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How to Optimize WordPress Database without Plugin

Database is a key factor for speed of your WordPress websites. If you want to optimize your WordPress database without any plugin, this tutorial is going to help you for that. If you have any questions regarding this tutorial, please don’t hesitate to ask your questions through commenting this page. We will be happy to help you.

Optimize Your WordPress Database without Plugin

Login Your cPanel

You will need to login to your cPanel first. You can also do the similar step with Plesk since all steps are going to be same after you connect to the phpMyAdmin.

Login to Cpanel

Login to phpMyAdmin from cPanel

You will see phpMyAdmin on Databases section of cPanel. This is the tool which contains all databases on your hosting package. It is also our tool for optimizing the database of WordPress. We recommend you to not to change settings of your database if you don’t know what you are doing. Please click on phpMyAdmin to login it.

Login PhpMyAdmin

Select a Database for Optimize

Select a database that you want to optimize from phpMyAdmin. You will see the list of databases from the left sidebar of the website. If you don’t know which database you need to optimize. You can check your website’s wp-config.php file. You will see the name of your database on that file. If you already have one database, you will need to optimize it.

Select a Database

Click on Check All

After you select the database, you will see all tables on the new page. You will need to click on check all to select all those tables.

Select Check All

Click on With selected: and Repair Table

Just near of the check all, you will see a selection bar as “With selected:”. Please click on the selection bar and click on repair table.

Repair Table

If you are using InnoDB, this won’t help you much. However this will fix some problems with MyIsam tables. If all of your tables are InnoDB, you can skip this step and go to optimize step below.

Check All and Optimize Table

As we have described above, you will need to check all tables again. Click on the selection bar called as “With selected” and select Optimize Table.

Optimize Table

Optimizing table doesn’t give 100% performance on InnoDB (It is not also needed much for InnoDB) but it still optimizing your tables very good. We recommend you to do it regularly. It helps you much for MyISAM tables.

How Often You Should Optimize WordPress Tables

You can even use this option everyday if you want. This is completely optional. It depends how you update your website and how much visitors you have. If you have more than 5000 unique visitors daily, we recommend you to optimize your wordpress tables once in two weeks. This will keep your website fast. If you have less visitors, you can do it once in a month.

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    Posted at 16:52h, 25 August Reply

    Thanks for the help
    I have installed a plugin which doesn’t support any other optimization plugin than itself. And yet it doesn’t provide with the option to optimize databse, This should help

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