How To Change Your WordPress Login URL?

If anyone tries to scare you with security vulnerabilities in WordPress script, then please take that seriously.

If your blog isn’t making any progress or you don’t own a branded website with none reputation, you’re free from all security related chores.

But I truly hope that this isn’t the case at your end. Your blog is making progress as you ever wanted or you own a branded website and truly care for its future.

Brute Force Attacks are very common in WordPress history and they are even part of its present. Not every attempt is done successfully because there are lots of factors involved here. But still, you shouldn’t be taking chances.

Creating a blog and making it a huge success was your idea and now you’ve to protect it.

One simple way of doing it is by changing login URL. By default login URL of every WordPress website is ‘’ and it wasn’t a secret page for any hacker, and it isn’t in the present.

So, if you can change the URL then you’re making it hard for the hacker to guess and find login URL of your website (unless you mention it publicly) and thus it will be protected further.

No one can guarantee 100% protection from any kind of threat to your WordPress driven website unless you pay a lot of money to specialize security service providers. But still you’re making it tough for hackers to pass through and gain access.

Two Ways WordPress Login URL can be changed

There are two ways following which you can achieve the success in here. One is through a custom development and the second is of course through a plugin.

Finding a custom solution and opting this choice for the solution can cost you a lot. Website development doesn’t come at cheap and neither WordPress development. Even if someone is offering his/her service related to this special need at cheap, you should rethink and check all related reviews, before handing over your beloved website.

So, the only option we’re left with is the plugin one. But we don’t have a lot of option over here and just like in the case of the first option as above, we need to check a lot of things before actually opting it.

You’ve to check the source from where you’re downloading the plugin package, whether it is free or comes at a price, what previous users are talking about it, etc. And don’t forget to check its reviews and support pages too.

Once you’ve checked each and every related aspect, then begin installing it and voila, you’ll find the success in changing your WordPress login URL.

Best Plugins to Change WordPress Login URL

Let’s start with the plugin options we got in this very special and important case.

ImportantRun a complete backup process before starting with any of these (or any of your choice) options. Backup should cover database and every single file and folders which are part of your blog.

#1 iThemes Security (Free | Premium)

iThemes Security Plugin

This is a freemium plugin (i.e. available in both free and paid versions) that can help you do the trick. Yes, the free version is capable of doing this while the premium one will offer further enhanced security features. The plugin was earlier known as Better WP Security and it is capable of covering a lot of security loopholes in native WordPress script.

After getting it installed and activated, allow plugin to change core WordPress files. It will give a related warning before making that change, you can read (you should) that. Move into Hide tab within the Plugin tool area and check this option labeled as ‘Enable Hide Backend’.

Once it is enabled, you’re asked to enter any desired URL for login or register or admin webpages. You will be entering slugs for each of them here. If you’re not coming up with a unique slug, then leave them blank and the plugin will use its default settings in this case.

Hit ‘Save Changes’ option and it’s done. Don’t forget to write the new URLs in a separate area so that you can remember them until you get completely familiar with them.

This is a simple way of using this plugin by iThemes for changing WordPress login URLs and all related ones. I hope you find it simple enough. There are also many other security features offered within which are also handy. Also, it is regularly updated.

Full Details & Download

#2 HC Custom WP-Admin URL (Free)

HC Custom WP Admin URL

If you’re looking for a very simple option that simply does this change, then this option comes pretty handily. It simply adds an option to change login URL within the Permalinks area in Dashboard.

You can enter a new URL which will replace ‘/wp-admin’ and ‘/wp-login.php’ webpages. No other option is offered and you won’t get any bothering notifications.

But you should check this plugin in a demo blog you have before activated it on main. I’m strictly recommending this because it got mixed reviews till now and also it’s not yet made compatible with latest WordPress script version.

Full Details & Download

Over to You

To be very honest, I recommend you to try any of these plugin over a test WordPress website first. If you don’t own any other website for spare then ask your fellow friend and get it for just a day. Use the plugin, check each and every functionality and see if it’s working in your case or not.

This is how you’re not only getting a better plugin to do this security trick, but you’ve also checked it on your own before making any changes on your main site, using the same.

Do let me know if you find yourself in any situation through discussion column beneath. If this guide helped you and if I was you, then I would have shared it over my social profiles, just to ensure all my fellow blogger friends come to know about it. Peace.

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