10 Ways to Drive Traffic to a New WordPress site

Starting up a new WordPress site is easy, thanks to the simplicity of the platform, but making it reach the popularity level you planned off, is a totally different thing.

You’ve to look at a lot of ways and aspects which all can affect the traffic to a new WordPress site. I’m going to compile the top 10 of them so that you can know them all.

Before you can begin with the list, there is no guarantee that these will work in your case as it depends on hundreds of factors. But, these are the factors worked for thousands of webmaster and even me. It’s all coming from knowledge, experience, and tons of experiments.

#1 Social Media

You can get tons of traffic on the very first blog post or the moment you setup a WordPress site. This all can happen via social media. There is no other method that can work this fast, but it’s not that easy to bring into action. You need to have a profile on all popular social media platforms along with hundreds of followers (genuine profile). Next, you need to give those followers, something valuable to read and share further. If you don’t give them some real valuable content, they will lose interest in your profile and the credibility will hurt the future of your website and plan.

#2 Forums

Reddit, Quora, Yahoo Answers, etc., are the few known names when it comes to online forums and digital community. These are the gold mine of traffic and to make the best out of them, you need to have a profile on each of them (or, at least, the popular ones) and should be active over there. Once you have a good following and a trusted build up under the badge, you can share the website with the network and if it’s worthy to grab attraction, you can expect tons of traffic flowing through the tunnels. Reddit and StumbleUpon are the major sources of getting huge traffic for new (or even established) sites.

#3 Interlinking

Once a visitor is on your website, you need to make sure he/she stays longer. One way to achieve that is by interlinking the related webpages. Suppose you’ve shared a review of a Smartphone and in another post, a review of cover for that smartphone was shared. Now, you need to interlink both these webpages so that the visitor gets the chance to check both. This is how you’re not just increasing the traffic, but also gaining the trust.

#4 Related Posts

You just understood interlinking, and now it’s time to take it further. Thanks to third-party plugin developers, you can put Related Posts under each webpage on your site. This is an automation process and most of the modern WordPress themes comes with this feature built-in. It’s generally placed at the end of the content, and the algorithm used by the responsible plugin (or even theme) picks up only the related posts and show them. This can again help you gain trust.

#5 Email reach outs

If you’re lucky to have an email list, it’s time to use it for the advantage. Spread out the word about your new website and let your subscribers know about its presence. If your subscribers trust you, they will definitely check out the  new product you’re offering and this will convert into tons of traffic. Sounds easy, right?

#6 Blog commenting

If this new website is a blog, where you’ll be sharing regular content around a particular niche, then you can reach out to other bloggers and connect with their blogs. This can be achieved, easily by commenting on other blogs. If other blogs are using WordPress’s native discussion tab, then you’ll have a space to add the link to your website which will be attached to your name.

Now, if you do this right and other bloggers are finding your discussion worthy, then there are high chances that they will visit and check out your blog too. It will also increase the number of incoming links to your new blog, which can improve search engine rankings.

#7 Take Care of the SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is not a new thing anymore. It has seen it’s ups and downs but managed to survive. If done according to a strategy, keeping in mind all the pros and cons, SEO can bring tons of traffic from Google and other search engines, also termed as, ‘Organic Traffic.’ It should be done at both on-page and off page levels to get better results. You need to be careful at SEO as it can also result in getting your website penalised by the search engines.

#8 Using Rich Snippets

Once your website’s posts are ranking at good positions, you can increase the CTR. This can be put into action by making use of Rich Snippets. They add additional visual content to your website’s listing in the SERPs, which can attract the visitors. Basically, it ensures that your listing is looking unique in the crowd.

#9 Simple and Elegant Site UI

The design of the website plays a major role in getting good traffic. If the design part is not that easy to understand and also not elegant to grab user’s attention, then your hard work might not turn good fruits. You need to ensure that the visitors are liking the website and then they will stick there for longer and will also recommend their friends and followers.

#10 Quality Content and Media

Content plays a major role and so does the Media part. Content is now available in the form of simple text or advanced images, or more interactive videos. You need to make use of all in a way that the visitors are finding your website valuable.

Final words

There is no priority on the list I just pinned down, which means, every point is important. These are not the complete factors which decide the fate of a new WordPress website, but these are good enough for you to get started. You have a long journey ahead. Good luck!

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