How To Revive Old WordPress Post to Help Boost Your Traffic 2021

If you’re a blogger then you must know the importance of the content because nothing takes time as much writing a detailed and full informative article. However, the only thing bloggers are worried about is to keep their content fresh for a longer period of time.

If done, then old content can fetch you more traffic and can add value to your website to help it rank higher in the SERPs. Although it isn’t easy to keep the content alive, but still there are a few ways that could be given a chance.

Now, the most effective way of today’s era to keep the content alive is to share that on various social networks, which I guess every blogger out there is doing and moving ahead as they need to take care of the constantly flowing new thing as well.

It’s also very good to always get some new content on your website which has all the latest information about your topic of interest, yet we can’t rule out the importance neither forget the hard work we’ve done in the past to write the equally unique and then fresh content.

Nevertheless, there are some ways which could keep your content fresh for longer times or to help you revive your old WordPress blogs and here below are they:

  • Make sure that you have interlinked previously written WordPress articles to the current ones so that readers can get to them easily without navigating. The only thing which you need to remember is that the articles you’re linking should be relative or else the quality of your parent articles will degrade.
  • Try to write articles which have value for longer times instead of time-bound articles. I agree that it totally depends on the niche of your blog, but still I’m sure that you’re creative enough to find a way, like writing a how-to guide will be evergreen.
  • You can also add content timely to the past articles and give them a fresher look. For instance, if you’ve written a review of a website then you can add-up content with each new version and revive your old WordPress post.
  • Writing a round-up weekly, in a fortnight or even monthly will definitely keep your WordPress post alive for a longer period of time.
  • Also, re-sharing articles once in a week or as it suits you won’t do any bad, but help you to revive old WordPress posts for sure.

Now, among all the mentioned points, only re-sharing is an option where a plugin can be used and help you to make your work easier. The plugin used for the purpose is named a Revive Old Post which earlier known as the Tweet Old Post.

Revive Old Post WordPress Plugin

The plugin was once used only for re-tweeting the article, but now has ability to share your past article on many platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn along with many other features as well. There are two versions of the plugin available, that are Free and Pro and here below are the common features of both the version:

  • You can always customize the post content.
  • Hashtags can be used from categories or popular trends.
  • URL shorteners are integrated by default to make a Twitter-friendly and content optimized tweet.
  • Posts can be scheduled as per your convenience along with features like category exclusion as well.

The Pro version has extra features of sharing a post to multiple accounts and with an image.

How to Use Revive Old Post

Alike every other WordPress plugin, you can download this Revive Old Post plugin from your WordPress dashboard, though the free version only and to download Pro version, visit the following link.

Download Revive Old Post Pro

And, here are the steps to upload the plugin to your WordPress dashboard:

  • Login into your WordPress account and go to plugins.
  • Click on Add New and upload the downloaded plugin files there.
  • Now, click on Choose file and after selecting archive for your plugin, click Install Now.
  • Once done, tap on activate the plugin and that is all!

I guess that was easy. Well, here are some options which you can use to revive old WordPress post of your blog.

There are many social network accounts, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. All you need to do is just enter your profile and then selecting the post content type between title and content body.

You will have the options of adding some content of your own before scheduling it, like adding please share while doing it for Facebook.

There are many URL shorteners available which can be selected from the drop down menu available within the plugin.

Also, there is an option for scheduling an auto share of a post or including the time interval between two posts as well to make sure that you need not look after the things often.

Final Overview

At last, I just like to add that every blogger knows the value of content and everybody wants to keep it alive for the longer times. Now, the above methods will definitely help the users to revive old WordPress posts and keep them fresher. However, the above ones are not all possible method so we’d like our readers to share more methods apart from the above-mentioned list so that we could update the list. We would also like to know about your experience while using out suggested ways well.

And, as you all know that if you guys have any query, question or even hint of a doubt, then you can share them with us in the comment section below and we would be more than happy to sort them out for you.



*last updated 01/05/2021

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