4 Tips to Effective Website Branding

Running a business involves doing a lot of necessary tasks. From product development to looking for financiers or investors to manufacturing and shipping, it can be a lot. What’s worse is if you don’t get people to purchase your product because they don’t know your company or don’t understand what your company does.

Branding is important to businesses because it helps give companies an identity that sets it apart from competitors. But in order to help get your brand out in this digital world, you need a website. Not just any website, but a website that helps communicate your company’s brand to its target audience.

Here are a few tips to creating a website that is effective at communicating your brand.

Logo design

Communicating your brand through your website starts with having a logo for your brand. Having a logo establishes a sense of legitimacy to your website, as most reputable brands have a logo.  If you are unsure, a branding agency in San Francisco can help ensure your logo effectively represents your brand and strengthens the connection between your website and your company.

Logos are important, as they ensure that people who visit your website automatically connect your site to your company. In return, they will better associate whatever content is in your website to what your company does and what its purpose is.

If you do not have experience in graphic design, consider using a logo maker such as Looka to create a logo that reflects your brand. When you make a logo, the important thing is to keep it simple. Find a way to communicate your company’s purpose and goals in a way that involves as few design elements as possible when creating a logo for your website.

Design consistency

In line with the point above, another key to effective website branding is keeping the visual style and design consistent throughout your company’s website. Being able to maintain consistency in web design means that your site sends a uniform message about your brand on every page.

One trick to maintaining design consistency is taking a cue from the design elements of your logo and mirroring them in the way the website is designed. For example, the colors used in your logo can be incorporated into the color scheme for the visual elements of your website. Color can be a very effective tool in communicating a message to a visitor; different colors relay different messages. Having different color schemes for your logo and website can confuse visitors as to what your brand is about.

Show and tell

Despite all the bells and whistles in creating stunning visuals for your site, building a website that can effectively communicate what your company is about is nothing if it doesn’t tell you anything. Sure, a website’s design and a company logo can give you an idea about who or what a company is about, but without actually telling the visitors, they’re really just doing guesswork.

Creating effective branding using your company website is not just about good site design, but also about showcasing what exactly it is that your company has to offer. Create an About Us page that shows and tells visitors the identity of your company. Use images, videos, and most importantly words that tell whoever is reading your About Us page your company’s purpose of existing.

An About Us page is important to any website. This is the place where the company can introduce themselves to potential clients, so being able to give a good impression while telling the visitors all the information they need  in as few words as possible is really important. Having too much or too little information can lead to a decline in interest.

Pare it down

When given the task of creating a website, uninformed individuals tend to err on the side of too much — that is, they load the website with lots and lots of unnecessary details. That is just bad web design, and if you’re trying to establish your brand identity, that’s a no-no.

Having a website that is overloaded with lots of plugins and add-ons is like working on a cluttered desk: it becomes very hard for whoever is using it to find what they are looking for. Navigability and readability might not be a priority in the visitor’s mind, but having a clean user interface will help them find what they want a lot faster.

Creating effective website branding is all about making the right design choices both in the aesthetic and technical sense of the word and hiring the right digital branding agency. Having brand identity, a good story about your company, and efficient website code will all help you create a website that is on brand for your brand. If you want to take things a step further, you can always call up PR companies London.

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