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How To Write Better Titles and Taglines For WordPress

Ever wondered about the importance of cheesy title and taglines? Even if they are not cheesy, they do represent a lot of context to the site you are visiting. On a daily basis, millions of blog posts, tweets, emails runs through the wires of the internet. Your website might feel insignificant in the presence of such a vast network. Keep reading to learn more about how to write better titles and tagline for WordPress.

To make yourself unique, you need to write better titles and tagline for WordPress. They act as a hint to what you have to offer. The importance of these two terms is far more than you might think.

Apparently, almost every blog or website utilizes title and tagline to make themselves prominent on the blogosphere. 85Ideas, for example, uses “WordPress Themes – Tutorials, Plugins & more” as their title and not so much in the case of the tagline. There are some instances in which skipping tagline can be fruitful. Prime example being 85Ideas. 85Ideas currently ranks 18,000 in Alexa with over 7,000+ visits per week.

How to Write Better Titles and Taglines for WordPress

In this decade, there are more than one billion sites online, and others are been launched daily. For the new beginners, they may get overwhelmed because of the high completion online. However, these are the question of who should ask yourself before you create your site. How do I make my site rank and to attract clients?

The main thing to do so that your site can get attention is creating an eye-appealing title and a very creative tagline. These will have a positive impact on your visitors because this is the first thing that they will come across when they visit your site. Getting a tagline and tittle that focus on the purpose of your website and brand will give you an advantage over other websites. This usually happens when you are seeking the attention of a similar audience.

Many people define tittle as their website’s name. Others define it as the identification of your brand and how people can search for your commodity online. A tagline can be defined as a brief statement which is similar to an advertising slogan, it is normally placed under your title. This gives a short description of the products that can be found on your site.

A combination of a descriptive tagline and a strong tittle gives your website more attention than the other sites. You should provide the website’s name, which is clear and explains what the visitors should expect to see on your content.

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How To Write Better Titles and Taglines For WordPress

But, before we further discuss these two terms, it’s a better idea to learn what they mean.

Title and Taglines  — What they mean?

For beginners, the title and tagline represent the essence of the whole website. Any visitor, visiting your site for the first time will notice the title and tagline. If the title or tagline is empty or not written well, it might give a negative outlook to the visitor. He/she may also get confused about what the actual blog is about.

More technically, title and tagline are a clever way of communicating with the audience and creating a brand presence around the globe.

A website or blog can be related to any niche. It can be a personal blog or a business company who is trying to sell their drones. The possibilities are infinite, and not everything is clear from the website name or URL. The tagline and the title keep things simple and provide a right amount of information for readers to digest what the website is all about.

The title, in short, is a way to tell people what you website is all about. The people will identify your site with the help of the title. The title distinguishes your site from other players in the market.

The tagline is a different story altogether. It is a subtle way of completing the context of the title or proving a one, in case, it is necessary. The tagline can also be used for advertising slogans and adds further context to the website goals and target audience.

To make an impact, both of them needs to be on target, i.e.; they need to be professional, accurate and concise.

Getting Started With Website Title

It doesn’t matter if you have just started blogging or a regular professional blogger, writing down a perfect website title is tricky. For most of the cases, it is easy to come up with website title, when the blogger is very sure about the site and its purpose.

To write a catch web site title, you need to be confident about the use. Does your company create drones that fly at high speed? Write about that, emphasize what it is important and let the ideas flow.

But, not everything it is easy. If you find it hard to titles and tagline for WordPress, it is a good idea to use proper adjectives or phrases that resonate well with the blog or the business. Try to be informal if needed, but balance is required for a company website. Personal blogs have the luxury to use the less professional title, but business websites just cannot do well in this case.

More Tips To Follow

  • Always keep the purpose of the blog in mind when writing the titles and tagline for WordPress.
  • Make sure to use adjectives and phrases for brainstorming.
  • Use personal name as website tagline if needed. Many bloggers use their name as a brand as also succeed in doing so.

Getting Started with titles and tagline for WordPress

Now, comes the 2nd player in the game. The Tagline. The tagline is as equal tricky as the title. They are important to any website, but many sites may want to skip it as per their requirement.

  1. A tagline improves the title and adds a context to it. Moreover, it also signifies the purpose of the website, making the title more meaningful and powerful.
  2. Taglines are also important to understand the nature of the site in one go. Furthermore, they can be used by the site for targeting a particular audience, i.e. advertisement slogans.
  3. Another significant benefit of the titles and tagline for WordPress is the SEO. Many websites use primary keywords in the tagline.

Seeing all the benefits, it is always a good idea to go for a titles and tagline for WordPress. The titles and tagline for WordPress has a great marketing importance. They can be used to resonate with the business philosophy and also target a particular audience. It is a well-known fact that the more visitors resonate with the titles and tagline for WordPress, the more they will visit the website. It is all about getting emotionaly involved using only 60 characters.

Tips to Create Amazing Titles and Tagline for WordPress

Writing a great titles and tagline for WordPress is an art. It requires a complete knowledge of the business or blog purpose. Also, the best tagline can be written by following the below-mentioned tips.

  1. Keep them short and crisp. A tagline more than 60 characters is less appealing to the audience. Also, the tagline should fit the search displays.
  2. Don’t copy the idea of the title. Try to utilize the space with a better contextual tagline.
  3. Taglines are very precious. They should be catchy and to the point. Make sure that you don’t confuse the audience.
  4. Make the audience think. Taglines are longer than the title. Hence, they can be used to make the audience feel.

The Importance of Title and Tagline

The internet is a scary place. It becomes scarier when you look at the numbers of blog posts, tweets, emails or any electronic form each day. They are millions in number. To survive in the online world, you need to be unique and as precise as possible. Title and Taglines help you to grab that clarity and at the same time target your potential audience.

Improve Search Rankings

Other than being specific, they also improve the Search engine optimization of any website. Any site at any given point in time targets a set of specific keywords. With the keywords mentioned in title and tagline, it becomes relatively easy for the site to rank for the keywords.

Ways of Adding titles and tagline for WordPress

There are multiple ways of adding title and tagline to your WordPress site. 85Ideas is all about WordPress, so we will keep it on it. Other CMS or platforms have their way of adding titles and tagline for WordPress, and we will not be discussing them over here.

  1. From General Settings: The easiest way of adding a site titles and tagline for WordPress is to go to WordPress dashboard, then settings and then finally to general.
  2. Customize: WordPress customizer is a handy tool. It lets you input the titles and tagline for WordPress quickly. All you need to do is go to Customize and then Site Identity.
    titles and tagline for WordPress
  3. Using Yoast SEO: Yoast SEO is one of the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress. It lets you set the title and tagline by going to the Title & Metas > HomePage.

Over To You

Getting a good traffic is the motive of all the website on the internet. That’s only possible if the website leaves an everlasting impression on the visitor. By using the titles and tagline for WordPress tactically, anyone can increase their website traffic. Moreover, it is very useful for Google search as keywords can be integrated easily.

Did, you find out your next blog titles and tagline for WordPress, yet? Share with us those wonderful titles and taglines. We are eager to hear from you!

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