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WP instagram widgets allow you to display your photos from your instagram account directly to your website. So, if you have an instagram account, in order to gain more followers, you should definitely add it to your WordPress website. In this srticle below, we will show you how to display your instagram photos in your website’s sidebar widget.

First of all, choose a plugin for sharing your instagram feed on your WordPress website. Below you can find some of my favorite plugins:

  • Instagram Feed

Instagram feed is an easy to use plugin, and very simple to configure. Besides that, the great thing about it, is the fact that it is completely responsive to any device. It contains great options, such as headers, captions as well as likes and comments. It features the load more option and follow button, which will surely contribute to more followers.

  • Custom Instagram Feed

This plugin is close to the first one presented above. It is also completely responsive and very simple to set up. It offers a various layout options that allows you to seamlessly integrate your instagram feed into your website’s design. Custom instagram feed gives you the option of including the follow us button, as well as great customer support and a list of shortcodes.

  • WP Instagram Widget

WP instagram widget is one of the simplest, no – fuss plugin that is out there currently. With no login details required, you can simply import images without much user imput.

  • DsgnWrks Instagram Importer

This plugin allows you to import photos from a specific date, as well as importing by hash tag. It is very easy to use, and includes lightbox, as well as multiple styles customization.

  • Instagram Slider Widget

The instagram slider widget does not require any API access set up. Even though it is limited to 20 photos, thumbnails are stored locally, making page or post loading so much faster than usual.

  • Instagram Feed WD

If you are looking for an SEO friendly solution to bring multiple instagram feeds to your website, than this is the right plugin for you.  It comes with thumbnails, image browser and masonry, and allows you to display composite feeds of user accounts.

  • Enjoy Plugin for Instagram

Enjoy plugin allows you to carousel or grid view, as well as widgets for sidebars. It is very responsive, and allows it’s users to display photos by hash tag or profile.


After finding your ideal plugin, go ahead and download it. You can download the .zip file from the official website, and that upload it to your plugins, or you can directly get it from WordPress > Sidebar > Plugins > Add new plugin. When installed, you need to activate the previously chosen plugin.

The next step includes adding a widget to your website sidebar or footer. To do so, you need to go to your WP admin homepage, and from the sidebar area select the Appearance button, and then widgets. From the list of widgets, choose instagram, and the area where you want it added, and click add widget.

After adding the instagram widget to your desired area, you will need to configure it, in order to display your images.

You can name your widget as you wish. The name you choose will appear above the widget area. You can also leave it blank, personally for me it looks much prettier like that. Then add your instagram username. Don’t use any characters, just enter the name. Choose the number of photos you want to be displayed, and the size of the photos. Try whichever size looks the best on your website, and then you can choose if the image links will open in the same window or in a new one. And finally, you can be very creative in naming the follow button.

After filling all the information, click the save button, and your widget is created. Go to your homepage, and see how your instagram widget looks like.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope that you found it helpful. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask below in comments, and we will do our best to help you.


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