11 Creative WordPress Tutorials For Designers

Creativity is one of the most gifted aspects of human beings. On the other hand, graphic designers hold tons of creativity to unleash. They are articulate, open to ideas and learn faster. Today, we will go through Creative WordPress tutorials for designers.

WordPress is a great platform; it is easy to use for the non-technical audience, but at the same time it is easy to learn for the technical ones. But, there is one issue that you might also have come through. The lack of structured resources for learning. The Internet is full of resources, but it takes a good amount of time to find good tutorials to get started with.

WordPress is still evolving, and that’s why there is no dearth of resource available online to start your journey to WordPress design ninja. In your quest of becoming the best WordPress designer, we want to share some of the creative WordPress tutorials for designers. This will help you kickstart your learning and start developing some fantastic WordPress design include theme and backend design.

So, what we are waiting for? Let’s list the best Creative WordPress tutorials for designers. These tutorials will surely keep you hooked for the rest of the week.

1. Lynda’s Creating Website Using WordPress

WordPress Essential Training Lynda

If you are a beginner, it’s better to understand different aspects of WordPress ecosystem. The terms posts, page, article, categories, tags can seem confusing for the first timers. Doing Lynda’s WordPress 3.0, Essential Training will teach you about all the basics of handling WordPress website.

They have updated the tutorial for the WordPress 4.0 version.

2. 85Ideas Beginners Tutorial

Beginners Guide Archives 85ideas

I cannot stress, how far we have come from the inception of the website. Throughout the journey, we managed to create useful tutorials for the WordPress followers. These tutorials will surely keep the readers hooked for a good time.

The only thing that we missed is present them in chronological order. You can check all the available Beginners tutorials by clicking here.

3. WordPress Shortcode – Complete Guide

WordPress Shortcodes Guide SmashingMagazine

Shortcodes are powerful, and if you want to learn more about them, you can check this fantastic guide on them. The article was released three years ago, but still have relevance in terms of content and knowledge.

4. Choosing a great Color Scheme

Color Scheme Website WPMU DEV

Website Color Scheme is important for both looks and website success. In this post, the author discusses the basics of how to choose a great color scheme for your website.

5. Responsive WordPress Design

WordPress Theme Responsive Colorlabs Company

Recently, Google has rolled out the next massive update that will affect the website that are not responsive. And if you as a designer is building the next project without responsiveness, then there are chances that the website will fail badly.

To overcome, you can follow this amazing tutorial on how to make your WordPress theme responsive.  The tutorial is detailed and has amazing conceptual value to it.

6. Designing For WordPress

Designing for WordPress CSS Tricks

CSS-Tricks is one of the most popular website for designing. They share everything related to CSS and Designing. The video series, Designing for WordPress will introduce you to the basics of Designing on WordPress and get you started on your journey.

You can find more videos relating to WordPress in their screencast gallery. Check the video screencast here. They have other tons of useful videos for Designers. Do check them out.

The whole series can be found here.

7. WordPress Web Design Tutorial – Crash Course

Ryan Stevenson hosted a webinar on the basics of the WordPress Web design. According to the author, he will cover the Web design aspects of WordPress and also some PHP. With this tutorial, you can feel comfortable doing the WordPress design.

8. The WordPress Site Design and Layout Codex

Site Design and Layout WordPress Codex

WordPress Codex is the most comprehensive and structured information for anyone who works with WordPress. The designers can effortlessly check the different basics and sections of theme design covered within the Codex.

Absolute beginners should begin with the basics of WordPress theme design and then move forward to different sections of theme design according to the problem they are facing.

For example, if you want to create a CSS horizontal menus, then they have made it covered. Visit, “Creating Horizontal Menus“, to learn more about the topic. There are similar and much better tutorials out there for WordPress designing.

9. Typography Based WordPress Blog Theme

Typography Based WordPress Theme Line25

Typography is valuable for any WordPress designer. In this tutorial from LINE25, designers can learn the basics of creating a powerful typographical based WordPress theme.

As a designer, this tutorial is gold and demystifies the making of a typographical heavy website.

10. The Perfect WordPress Theme

Making the Perfect WordPress Theme TutsPlus

This series introduces you to how to create a WordPress theme that matters. There are six articles in the series, each covering different aspects of WordPress theme design and development.

The series starts light and covers basics, coding standards, bad practices and more.

11. Convert HTML to WordPress

Convert HTML to WordPress The Theme Foundry

The market is full of jobs that demand the designer to understand the process of converting HTML to WordPress. This simple tutorial will teach you on how to convert simple HTML to WordPress.


Wrap Up

Learning is not a complex process if done properly. The first step is to find out the right resources to learn from, and we have done it for you today. The resource will keep you on track and enable you to have skills that are needed to survive in the fierce markets out there.

The list starts with the very basics and then converges on higher level tutorials. Understanding the basics is essential for any trade, and that’s why I decided to list them first.

The path to learning is wonderful and I always want everyone surrounding us to learn from books, courses and much more.

Do you think that the resources listed above are sufficient for your journey? Comment below and let us know. Also, share with us any tutorials that can benefit the community surrounding 85Ideas.

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff at 85ideas is a team of WordPress experts led by Brian Harris. Here to share amazing tuts, guides and collections.

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