Awesome Tips to Increase Traffic to Your WordPress Website

If you’re looking for a way to increase traffic to your WP website – you’re at the right place. We all know that you can make more money only if your site gets more traffic. However, finding the best formula isn’t easy. There are millions of people using the Internet, but getting them can take some effort.

That is why we’ve came up with the following list of tips on how to increase traffic to your website:


  • Optimize Your Posts

Ranking in Google isn’t the only thing you should worry about as many bloggers think. Indeed, the way your post is shown on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) is something that adds value. Namely, two little things can make a huge difference:

  • The Title – make your title more interesting and more suitable for Google users looking for information.
  • The Description – write a short meta description for your post so that people can easily understand what your post is about.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to make these changes using the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin. All you need to do is to write your description in the meta box and Google will get the data and apply it to SERPs.


  • Add Breadcrumbs Navigation

Another way to increase the traffic to your WordPress website is adding breadcrumbs. It will not only help you achieve your goal, but also improve your site’s usability. It works by giving your visitors a clear idea of your site’s structure and easily navigates them through it.

What’s more, breadcrumbs will also improve the way your site is displayed in the SERPs. In fact, they are shown within the SERPs and provide more details to the readers searching for information even before clicking on it.

Moreover, besides optimizing your posts, adding breadcrumbs to your site is a piece of cake using the WordPress SEO Yoast plugin.

  • Try Split Testing Your Headlines

Whether you’re a blogging pro or a newbie you know for sure that headlines are one of the most important things when writing an article. Strong headlines can really make your post go viral.

Taking this into account, one of the most successful ways to increase traffic to your website is split testing your headlines. Plus, the Title Split Testing for WP plugins may help you create a couple of headlines, either for your article or a page you’re writing.

This incredible plugin will show the created headlines to visitors and calculate which are the most successful. It will evaluate the click through a rate and then you’ll be able to choose the best headline and finish the split testing process.

  • Use Page Interlinking

Interlinking your posts is a good way to increase traffic to your site, but what’s even better is interlinking your pages. One of the ways to make your visitors go through your site in greater details is to incorporate some related post links within your content.

All you need to do is try to include as many relevant links as possible. And, of course, there’s WordPress default search functionality, yet there’s even a better one, the Better Internal Link Search plugin.

The difference is that WordPress will search all your posts and pages for your favored keyword, whereas Better Internal Link Search plugin will only look for within the titles of your post and page.

  • Try Including Related Posts

Last but not least, including related posts is also one of the most useful tips when trying to increase traffic. This will give your visitors a chance to further explore your site’s content.

One way to include related posts is by using the Zemanta plugin which can increase external traffic by up to 5 percent. This amazing plugin provides posts from not only your website but also from others. And, if you’re one of the Zemanta service users, other bloggers can also link to your posts. Therefore, if you think that your site is enthralling enough, you should definitely give Zemanta a try.


All of the above listed tips have already been tried, tested and guaranteed to increase traffic to your website. Hence, if you want to benefit and make extra profit, make sure you try them out.

Thank you for reading this article. If you need any additional help, or have any questions, please feel free to ask below in comments, and we will help you as soon as we can.

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