7 of the Best WordPress Google Analytics Alternatives to Consider

Working as a full-time webmaster or blogger has its own perks, the ability to maneuver the routine according to your needs is what makes the job awesome. But, are you bored with the google analytics?

Google Webmasters is preferred as the first choice for the webmasters or bloggers to track users and harness information necessary for the success of the blog.

The truth is different; Google Analytics might be one of the best tracking tool and the most widely used one, but surely has its own drawbacks and limit the users. The reason can be either having no knowledge of WordPress Google Analytics alternatives or having no idea how much powerful and diversified other analytics tools are. Whatever may be the reason, today we are going to list the best WordPress Google Analytics alternative tools that will help you to keep your blog/website apart from other traditional blogs.

There is also another big reason for choosing a Google analytics alternative. Not all businesses are same and some business might need to consider their work nature and user tracking strategy.

To narrow the problem that most of the business suffer, capturing data, We present the best WordPress Google Analytics alternatives to streamline your analytics experience.

Best WordPress Google Analytics alternative

1. KissMetrics

KISSmetrics Web Analytics

KissMetrics is one of the popular google analytics alternative, which offers tons of features that Google analytics fails to provide.

KissMetrics is founded by James Matthews and is currently going strong.

Features offered by KissMetrics:

  • Building a great user testing environment with unlimited A/B Split Tests
  • Exporting a lot of data to showcase to other members
  • Supports Unlimited data segmentation and report generation.
  • Great Support

Unlike Google Analytic, KissMetric is not free and requires monthly payment. The basic package starts from $150/month and can record up to 500,000 events per month.

2. Gauges

Real time analytics Gauges

Looking for a cheap alternative to Google Analytics? Then, Gauges is for you. ‘Gauges’ is a simplistic approach to gathering user information and presenting them to the webmaster through a simple and intuitive user interface.

‘Gauges’ is currently offered at only $6/month for a handsome 1,00,00 monthly page views and can be used for unlimited websites.

Gauges also generate a simple JavaScript snippet that you need to encode into your website and clearly manages the website data in a much simplist way.

Features of Gauges:

  • Simple yet powerful
  • Provide Real-Time analytics
  • Provides a set of API for easy integration with complex application
  • Amazing support available for teams and individuals
  • No ads and supports responsive design

3. Piwik

Piwik Web Analytics Software

I am always been an advocate of OpenSource and always try to surface it first, but I am not biased here; Piwik is a great OpenSource analytics package that takes care of all your user data in a clear way.

The package is free to download and host on your server, but will cost you around 49€ per month. The limit of the visitors tracked is 300,00 per month.

The only downside of using Piwik is its installation complexity and yes it is not drag and drop or paste the code installation.

A simple guide from Piwik will enable you to install the package in less than 5 mins.

Features of Piwik:

  • Enables webmasters to enable global tracking
  • The dashboard is highly customizable
  • OpenSource, code is available and can be modified
  • Offers Plugin Marketplace for webmasters who are looking for additional functionality.
  • Offers Logs for every individual visitor on the site, providing a lot of insights.

4. Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics

A great enterprise level analytics software that offers features that other free or paid analytics do not offer. If you are receiving a huge amount of traffic and want to create custom tags then Adobe Analytics is for you.

The only downside of using Adobe Analytics is the cost associated with the analytics package. Only big websites are capable of affording the packages. According to Adobe, the packages depends on the project, but the pricing can easily cost more than $5000 per month.

Features of Adobe Analytics:

  • The tool supports real-time analysis.
  • Supports social, mobile and video analytics.
  • Supports advanced segmentation.
  • Can be integrated to 3rd party apps easily.
  • Dyamic Tag Management(biggest advantage)

5. JetPack

Jetpack by WordPress

Are you looking for a free alternative and don’t want to leave your dashboard? Then, Jetpack is a great google analytics alternative. JetPack is managed by WordPress.org and offers lot of modules. One of the module takes care of the analytics of the website.

The only thing which is missed from the package is the number of unique visitors counter, otherwise JetPack is a good free alternative to the Google analytics.

Features of JetPack:

  • No extra server load, light-weight analytics tool.
  • No need to leave the dashboard, all information is rendered on the dashboard.
  • Shows the top-performing content.
  • Provides valuable summaries

6. Clicky

Web Analytics Clicky

Clicky is another worthy alternative to Google Analytics. The analytics tool is easy to use, offers great interface and can be used to track real time data from the website. The clicky tools works similar to Google analytics and you need to register an account to get a tracking code. Once you get the tracking code, your site start analyzing the data.

Clicky is portable and can be used in mobile phones with the help of mobile apps available at their site.

Features of Clicky:

  • Great dashboard interface, provides most of the useful information
  • Provides real-time analytics.
  • Dashboard is customizable.
  • Offers tons of addons(purchasable) such as split testing, uptime, heatmaps and more.

7. FoxMetrics

Web Analytics FoxMetrics

The name in itself says a lot about the plugin and is a good alternative to google analytics. The tool tracks all the activities of the visitors and renders them in the dashboard. The plugin tracks each click and offers you a detail overview of the site performance.

Just like Google Analytics, the service requires a javascript code to be embedded into the website.

The plans start at $20 per month and tracks up to 100,000 requests.

Features of FoxMetrics:

  • Offers Real-Time data
  • No limit on numbers of users tracked
  • Each unique is tracked.
  • Cheap tracking plugin.


There is no perfect google analytics alternative and the choice of the right analytics tool depends on the nature of your business.

My personal pick are Kissmetrics, Jetpack and Clicky.

What’s yours? Let us know by commenting below!

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  • Blake Vaughan
    Posted at 19:51h, 26 March Reply

    nice list! alot of good ones on your list it was really helpful thanks

    • Brian H
      Posted at 22:01h, 30 September Reply

      Thank you for your vote of support 🙂 Keep rocking

  • Derek Moore
    Posted at 19:25h, 28 September Reply

    Good list, Nitish. I’d add Countly (http://count.ly) to this also, if you don’t mind. It has Javascript crash reporting, user profiles, segmentation, funnels and user flows. It’s possible to slice and dice custom events to get more detailed information about users. Btw, it’s possible to download Community Edition at no cost, from Github: http://github.com/countly/countly-server

    • Brian H
      Posted at 22:04h, 30 September Reply

      Hey Derek,

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving your recommendation it looks interesting. We will consider it for the next time we update this article.

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