8 Tutorials: How To make a Custom Widget for WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. It offers tons of features for anyone who is willing to learn and also a development ground for the developers and learners. In the past, I was also inclined towards learning WordPress and its different components. According to me, the most underutilized aspect of WordPress is a widget.

The widget is a specialized way of talking to the theme. With widgets, you can easily add new items to the sidebars such as tag clouds, meta information, call to action buttons and much more.

If you are a developer or a beginner who is interested in creating widgets, then you have come to the best place. As today I will go through some of the best tutorials on the web that showcase the art of building widgets for WordPress themes.

The widget is possibly the simplest aspect of WordPress and offers a great deal of control over the sidebars of any WordPress theme. On the other hand, the web is full of tutorials and information, and it is easy to get lost in information.

To simplify, I will go through some amazing tutorials on creating widgets for WordPress.

Best Tutorials On How To Build WordPress Widgets

1. WPBeginner Create Widget Tutorial

How to Create a Custom WordPress Widget

WPBeginner is one of the most amazing WordPress tutorial websites. In this tutorial, they have shown how to create a simple widget from scratch. The good thing about the tutorial is that it comes with all the code required to build the widget successfully.

The functionality of the widget depends on what you are trying to aim. The goal of the tutorial is to accustom the reader with all the necessary terminology, process and other vital information that goes when creating the plugin.

Check Tutorial Here

2. WordPress Widget Tutorial by LearnWebCode

Best tutorials on the web are all about videos. LearnWebCode has a 20-minute widget creation tutorial that does a decent job in telling you basic questions about the widget and how to create one.

The customization aspect of the widget is shown in a well-structured manner. They have also taken care of the different section of the customizing the widget with CSS. They also have added the demo files so that you can download them and try them out on your local machine.

Check Tutorial Here

3. Wpmudev: Building Widgets like a Pro

How To Build WordPress Widgets Like A Pro

WPMUDev is one of the most known WordPress developers on the market. They have premium plugins on the market, and that makes the best teachers for learning anything related to WordPress.

They also have a blog that takes care of all the different aspects of the resources, How-To, and other WordPress related stuff.

Recently, they published one of the best tutorials on making widgets. Their “How to build WordPress Widget like a pro” blog article is a gold mine when it comes to learning widgets creation. It contains different aspects of widget creation and covers almost everything you can think about.

All the code is hosted on GitHub for easy referencing. I would suggest downloading the code and working on the local machine. This way learning can be maximized.

Check Tutorial Here

4. Advanced WordPress Widgets

Advanced WordPress Widgets

Advanced WordPress widgets tutorial from WPRoots is yet another great tutorial to learn how to code widget. This tutorial takes the notch a little bit higher, and if you are interested in learning more about widgets, this tutorial is for you. The tutorial teaches you about creating an advanced blog authors widget.

Check Tutorial Here

5. Custom Widget in Few Simple Steps

Custom Widget Tutorial

A small yet useful widget tutorial to teach you how to create a widget. The aim of the article is to get you started. The tutorial is compiled by Malika Rani, and I would say that she surely have succeeded in putting forward a nice tutorial for the learners.

Check Tutorial Here


6. WPShout Widget Creation Tutorial

Creating Dynamic User Editable WordPress Widgets

WPShout is one of the leading WordPress advanced tutorial websites. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a more advanced WordPress developer; their website is a gold mine when it comes to WordPress learning.

Their tutorial on creating dynamic, user-editable WordPress widgets is an example of creating powerful widgets. The tutorial comes with the necessary code and explains the vital aspects of how widget plays an important role in creating the most persuasive experience for the users.

Check Tutorial Here

7. Create Tabbed Widget WordPress

How To Create A Tab Widget In WordPress

A pretty old tutorial, but I find it pretty useful for learning some important lessons in widget creation. The tutorial is written by Milan Petrovic and is one of the best tutorials on creating useful widgets for WordPress.

Check Tutorial Here


8. Introduction to creating your First WordPress Widget

Widgets Using Various WordPress APIs

Tuts+ is a great resource for anyone who is willing to learn about development. The good news is that they cover WordPress. In the tutorial, they introduce widget creation and the API’s that cover it. The article is useful for anyone who is looking to get started with WordPress widget creation.

The above tutorial is old, and if you are thinking of jumping to something new, they also have it covered.

Creating Your Own Widgets Using Various WordPress APIs: Introduction is a more comprehensive and useful tutorial than the first one. The tutorial aims at creating a simple text widget.

Also, they are aiming to create a series of widget creation. In the next widget tutorial, they are aiming to create a related post widget.

Check Tutorial Here

Over To You

Learning to create widgets is all about practice.With over nine tutorials, you are all set to get started. All the tutorials are useful and will teach you the different aspects of widget creation. Developers think differently, and it is always a good idea to go through most of them. This way you can understand the different approaches and choose one for yourself.

WordPress is a powerful platform, and no one can deny how easy it is to create useful themes, plugins, widgets for the platform. The current web is buzzing with all the different resources, and this is where 85Ideas come in and provide the best resources related to WordPress.

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