How To Find Your FTP Hostname, Username and Password?

FTP(File Transfer Protocol) is a standard protocol for transferring files from one host to another. If you are using a hosting, you might want to know the FTP hostname, username, and password. This informative post outlines everything you need to know in regards to How To Find Your FTP Hostname, Username and Password?

There are many ways you can get started with the process of finding the hostname, username, and password.

To get started, first, you need to install an FTP client. You can install FileZilla as it is pretty much the most used FTP client. Once installed, you can proceed to find the FTP hostname, username, and password.

Using FTP can simplify the process of updating files or uploading new media. You can also achieve the similar work process by using the Cpanel in your hosting account. The only downside is that it is a long process and is doesn’t support drag and drop facility.

Many hosting has an SFTP protocol in place. The protocol uses SSH to secure the line between the two machines. In the case of hosting, the connecting is secured between the client and the hosting servers.

You can easily find your FTP Hostname, Username and Password details via the hosting control by strictly following these instructions. The FTP Hostname, Username and Password details are assigned to every domain name on your hosting package. As a result, the FTP Hostname, Username and Password for one site will be different from others.

Without much delay, let’s get started with the process of finding the information and credentials.

How To Find Your FTP Hostname, Username and Password?

Procedures for finding your password, username and FTF hostname

Immediately after choosing and designing your FTP program, you will be required to look for your password, address, and username.

After completing this step, you can now access your server address and start to transfer files from and to your site.

Normally, web hosts will start to send you emails instantly after signing up for web hosting packages. You can look for your FTP details in the first email the host will send you.

Your FTP password and username are usually similar to those in the Cpanel. The name you will choose as your hostname will be your domain name.

Instances of your FTP Details

  • Username-MyUsername 230
  • Live web directory-public HTML
  • Password-customize your password

Step 1: Find the Information in Your Registered Email Account

The best way to start the search is from your registered email account. When you first registered for the hosting account, the hosting sends a series of important emails. They contain your hosting username and password, FTP details clients and other necessary information that you require to get started with the hosting service.

Once, you have got the details; you can go forward and use the FTP client and start uploading or changing the files on the server.

Step 2: Try the cPanel username and password

For all web hosts, you will be required to click links and select your password after signing up for hosting services. The first email will provide this information for you.

Sign in to FTP

FTP programs come with unique login types. Your web host will provide you with FTP details, then, you will be required to enter them in the space provided above, after this, click connect.

You will be provided with a hostname that begins with For some hosts, you will be required to apply SFTP, which performs data encryption transfer which is very different from FTP.

If you have been looking for the best way for transferring files towards and form your server, SFTP should be your best choice.

If you not new to the whole FTP game, you might want to try the default cPanel username and password.

Many hosting companies use this policy to simplify the user process, improving their user experience by a long way.

But, what about the hostname?

The hostname of the similar to your domain name. You just need to add “FTP” to the front of the domain name.

For example,

domain name:

FTP hostname:

Step 3: Get into cPanel and create one

Tried everything, and still not able to find the information you needed. Why not just create one?

Login into your hosting account/cPanel. Once, you are there; you will get FTP Accounts under Files.

How To Find Your FTP Hostname, Username and Password?

Now, click the FTP Accounts and then you will get the following window.


The above screenshot comprises of many fields. You need to fill up the above fields to get started with your FTP account.

Note: Always use the password generator to generate a strong password. Hackers can easily get into your FTP account if you don’t have a strong password.

Still confused?

It is a good time to contact the hosting support and let them sort it out for you.

Management of Your Site

You should consider using the 85ideas site manager for saving your login information.

If you want to perform this setup, just click the file, then go to the site manager and feed in with your login details in the relevant fields, after this, you will be good to go.

Wish to find your FTP Hostname, Username and Password, continue reading this post because we will provide some guidelines for you;

  • Sign in to your Cpanel then scroll up to the FTP segment.
  • In this section, you will find all the details about your FTP, you can also design a new FTP account.
  • If you don’t succeed in this, call your host to get more details from them.

Wrapping Up

FTP Client is an excellent way to access your website files and do minute changes in seconds.

If you are having any problem finding the FTP Hostname, Username and Password, don’t forget to comment below. We will help you find the information and divert you to the right place if needed.

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