The Best Places to Find Free Newsletter Templates

Building subscribers list is very important — they are the lifetime audience for your website and whenever you publish something, they are the first audience that help you spread the first. They visit the post first and they also distribute the article to the different social media platforms surrounding us.

All well and good, but there is one missing puzzle piece — the newsletter templates. If you are using any of the popular email service providers such as MailChimp or Aweber, you know how hard it is to find an email template.

Building a list is just one part, interacting with the list is another. If you wish to utilize the power of email marketing, it is necessary to work the list and leverage the email subscriptions you have.

Now, comes the real question. Where can you find those free Newsletter template for your campaign?

Don’t worry as we got all covered. But, before we start let’s discuss what you get in a template.

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The Template Philosophy

Templates are an interesting piece of art. They provide a skeleton or mockup for your future email work. With the help of the template, you can easily create the complete email in less time. Also, the templates offer better design and code that can also help you in customization.

The templates are not new. The idea of templates is almost two decades ago. There are templates for a lot of other work. It can be used by developers to kick start their project. Even writers use templates to write faster and better. But, that’s not a technical template.

You can easily edit the templates by loading them into your code editor or online editor and customize it according to your requirement. Those, who don’t have coding experience can opt for drag and drop builder(such as MailChimp) and simplify their process of creating the email newsletter.

The Best Places to Find Free Newsletter Templates

All the resources that we present today offer free newsletter templates. You can also find them selling templates, but you can just ignore those and opt for the free ones.


99Design is extremely popular when it comes to free resources and especially designers resources. They have an email design category from where you can take clues and design the best email you can ever think of.

Check out the collection of free newsletter templates.


Who doesn’t love open source? We all do and AntWork is an example of what open source resources are capable of doing. AntWork is available for free under the MIT license. It was released a year ago on Oct 2014. The more awesome aspect about the email templates is that they are responsive and will always be free. The templates are developed by InterNations GmbH.

Get AntWork

Freemail Templates

Freemail templates are one of the most popular hubs for free templates. The templates are free, and you can also get hold of both PSD and HTML. The website is still in its inception age, so don’t forget to check it from time to time.

Visit FreeMailTemplates


Campaign Monitor offers hundreds of free email templates for your work. The collection is quite impressive, and you will find some useful templates for your campaign. You can try out their free template builder for more customization and better templates. The templates created using their free template builder have more chances of fitting to your requirements than anything else on their website. So, don’t forget to try the free templates builder.

Get 100+ Free Email Templates


ZURB offers a collection of free email templates. You will get both the CSS files and HTML file. This way you can edit the file according to your requirement. Once you have edited the files, you can upload and use them for email campaigning.

Get ZURB Emails


When we speak about free email templates, MailChimp name automatically comes around. The reason? It is a popular email service and enable you to take care of your email campaigns for free. The free version is limited to just 12,000 emails targetted at 2,000 subscribers a month. And, if you are using the free services, you will also get access to free templates and other tools available within MailChimp.

Visit MailChimp

Email On Acid

Email On Acid is a free email testing tool and it comes with all the necessary free email templates that are required for your email campaign. You can also tinker with the boilerplate HTML template which is free to be tinkered with. The idea is to give you everything you will ever need in your quest of email campaigning. A test tool, a boilerplate and free email templates.

Visit Official Website

Email Template For Newsletter

Email Template for Newsletter offers yet another collection of free email templates. These templates are high in quality and offer good customization out of the box. They also offer MailStyler which is famous for easy newsletter creation tool. It is not completely free, but you can always give it a try.

Get Free Emails Templates

Wrap Up

Today, I went through some of the best resources for free email templates. All the resources listed above have a collection of email templates, and it will take some time to go through them.

Do, you loved the free resources? Comment below and let us know. Also, if you have a free email template resource, you can comment below and share it with the community. We will be eager to know from your side.

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