8 Examples Of Bad Web Design in 2021

The web has come a long way since it first appearance in 1994. However, there are a few websites still living in that era. In today’s article, we will look at how not to create a website in the 20th century. The web designs mentioned below are a great example of a bad website design and should be consider updating to serve tech savvy users of 2021. While reading this, please keep in mind that this is my opinion and I would love to know whether you agree or disagree with me.

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Examples of a Bad Website design

Create a trustworthy design now.

Design is the key factor in all websites. It doesn’t matter if you are starting a small business, you will require a professional designer to assist you with the design of your website. It can be a great idea if the developers and designers can combine efforts from scratch using the best design collaboration tool.

Creating a functional and stunning website is not as simple as many people think. Get an experienced consultant to assist you when analyzing the behavior of your target audience, then build and implement an excellent UI, having one thing in mind and that is giving the best experience to your customers.

It is very important to learn the mistakes of web design and ways to avoid them. If you are still confused, continue reading this post to get elaborate information on what a good site should be looking like.

Trends in bad website design changes almost every hour. Therefore, principles of design are very difficult to predict, but, you can still use the existing principles. I have done research on many websites and discovered many design principles. These are;

  • Navigation that is simple to understand
  • Use of animation appropriately
  • Use of a design which is relevant to the theme or the content.
  • A layout that is neat
  • Best color schemes
  • Eye appealing site
  • Arranging the content and design elements

With so many new devices of various screen sizes and where users are now prepared to wait around for your site to load. There can’t be any room for bad web design if you are serious about your business.

Just in case you are the owner of any of these sites mentioned here, here are my top tips on how you could improve your bad website design trends.

  1. Make your website is responsive meaning it adapts to the users screen size allowing a seamless experience alternative have a mobile version of your site created
  2. Ensure that your website is easy to navigate and clearly layout. An old school rule of thumb is to ensure your user can reach their destination under three clicks.
  3. Avoid flash, if possible, search engines can not read them and some older browser might block it all together.
  4. Ensure your colour scheme is easy on the eyes and compliment each other. It is especially important in niches with much competition like online casino since there are thousands of similar sites and it is easy to choose another site instead.
  5. Keep your site clutter free and I would personally avoid auto-playing music without a pause or stop button. There is some exception to this rule but for the majority, it’s a no-no.
  6. follow those five simple rules and you are sure to have happier users.

Ok so without further ado here is my compilation of sites I would deem to be terrible in terms of bad website design.

bad website design

They seem to have some cool stuff selling however the design was way too overwhelming for me personally. A bit of tidy up and rearranging and they would be onto a winner. I would suggest any of these eCommerce templates to give Arngren a fresh look.

terrible webdesign

I have been a follower of this site since the owner appeared on BBC dragon dens, great business but her website, in my opinion, could do with a bit of de-cluttering.

Irish bad webdesign

Again another really interesting website with regards to the information provided there it’s a shame about the design.

Yale University

All the information you could want is there however the presentation could do with a little rearranging and a lick of paint. For Yale, I would suggest any of these education themes.

Penny bad design

Here is a great example how not to choose your colour scheme. The site seems like a fun brand however the site is in need of a major redesign. Pennyjuice seems to be aimed at the child market so I would suggest any of these nursery style templates.

Suzanne Collins bad webdesign

Out of all the websites listed here, this one is not so bad website design because the information is there in an easy to find manner. It could do with being responsive and a touch of paint would go a long way. For this website, I would suggest a personal blog template.

bad design3

Really great cause but they could do with losing for of those unnecessary flash. Here a few great alternative web templates for church themes.

bad website2

Another example of too much flash used and a very annoying voice in the background that can not be turned off. To improve this site, I would suggest any of these portfolio themes.


Wrapping Up

Let me know what your thoughts in the comments below, which website was your favourite? Also, if you are the owner of any of the sites mention, no harm was intended and merely take it as free advice on improving your site.

The listed principles are simple rules of bad website design, however, it is already evident that the best web design must be eye appealing, simple to understand and simple to use. This shows that the best website must offer users with unique user experience. At this point, you should not give any excuses, just go through these guidelines once more, and create a website of your dream.

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      I was browsing articles for examples of bad sites to my web students, this gem has made my day. Thank you for sharing this!

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