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Top 5 Managed WordPress Hosting Companies of 2021

Looking for the best managed wordpress hosting companies? Look No Further! This is all what this detailed article is all about.

Hosting WordPress is very easy nowadays. There are so many hosting providers out there, and every hosting provider claims to be better than the rest. But how do you make the right decision and do pick the type that is best for your blog?

In today’s article, I will go forward and list the best managed WordPress hosting companies of 2020.

The new year brings new challenges and that’s why your blog/website should be ready to handle all the traffic. If you are starting out your blog, using shared hosting can yield a better return of investment(ROI). Also, it is much feasible at the starting point of a blog or a business. But with time, businesses and blogs grow. Shared hosting just not capable of handling all the traffic. The errors and crashes keep coming in, and you are left with the loss of customers.

For this only, managed hosting are invented.

Managed hosting not only provide the required juice but also provide the peace of mind and quality of service that any medium to large scale business would require. The managed hosting market has been booming for the past few years. The competition is fierce and the end users are the only ones who gain more with better services.

Before we dive deep into the comparison, it is a good idea to get the basics clear.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

WordPress Managed Hosting is aimed at providing a refined hosting environment for WordPress websites.

In simple words, the website runs better. The loading times are excellent. Plugin and themes support are great.

Managed WordPress hosting is customized for security and plugin support.

Many hosting providers have built-in security and compression or cache mechanisms. This means you don’t need to use separate plugins to achieve the desired result.

At the core, managed WordPress hosting is speedy, secure, simple, and incredibly efficient. These best managed wordpress hosting companies take the pain out of hosting so you can do what you do best; build your blog.

Benefits of Using Managed WordPress Hosting

Clearly, there are tons of benefits of using managed WordPress hosting. When you choose this type of hosting over basic shared or VPS hosting, you can expect the following benefits:

Speed: Website loading time is fundamental to any website. The faster the website loads, the better will be customer retention and Google rankings.

Security: Managed WordPress hosting is more secure than other hosting types. The security layers are managed by hosting and hence provides a secure environment.

Support: Premium support is provided by the managed hosting service. Good support is necessary for optimal business.

Daily Backups: As much as you care about your website, the hosting providers do the same.

No Downtime: There is no downtime associated with Managed WordPress hosting. This is crucial for the best managed wordpress hosting companies out there. It doesn’t matter how many visitors hit your site, it will up and running.

Automatic Updates: Best managed wordpress hosting companies – Managed WordPress hosting managed updates themselves.

With this support, you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues and other problems that happen with updates. The core files and other plugins are updated accordingly.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Companies

FlyWheel Hosting

best managed wordpress hosting companies

FlyWheel is one of the oldest players in the managed WordPress hosting. They are mainly popular for providing services for designers and creatives.

But, that doesn’t mean other WordPress websites are not welcome. They can be equally well maintained.

For designers, they provide a workflow that works. As a designer, you will also get tools to play with. Some of the tools include staging, billing transfers, collaboration, etc.

The main attraction of the service is the dashboard. The dashboard is easy to use and provides a good user experience.

Pricing: The pricing of FlyWheel starts from $14/month for pay-per-site. You can also go for bulk plans which start from $92/month.

WordPress Hosting Companies

Features at a glance:

  • FlyWheel offers great value for money. Plans are affordable.
  • FlyWheel hosting provides great loading speed for your website. CDN provisions are also available.
  • Security is great. Everything works out of the box.
  • The platform is built around designers, but anyone can easily take advantage of it.

Cons: Low monthly visits on the cheapest plan.

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web hosting

If you are not new to “best managed wordpress hosting companies” you might already know about WPEngine. They are the leaders in managed WordPress providers and are serving more than 30,000 customers in 120 countries.

Their hosting is super-fast, secure and top of the line. They also have a team of talent WordPress experts who handle the chorus of complexity.

Big brands use WPEngine as their daily driver. For example, SoundCloud, Foursquare, and other big brands use their service.

Pricing: The plans start from $35/month for a single website with a limit of 25K visits/month. The pricing differs according to the visitors per month and how many WordPress instance you are planning to run.

Features at a glance: 

  • Very secure hosting. They provide a free fix if the site is hacked.
  • Offers inbuilt cache system for better performance. No need to use 3rd party cache plugins.
  • Offers staging area for proper testing ground.
  • One-click backup and restore option. Daily automatic backups ensure that you will never loose your data.

Cons: Slightly more expensive compared to other managed hosting providers on this list.

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SiteGround is an affordable managed hosting provider. Their plans start at only $3.95 per month. You will get all the features you can expect from a managed hosting provider.

Pricing: As mentioned above, SiteGround offers plans, starting from$3.95/month. They also offer plans at $5.95/month and $11.95/month.

Features at a glance:

  • It utilizes HHVM for faster loading website. HHVM is 200 times faster than PHP.
  • The hosting offers Supercache — an easy way to improve site performance
  • Staging is also supported.
  • Installing WordPress is easy with Unique WordPress auto installer. Updates are also managed by SiteGround.

Cons: Caching is not built in. For utilization purposes, you need to use 3rd party cache plugins such as W3 Total Cache.

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Kinsta specifies in premium managed hosting for WordPress. They were the first managed WordPress hosts to exclusively utilize Google Cloud Platform and Google’s premium global tier network. With their services blazing fast site speed and smooth running of your WordPress site is guaranteed.

Besides speed and cutting-edge technology, Kinsta offers advanced security features; full daily backups, regular uptime checks, free SSL integration and hack fix guarantee and a support team of experts working around the clock to mention a few.

With the help of Kinsta’s custom-built site management dashboard you can easily access traffic, website and bandwidth analytics, handle migrations, choose from the 18+ worldwide data centers available or create a one-click staging environment. They also have one of the most rewarding affiliate program in the industry in case you would like to refer your clients.

Pricing: Kinsta has ten plan tiers available, starting from $30. Additionally, they provide custom plans.

Features at a glance:

  • High-security network
  • Free SSL and CDN and SSH access included in all plans
  • Free white glove migrations
  • Free one-click staging
  • WooCommerce optimized infrastructure
  • PHP 7.3 support
  • Custom site management dashboard

Cons: None.



Pagely is yet another managed hosting provider. Pagely is well-known for the security of the managed hosting service they provide.

Other than security, Pagely provides fast loading website and a support for auto-updates, daily backups and tons of other features.

Pagely also has an excellent plugin support and you can use any plugin of your choice.

Features at a glance:

  • Offers daily backups and automatic updates.
  • Plugin support is excellent. Use any plugin without any constraints.
  • Suppor PressCDN, starting at $9/month.
  • Supports Varnish caching for better loading time.

Cons: Pricing is on the higher side.

Notes and Conclusion

Managed WordPress hosting is no doubt one of the best ways to give your website more visibility.

If you are tight on budget and want to get started then SiteGround is a great place to get started. Other managed hosting providers are good too, the only requirement being the capacity to pay for their services.

My personal favorites are FlyWheel, WPEngine, and Kinsta. They have all the perks that you might need for your next business project. And, if you are a designer, things can never go wrong.

Pagely offer great services too at a higher price range. In the end, you will have great hosting experience from any of the hosting providers listed above.

We strongly hope that our list of the best managed wordpress hosting companies has been helpful to your course.

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