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3 Best WordPress Templates to Create Perfect Design by Yourself in 2021


So, you now have picked the kind of CMS (content management system) that you wish to use in creating your blog design. You may already have your own domain name as well as your WordPress hosting. After installing your CMS you now start wondering about the kind of theme or template that you will be using. While you think that setting up and designing your website is a breeze, you now come to the point where you feel like you are lost in the middle of nowhere – in the middle of countless free WordPress templates, themes and page builders.

Choosing a WordPress Template or Theme

When looking for a theme for your WordPress it is more likely that you want something that offers flexibility. Flexibility allows a user to make use of it for many different purposes. It also allows him to come up with the kind of website or blog he want. So as to be done in that manner, the theme should be sufficiently adaptable. This will give you the opportunity to realize your visions for the website and pages that you want to create.

Moreover, this will also allow you to do the job on your own without the aid and assistance of a professional website developer. If you are someone who is a newbie and that you have not learned or know much about PHP, you have to accept the fact that you will need the assistance and help of a professional website developer.

You can avoid this from happening if you have a flexible and customizable WordPress design or theme. With it, you can have all the freedom to alter or change anything you want on your site without making new templates or using different codes. A theme that’s coded can be coined as something flexible if the codes are exceedingly easy.

The Best WordPress Templates Out There

If you are going to look around you will surely find a plethora of free WordPress templates that you can use in designing your blog, website and pages. Website design can be something laborious especially when you lack tools and templates. Here are some of the best WordPress templates that can help you simplify your act of creating an attractive website of yours:

  1. OceanWP

This is a free multi-purpose theme that is characterized with a host of features with five-star rating in the WP directory. It is often installed with a free plugin for your page builder so that you can have more options especially in the field of customization. It also offers many layout options that give you more room in customizing your website. These things make OceanWP one of the best WP themes today.

  1. Themify Builder

One of the best WordPress blog templates that you can use in designing your website and webpages is Themify Builder. This WP theme comes with a special framework that permits you to create custom designs using an interface known as drag-and drop. It also comes with editing and font options, allowing you to clearly see whatever changes you have done. Since it works responsively, it absolutely looks great on all devices.

  1. Divi

This is one of the most successful WordPress blog templates on the market these days. In fact, this template is now being used by more than 500,000 users worldwide. This is not surprising because Divi is not only flexible but powerful as well. While it has its drag-and-drop capability for page building, it also allows you to build, create and design all kinds of website: business sites, blogs, informational sites, online shops, portfolios and a whole lot more. It also comes with layouts and modules for customization options and many various purposes that allow you to make unique and stand out websites and page designs on your own.

Creating Your Own WordPress Theme/Template

For those who are thinking about creating their own WordPress templates, it is a common thought or idea to these people to choose and pick the ready-to-use ones. Perhaps, these users may not be aware yet that they can actually create WordPress templates or themes that they can call their own. If you want to create and come up with your own themes and templates then this post covers the different ways that can help you go about it effectively.

There are various options that you can use when making your own WordPress blog templates. Such options may often start from doing some edits to any existing theme or template. The truth is that creating your very own template or theme for your WordPress can be done completely from the smallest detail. In short, you can actually start from scratch. Between such procedures are other different ways that you can do which include the duplication of any existing or current theme or template. After duplicating a theme, you may take the time to modify it with the aid of various tools which are widely used in the creation of themes and templates for WordPress.

The following are three simple ways that can help you create your own WP theme or template:

  1. Modifying or Editing an Existing Theme

This is considered as the simplest and easiest way when it comes to creating your own WP template. It entails some minor changes like the modification of colors, layout, font sizes, etc. Creating a child theme is best when using this way. It references the existing theme while allowing you to do certain changes that you want.

  1. Adapting an Existing Theme

If digging into a WP code is something that you’re keen about then you can copy an existing WP theme and change it your way. You may delete all the existing styles and create your very own style. It allows you to add and delete elements that you wish to be seen on the theme.

  1. Creating a WP Theme from Scratch

This may sound a little daunting but it can be fun too! Yes, you will be creating and building your own WP theme from scratch. You only need a couple of files in order to do this: index.php and style.css. With these, you may find your theme to be pretty limited but you are free to use functions.php for custom functions. You are also free to use other template files on other sections of your website such as 404.php to allow the showing up of 404 pages.


With all the free WordPress templates available today, creating great websites and pages is easy. And if you wish to have your own WP templates, follow the three steps above and you will definitely come up with something that you can call as your very own WP template creations.

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  • Alice
    Posted at 22:41h, 27 March Reply

    Divi looks very nice. I like it. But I wonder if it is easy for beginners to try it out?

    • Editorial Staff
      Posted at 00:22h, 28 March Reply

      Hi Alice,

      You might be a little overwhelmed by the amount of features that Divi has, but once you get through the initial learning curve you will love how all of the features needed to improve your site are available already.

      Elegant Themes has some of the best support in the industry and you can get answers to your technical questions through their live chat. Here is a short guide on installing Divi:

      Check out our coupon page to get 20% off all Elegant Themes products here:

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