10 Tips for Designing for WordPress

Are you looking for ways to create captivating WordPress templates? The extra coding involved with designing an effective template deters most people from enhancing their design. However, there are a few techniques and tips that you can use to make excellent designs, without any need for extensive coding work. Here are ten tips that you can implement today to give your WordPress templates and themes a creative boost.

#1 Review Your Themes Shortcode

Did you know that every WordPress theme, has an index of standardized design elements, that you can add to your website without any hassle? These standard elements are known as shortcodes, and they are a frequently overlooked part of WordPress design. Some designers have a library of shortcodes that you can apply to your site for a customized template that looks fantastic. Start your task list by reviewing your themes shortcode and take note of any customization features they may have on offer.

#2 Try to Stick to Two Font Types

Most brand marketers agree that using more than two types of font in your site design becomes confusing to users. Avoid this mistake and ensure that you stick to only two different font types. The only exception to this rule would be your logo. However, some templates require a plugin to add a third font type; you can use TypeKit integration to insert the third font if this is the case for your design template.

#3 Set an Accent Color

Using an accent color for your template provides an aesthetically pleasing touch to your template design. Using an accent color creates a seamless flow in the design of your template and will save you time in the final production phases of the template.

#4 Use Compatible Plugins

Plugins can offer your site a full range of functionality. However, not all plugins are compatible with all themes. If you use a plugin not designed for it, then you risk breaking the shortcodes of the layout of the template. Always check if your template is compatible with the template you are using.

#5 Avoid Page-Level Customizations

Prevent a tedious and time-consuming conversion process by using global theme settings. You can apply these settings to a group of pages, such as a specific post type, or all of your pages. Avoid designing your pages with a lot of customizable options and reduce the time you spend on your design and site management.

#6 Check Copyright Status

Before you rush ahead and spend hours creating your ideal template, take a moment to check all of your images for copyright protection. If you try to upload a template with protected images to your WordPress, the system will automatically notice the infringement and stop the upload. This mistake can cost you hours of work as you might have to redesign the entire template from scratch.

#7 Pre-load Complicated Layouts

WordPress themes usually come with a page pre-loader as a standard feature. However, remember to activate the pre-loader before you upload your page, as the page may look disorganized and irregular while the browser downloads and sorts the content. This pre-loader function is excellent for complex templates with lots of design elements on one page.

#8 Image Size Limits

Remember to upload your images in the correct size. Most WordPress themes use a maximum of 300 kb for size and 2000 pixels for width.

#9 Use JavaScript Sparingly

There are a lot of shortcodes that require JavaScript for full functionality. Design elements such as Carousels, Flipbox, Gooogle Maps, Hover animations, and sliders need JavaScript to function properly. However, JavaScript may cause a page to load slowly, reducing the user experience and forcing them to leave the page before viewing it. Limit JavaScript where you can and keep your WordPress site running smoothly.

#10 Do Your Design Work on Photoshop or Sketch

Stick to the preferred file types and programs when designing your template. Use Adobe Photoshop or Sketch to do your design work and keep things straightforward and uncomplicated during the conversion process.

Wrapping Up

Save time in your development process with these tips. Take advantage of discounts on design software and WordPress Themes. Use the premiumpress coupon to save on your design budget and create compelling themes without the hassle.

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