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7 Simple Ways to Monetize Your WordPress Blog

WordPress being the most popular content management system offers a treasure trove of exciting features that attract bloggers and website creators from every niche. However, the thing that most people do not understand is that WordPress also offers a wide array of methods that can be utilized to earn money easily without any hassle or serious “tech” knowledge.

So, what are these methods that we speak of?

Well, to be very honest, there are several methods ranging from advertisements to e-books that you can use to earn money from your WordPress blog. So, it is really impossible to fit everything in the entirety of this article.

Before we get started, it is important to note that any revenue generated from these monetization methods will be considered taxable by the IRS. Therefore, you will need to keep that fact in mind when filing your free tax return at the start of the year.

Here we have compiled a list of most effective methods that can be used to earn money from a WordPress blog. Have a look:

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is undoubtedly the most common and legit way to monetize your WordPress blog. So, what is affiliate marketing and how can you use it? Well, affiliate marketing requires you to recommend different products or services to the audience of your blog by using special links called tracking links. When a visitor of your blog clicks on the links or the banners provided by the affiliate provider and follow certain steps to complete the task by the provider, then a certain amount of money is stored in your affiliate account which you can withdraw after reaching a specific limit.

There are several affiliate providers like Amazon, E-Bay and others that provide affiliate marketing services. You can easily create an account on their website to add tracking links or banners on your website. WordPress makes the process of affiliate marketing much easier as all you need to do is to copy paste the short-code of the banners or tracking links on your blog. If you get a good traffic on your blog, then earning money with affiliate marketing becomes much easier.

That’s because many programs will only approve your application to become an affiliate if you have a certain readership. Often, there’s also a minimum amount you have to collect in affiliate sales before you can have it paid out. In Amazon’s program, for example, that’s $100. With more traffic, of course, you’ll reach these limits much faster.

2. Create Sponsored Blogposts

Though affiliate marketing is a good way to earn money, it does not provide you with total control over the products or services that are displayed on your blog. So, you can choose to create sponsored blog posts in order to monetize your blog. There are several companies that pay the bloggers well for promoting their products as well as services by creating a blog post about them. You can easily create a blog post about the products with the help of WordPress in order to get money on the basis of lead that is generated from your blog. You can also use any one media kit WordPress plugin to detail the traffic of your blog along with social media following and other data to make your website more appealing to the sponsors.

3. Use Google Adsense

Google Adsense is perhaps the most well-known application that helps you to earn money by using CPC advertisements. What are CPC ads? Is it what you are thinking about? The term CPC is an abbreviated version of the phrase “cost per click”. When you display CPC advertisements on your website, you get paid a certain amount every time someone clicks on the advertisements displayed on your blog. You can easily open an account in Google Adsense and connect with your blog. And it becomes much easier if you are using WordPress as your content management system. All you need to do is to add the Google Adsense code to the header of your WordPress website and the CPC ads will start displaying on your blog.

4. Sell e-books

Selling e-books are considered to be one of the most elite ways to earn money from your blog. If you have a loyal audience, then you can easily create an e-book in order to monetize your blog. You can write an e-book on any topic that belongs to your blog’s niche and move on to sell it to earn money. WordPress makes it very easy to accept payments from the visitors of your blog. You can install the WooCommerce plugin which comes with different payment channels which will help you to accept the payment directly from your audience. Plus, WordPress also provides you with several features that you can use to promote your e-book and encourage your visitors to buy it.

5. Install a WordPress Advertisement plugin to sell advertisements directly

Though it is true that Google Adsense provides you with an easy way to display advertisements on your blogging website and earn money, there is actually a limit to the money that you can from every ad. Google Adsense acts as the intermediary that displays the advertisements on behalf of different organizations and takes a portion from the amount that they pay for CPC ads. However, if you are a WordPress user, then you can get rid of the intermediary and contact the companies directly to get CPC or CPM advertisements directly from them. Installing a WordPress Advertisement plugin makes the job much easier as they help you to meet up with the advertisers and negotiate the prices for displaying advertisements.

6. Host a paid webinar using WordPress

Even if most people are not aware of it, paid webinars are actually a good way to earn good amount of money from your WordPress blog. Webinars do not only let you earn money but it is also an effective way to build your online audience, answer their questions and share your experience.

If you are using WordPress, then it becomes easy to host a paid webinar. You can choose to host the webinar on your blog or you can use it to register the participants and take payments from them. There is a perfect plugin for everything that you require and you can use them to earn money from your WordPress blog.

7. Create restricted contents for the members

Lastly, you can also create restricted content for only the members of your blog to earn money online. You can provide paid membership of your blog to your audience and take payments from them. To encourage the online populace, you can create quality content and restrict them for the members only using WordPress CMS system. It is very easy to accomplish with WordPress and it can turn out to be a winning strategy for monetizing your blog.

WordPress is the most user-friendly CMS platform available on the market today. And you can utilize to earn a good amount of money from your blog. So, use the tricks mentioned above and monetize your blog without any hassle.

BTW, if you’re a more “tech-enabled” person (e.g. a web developer) and looking for more ways to make money with WordPress, then you might also enjoy this article.

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