Big Brands Powered WordPress Websites

11 Great Examples of Big Brands Powered WordPress Websites

As an entrepreneur or an aspiring author, you might be looking for a platform that can serve all your needs for online presence. The question stays deep in  the mind of the newcomers to the Internet. Which platform to use and why? There are so many questions to answer.

WordPress from its inception has grown exponentially and already cover 33% of the web. The upcoming years will also help it to grow.

Business is not easy to start and to have an online presence is a must in the current generation. The biggest question is why you choose WordPress over other CMS or platform such as Blogger, Drupal, Joomla and more. We will go through a detailed list and also discuss some of the biggest brands that are using WordPress.

Let’s first start off by listing the best brands that are utilizing WordPress platform to their success.

Great examples of Big Brands Powered WordPress Websites

1. TechCrunch

TechCrunch technology news

TechCrunch is a popular technology website. It’s not only.. but also popular, they are the biggest technology publisher in the world. They regularly post unique and ground-breaking content from the technology front. And there is no surprise in guessing that TechCrunch actually utilizes WordPress.

This proves that WordPress platform is highly scalable if configured correctly. The site also loads fast and have no downtime.

2. Re/code

Re code

Recode is yet another technology website that utilizes the power of WordPress. They offer excellent tech news and uses the WordPress platform to their advantage. Platform scaling is done right.

3. Fortune

Fortune News

Fortune is one of the leading business magazines that also host their content online through the website. The site runs on the WordPress platform and equates well to the expectation of the visitors.

4. Facebook NewsRoom

Facebook Newsroom

Facebook is the most popular social networking website, and still they use WordPress to showcase all the latest News through a WordPress website. This speaks volume about the usage of WordPress in the industry.

5. Coca-Cola France

Coca Cola

The Coca-Cola soft drink company decided to give WordPress a chance, and they are quite happy with what they have achieved. The website looks cool and fabulous. The site is also responsive.

6. Metro UK

Metro co uk

Metro UK is one of the leading newspapers in UK, and their website is powered by WordPress! Their website loads fast and is sleek! Check out the site to know more.

7. Open Nasa


A project by Nasa to serve the essential to the masses is done through the Open Nasa website. And guess what they have chosen for creating the site? WordPress! The website undoubtedly does not receive that much traffic compared to other tech sites that I shared at the start of the article.

But, it does tell about the scope of websites that can be built using the WordPress platform.

8. Kylie Minogue


The attractive website of Kylie Minogue is built using WordPress. The website is incredible as it showcases the work of the great Australian Singer. With this sites in our list, it is evident that it can be used by celebrities as well.

9. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz loves WordPress, and if you are a car lover and is looking to open an e-commerce website to sell car accessories then you have finally got your choice as WordPress.

WordPress is e-commerce compatible and is also very popular for company web pages.

10. Vogue

Fashion Magazine Vogue

Vogue is one of the leading women magazines and had made the news recently in India on women empowerment video. Stories apart, the Vogue website is built using the WordPress platform and loads extremely fast.

The website is well-designed and can really immerse the women out there.

Reasons Behind Big Brands Using the WordPress Platform

Understanding the reasons, why the big brands discussed above uses WordPress platform is important. That’s why we will go through some points. These points are discussed below:

1. WordPress Themes Availability

WordPress Ecosystem is the finest among the open source CMS platform. It has tons of themes to use. These templates can be used for creating visually appealing websites. The themes can also be custom made or customized according to the requirements of the client.

2. Easy-To-Use Platform

WordPress is one of the easiest CMS platforms out there. And, if you feel stuck then there are tons of resources available online for free. Even, 85Ideas provide the best beginners tutorials for WordPress.

3. WordPress is highly Scalable platform

WordPress is one of the finest work of engineering. Many hosting companies provide customized WordPress environment for extreme flexibility and performance. So, if you think that your website is going to boom after a certain time, then do no worry. WordPress can handle all the pressure with ease.

4. WordPress is Open Source

OpenSource is great — it provides the platform for innovation and growth. This is true for many businesses our there. They can utilize the freedom in creating custom solutions. The platform is free to expand and use, so you will not get stuck anytime soon. Also, there are tons of WordPress professional available online, which in turn creates a powerful environment for customization.

5. Get Your WordPress website more functional

We discussed how themes availability improves the WordPress environment. Now comes the role of plugins. Similar to themes, plugins are also available in large numbers and can be used to add functionality to the website.

You can also choose to hire professional to build custom plugins for your need.

6. Completely Responsive Design Support

Google, recently came up with a major update. They will rank down all the websites that are not responsive in nature. With WordPress, you get complete responsive design support.

Wrap Up

WordPress is a grand palace — an amazing ecosystem, full of collaboration and awesomeness. The usage of WordPress by the big brands justify the choice you have taken. With WordPress, you can relax and be happy as your website store to success.

We also discussed some of the key features that make WordPress the advantage over other platforms that are available online.

Do You have Something in mind regarding WordPress platform as the correct choice for your next project? Comment below and we will answer them right away!

*last updated 02/24/2019

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    Great list. Must have taken a while to compile with the screenshots. WP really is an amazing platform. But always keep it updated. There are thousands of exploits out there.

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    wrdpress give us a good platform .wordpress give us good layouts and its easy to maintain the website.

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    I think that the ecommerce builders deserve their place. I would also argue that the top builders should not be so highly rated as well. However, I suppose that this is the opinion of the different people. I don’t have a favorite but I’ve used Wix, Weebly and Web. I can’t say that either of those has impressed me very much. They are okay, they do the job fine.I know this is more about WP, but I really had to say it.

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