How To Check What WordPress Theme a Site Uses

The day, I started using WordPress themes for my websites

I always found myself curious enough to know the name of the other WordPress theme that my rivals or friends are using. It is quite natural that you may like a theme on any of the WordPress websites currently available.

With so much focus on website design and user experience, it is quite interesting to know the best themes that make the most of the popular websites.

Today, we will go through tools and techniques that will enable you to find the WordPress theme a website is using. The techniques and tools are free to use and will enable you to understand the theme name in no time.

The reason you love a random website is the fact that you love the website design and can easily figure out that the website design is perfect for your needs. After getting excited, it is quite normal to look for the theme that the site is using.

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How to Know the WordPress theme used by a blog

Using 3rd party Tools

Using Automated 3rd Party Tools is the best way to know the WordPress theme used by the website. The most popular tools in this respect are


Know the WordPress theme used by a blog

No Theme Detected, Custom Theme Used Message

Finding the theme behind the blog is easy with the help of the WhatwpThemeIsThat. The name of the website itself tells a lot of about the service. After visiting the website, the first thing you will notice is the big search button. The big search button is the place where you put in the URL of the website for which you want to scan the site for knowing the WordPress theme.

After you put in the URL, the search will take few moments before showing it to the user. The tool offers a lot of information about the search. For example, it will show theme name, theme homepage, author of the theme, author homepage, description of the theme, version of the theme used by the website and a screenshot of the theme.

You may also be surprised that the tool also detect popular plugins. Understanding which plugins the website use can give you a lot of insight on how you can also build your blog.

For example, you can look for the following points.

  1. Which speed plugin the website is using?
  2. Which SEO plugin the blog is utilizing?
  3. Any Popup plugin the website is using?
  4. Social Sharing plugin?

And many more.



Works similar to

Another similar website that works the same way like the

What Happens When the website uses a custom theme?

Custom Themes are awesome, they are curated according to the requirement of the website and offers great control over the design of the website.

If you ever bump into a custom theme, don’t lose heart. You can always find a developer in the market that can make a theme just like you found! You can even make changes to your design and move forward with a fresh idea.

The best way to approach the situation is to take different elements from good sites and to make a unique design that the visitors will always love to visit. Experimentation is the key to success in this case.

Some website have modified themes that enable these 3rd party tools useless. If you run the tools on a website that has hidden the theme name, you will get a custom theme message. So, it’s not always better give up and ask people in forums about the theme the website is using. Someone can just bring more information from the memory that the tools couldn’t.

This is where human experience counts!

Exploring Theme Files

The most easiest way to get the theme name other than using the 3rd party tool is exploring the theme files. You need to open the source code by right clicking on the website. Go the CSS file of the theme and you can easily find the theme name listed in the comments of the CSS file.

If you do not find the name of the theme there, then probably the webmaster has removed the lines for keeping the name of the theme private.

EveryThing Fails, What Now?

When everything fails and you see no hope, there is one last way of gathering the name of the WordPress theme that you have fallen in love. Go to the contact page of the website and contact the webmaster, asking him/her the name of WordPress theme being used on the website.

Always remember to be polite with your query and there is high chance that the webmaster will let you know about the theme being used.

Wrap Up

I hope you liked the collection of websites or techniques that enable you to check the theme of any WordPress website. No one can deny that fact that understanding the usage of other popular WordPress website can indeed help you to understand the dynamics of the theme usage.

It can also help you to filter the popular themes. I always have the habit to check the WordPress theme that the website is using.

What your’s take on theme selection and checking the WordPress theme name of other websites? Do, you think that helps you to make better decisions? Let me know, how it helps you in the comments!

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