Top Web Design Blogs To Follow In 2021

Web Design is awesome! It beautifies the web and enables normal users to visit unique websites almost now and then. For web designers, the task is becoming more and more challenging as new tools and techniques are released almost every day.

Keeping up with the best practices is also important compared to learning new things. And, that’s why it is important for any web designer to follow blogs on web design.

Today, we will go forward and look at the top web design blogs to follow in 2021. 2021 is the year where big fonts, full-screen backgrounds, and other new trends are emerging. As web design is a creative field, there is no limit to what one can do as a web designer. The blogs are mainly run by experts, who bring the best techniques on the table.

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Top Web Design Blogs To Follow In 2021

Web Designer Depot

Web Design Blog Webdesigner Depot

Web Designer Depot is one of most famous web design blogs out there. It came into the scene, five years ago and now it is showing the strength and authority it carries in the web design department. The website was started by Walter Apai, a Canadian-based web designer.

It covers a lot of topics related to HTML5, CSS3, Web Dev, news, Design Tutorials and much more.

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MasterBundles blog

MasterBundles is a unique marketplace where in addition to buying high-quality web products you can find inspiring articles about web design, trends in graphics, the digital world, and the latest innovations in web development. Besides that, skilled designers, coders, web studio owners, photographers, and artists share useful tips from their experiences.

Also, feel free to browse the website to buy products for your works. These can be presentations, resumes, certificates, planners templates, as well as impressive graphics. Plus, the marketplace has a whole section with fully free web items, where you are sure to find the right solution for your projects.

Monster Post


Monster Post is a blog run by Monster Templates. They specialize in developing extremely attractive WordPress themes and for the web designers they run this amazing blog.

The blog offers great resources for the web designers. The web designers can easily use the blog for news hunting, inspiration and much more. Moreover, they list the best interviews from the web, making it an amazing place.

You can also get a lot of resources including WordPress themes, printables, Photoshop goodies and much more. A dozen of staff regularly updates the website.

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Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

If you are not new to the web, you would probably know Smashing Magazine — it doesn’t require any introduction. The most important aspect of the magazine is the way they approach their audience. With a post frequency of 3-5 posts per week, you will always be treated with new ideas and learning posts.

Smashing Magazine covers mainly four topics, coding and programming, UX, web design and graphics. They are all inter-related, and a web designer will find it extremely useful in a long run.

The website is also great for newbies as it contains hundreds of tutorials aimed at them. They also offer cool freebies and have both printed and electronic magazine.

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Web Design Tuts+

Tuts Free Web Design Tutorials

Tuts+ is known for its popular tutorials. They have tutorials for almost every category when it comes to the web development and web design.

Web Design Tuts+ is the house of extremely amazing tutorials on CSS, HTML, complete websites, design theory, photoshop and much more. The tutorials are detailed and hence offers great resources for web designers.

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The Next Web(DD)

TNW Design Dev

The Next Web is a popular blog(news blog) that covers almost everything that is related to technology. This means that they also have a section for design and development. Most of their blog posts are generic and hence less tutorial oriented. But, those blog posts are amazing for the web designers who are eager to learn about the new stuff in the industry.

They also offer development related stuff, keeping you busy most of the time.

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Dart Creations

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 4.11.26 PMDart Creations is a great example of how to teach WordPress by networking with competitors in the same industry at the same time. The guys over at this site do a great job of guest posting and bringing in other website owners to share their insights with their readers. This helps unite the WordPress industry. Who doesn’t like a little bit of love these days?

Aside from the standard WordPress tutorials, resource recommendations, and free themes, this site also goes into a great amount of detail about Joomla. This unique area allows them to cater towards more audiences than one, and provides an immense amount of value to readers, no matter what they’re looking to do.

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1st Web Designer

1stWebDesigner Blog

1st Web Designer is on the path of providing excellent web designing tutorials, resources, inspiration, and many others for many years now. The good news is that they are still rocking and providing excellent posts on the web designing aspect.

It is completely focused on web designing and hence it offers what you want. There is no development article on the website. The tutorials are in-depth and provide the necessary code to go along. I really like the website and would recommend it to anyone who is in the realms of web designing.

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Line25 Web Design Blog

There was a moment in my life when Line25 tutorials just came up first for every web designing keyword that I searched for. Yes, this is the ultimate place to learn web design.

Chris Spooner created the website. He is currently maintaining the website and offers a great selection of tutorials, inspiration posts and much more.

Spooner also runs another website known as SpoonGraphics. SpoonGraphics excels at general design topics and illustrator.

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Design Tips Tutorials Hongkiat

Hongkiat was first launched in 2007 by Honkiat Lim. The website age showcases in the blog posts that they publish now. The website was not so successful in the early days but picked up nicely in the later years.

With its increase in popularity, the founder improved on its fallbacks and now it is one of the popular web design and dev magazines on the internet.

The website is great for newbies as it contains tons of newbie related tutorials and resources. It covers a wide range of topics including Tools, inspiration, WordPress, Graphics and much more.

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Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq design tips

Creative Bloq is a popular blog that aims to serve content on creativity. This includes graphic design, digital art, 3D, web design and much more. The website is a great choice for anyone who is looking to dive deep into creative topics and is not limited to only web design topics.

The quality of the content published on the website is quite good. You won’t find low-quality content on the website.

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Learn More Each Day

With all the above design blogs, you will not be short of new stuff to learn. But, there is advice, don’t feel guilty if you just cannot read all the websites. Take time as learning can be best done in chunks and provides the best possible output for long-term investment.

The above blogs are handpicked design blogs you can follow in 2019. So if you think, ‘the blog you read,’ should be on the list, don’t forget to comment below and let us know.

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    Nice piece. I agree that website designs beautifies the web and enables normal users to visit unique websites almost now and then.
    Like the way you have mentioned about it well. Keep sharing such posts like this.

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    Good Posting!!!

    I have found almost all important web designing blogs under these topic. Line 25 and Hongkiat are my favourite among these.
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