Top Flipboard WordPress Magazines You Should be Following

Flipboard is the internet magazine and if you do not know what Flipboard is all about, don’t worry — we will go through the introduction first. Flipboard is a social-aggregator and a personal magazine app for the users. Its main motive is to let users customize their magazine and feed them with relevant information across the internet.

So, what WordPress users can benefit from the amazing algorithm that Flipboard uses? The mingling can result in one of the best experience for WordPress users as they can easily follow top flipboard magazines about WordPress.

Flipboard has millions of users in their kitty and with WordPress, the equation changes completely. You can easily go through some of the best resources, tutorials and another form of articles on WordPress and flip over them in a customized way.

But, wait, the real question is which top flipboard magazines about WordPress to follow? Today, we will go through the flipboard magazines that offers great deal of information about the WordPress niche. The WordPress Magazines will keep you engaged for the whole week. Let’s start the list without wasting more time.

1. WordPress By William Hazard

Wordpress guide on Flipboard

The Flipboard Magazine Link: WordPress by William Hazard

William Hazard is popular on Flipboard. With over 17 magazines and more than 10 thousand articles shared, she is doing a great deal of work for the Flipboard community.

This WordPress Magazine on Flipboard is maintained by William Hazard and is one of the popular and most visited magazine related to WordPress. William Hazard uses this magazine to aggregate important resources on WordPress. As, I fiddled out with the flipboard, majority of the WordPress articles are from WPBegineer. There are also some new players in the magazine, but there is no pinpoint or drift to just one publisher.

The Flipboard Magazine aggregate almost all the aspects of the WordPress including theme, plugin, resources, How-To, WordPress SEO and more. A great place for a WordPress junkie like me and you.

Currently, the magazine has more than 3,000 articles shared and it will take you quite a time to finish fiddling with it. The magazine is followed by approx 5,491 viewers.

2. WordPress by Steffen Siegrist

Wordpress on Flipboard

The Flipboard Magazine Link: WordPress by Steffen Siegrist

Steffen Siegrist is a freelancer who loves to develop on WordPress and other technologies. The flipboard magazine has 1000 followers.

Similar to what we have seen in the flipboard magazine by William Hazard, but this flipboard magazine has less content compared to the WordPress magazine we discussed above. This magazine also acts as an aggregator and keeps their followers updated with articles about themes, plugins and other resources about WordPress.

The articles shared can be from any online website. The popular ones that came to my notice are WPbeginner, wp solver and our site, 85ideas. There are also articles that showcases on opinions about WordPress. I like this magazine much more than that of the WordPress Magazine by William Hazard, the reason being the quality of the articles shared.

3. WordPress By InsulaBit

InsulaBit WordPress on Flipboard

The Flipboard Magazine Link: WordPress by InsulaBit

The most popular WordPress Flipboard magazine with more than 7,400 viewers. The Flipboard is mainly focused on WordPress theme, tuts and other resources related to WordPress. With only 75 articles on the flipboard, I must say that this flipboard is surely here to stay and will topple other WordPress flipboard. But, there is a concern, it is not updated regularly. The flipboard magazine is followed by 2,452 Followers.

The WordPress articles shared on the flipboard ranges from list articles to security articles and more.

4. Best WordPress Plugins 2018

Best WordPress Plugins on Flipboard

The Flipboard Magazine Link: Best WordPress Plugins 2018

This flipboard magazine is new and mainly focuses on WordPress plugins. With 2,759 Followers and 6,311 Viewers, the flipboard has gained a lot of traction in less time. The magazine is maintained by Content Ideas.

Why the flipboard Magazine special? They only focus on sharing information about the plugins and nothing else. This keeps the readers happy as they know what they will get in terms of content. The articles can be plugin reviews, lists, How-To and more.

I really love this flipboard as it focuses on just one sub-niche of WordPress, i.e., plugins. Plugins are important for the WordPress Ecosystem and with constant updates on the plugins, I keep my appetite for WordPress fulfilled.

5. WordPress Tricks by Dimitar Tsonev

WordPress Tricks on Flipboard

The Flipboard Magazine Link: WordPress Tricks by Dimitar Tsonev

WordPress is full of tricks, when used can bring more out of the system. This flipboard magazine by Dimitar Tsonev offers WordPress Tricks and Tips. Currently, the flipboard magazine has 845 articles and is followed by 100 flipboard users.

The tips and tricks shared are useful. The collection comes from best WordPress websites such as wpsuperstars, justwp and more. The articles shared on the flipboard magazine are complex in nature as it dives deep into the code of the WordPress, revealing the beauty of the WordPress Open source nature.

The magazine also shares plugins, themes based articles.

6. WordPress 2015 by Peter Cobbe

WORDPRESS articles on Flipboard

The Flipboard Magazine Link: WordPress 2015 by Peter Cobbe

The WordPress 2015 by Peter Cobbe is relatively new but has a good number of followers. Currently, the magazine is followed by 2,265 Followers with 196 articles. The main focus of the magazine is WordPress insight articles. It also shares another kind of articles regarding WordPress.

Even thought it is WordPress related magazine, I found some social media articles, which are related to WordPress in some way or another. The magazine also shares list based articles.

A good flipboard magazine to follow.

What’s your Best Flipboard Magazine for WordPress?

WordPress is a great platform, it enables the users to create websites fast. The site created are also amazing and secure. Also, keeping track of WordPress related news is tough. With Flipboard, WordPress finds a new home and these magazines are great for WordPress Junkies like you and me.

So, which WordPress Magazine you love and want to share it with your friends?

If you are true WordPress lover, you can start your own WordPress flipboard Magazine and share your collection with the flipboard community. The WordPress community still has enough space for more WordPress Magazine.

Let us know, if you are starting your own WordPress flipboard! We would love it to add to our list of Flipboard Magazine about WordPress.

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