubers. The Videoly theme comes with several design layouts and ready-made templates. Thus, it relieves you from the trouble of designing your website manually.

With this theme, you will be able to build a highly responsive dynamic video blogging site. It will not only deliver an elegant look but will also make it easy to share your videos on social media platforms. Moreover, you will be able to embed videos from different video sharing platforms in your blog.

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VideoTouch: infinite layout options for your video blog

VideoTouch comes with infinite layouts and design options. So, it basically allows you to design your website in every way you like it. It is too easy to use VideoTouch to design your website. Just drag and drop; your website will be ready. And you will also be able to post the video contents on your blog in any format you want apart from embedding videos from the renowned video sharing platforms. VideoTouch does not just give your blog a gorgeous and appealing look rather it helps you in every aspect to become a famous vlogger.

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VideoTube: next-level video blogging

VideoTube is another beautiful WordPress video theme in our list. It enables you to share your video easily on your website besides sharing videos from sites like YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo etc. But the best thing about VideoTube is that it also allows your viewers to post videos on your website. And when it comes to designing your website; you will be able to do it easily by using different layouts and design options that the theme offers.

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VideoPro: a seriously appealing video blog theme

If you want to build a perfect video blogging website then VideoPro can provide you with everything that you want. 

Firstly, it offers a responsive dynamic design which is essential to reach out to the targeted audiences with your videos. Secondly, it comes with different design templates and layouts which make it very easy for you to give the most appealing look to your website. Moreover, you will be able to upload your videos easily to your blog and embedding the videos from YouTube and other similar sites will also become much easier.

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TheMotion: YouTube look plus unique features

This WordPress theme takes video blogging to whole new level. It does not only look great but it also offers several unique features and functions which make it a worthy inclusion in our list. The best thing about the TheMotion theme is the video slider that you can add to its homepage. The feature gives your blog a YouTube like look and makes it much more convenient to navigate through the blog.

Furthermore, you will be able to showcase your recent posts in a plethora of layouts. And the sidebar can be customized to give a small “About” section for your video blog or to add any other widget you want. TheMotion theme also allows you to connect your website with YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and other video sharing platforms in order to feature the videos from these platforms directly on your website.

Video blogging is becoming more and more popular with every passing day.

While having a website that is optimized for YouTube videos is extremely important for anyone looking to build their YT brand, not all users want to watch videos via your website. Downloading YouTube videos has become a popular way for people to interact with your content offline and become more familiar with your brand.

But if you are passionate about it, then choose the perfect one from the themes listed above and build a perfect video blogging website to attract your audiences. Let’s begin the creative journey!




*last updated 01/02/2021

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